President Trump Responds To So-Called Federal Judge Who Blocked His Refugees Executive Order

This hardly comes as a surprise, but a federal judge in Seattle blocked President Trump’s executive orders on immigration and refugees last night:

“A federal judge in Seattle issued a ruling that temporarily blocks President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees, a decision that applies nationwide to tens of thousands of people holding visas to travel to the U.S.

While previous court orders addressed the plight of detained travelers, U.S. District Judge James Robart’s more-sweeping ruling stops the executive order entirely.

A week ago, Mr. Trump signed an executive order suspending immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries—Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen—for at least 90 days, calling it a needed move to keep terrorists from entering the U.S. It also froze the entire U.S. refugee program for four months, barred Syrians from entering as refugees indefinitely and cut the number of refugees the U.S. will accept in fiscal year 2017 to 50,000, less than half the number that former President Barack Obama called for this year. …”

President Trump has responded on Twitter:

God save the king!

As I told Professor Main, I am personally very sympathetic to monarchy. Congress has become nothing but a bunch of worthless puppets of large donors. The federal courts, which are an even bigger disgrace, have issued rulings on everything from immigration to sodomy to abortion to gay marriage which make a mockery out of the concept of “representative government.”

I was already warming to monarchy when the Supreme Court issued its ruling on gay marriage. When 5 federal judges can unilaterally redefine such a core cultural institution that existed unmolested for thousands of years, we have entered new territory. In this case, the federal judge is asserting that as a sovereign country we no longer have the right to exclude foreign nationals.

If President Trump really admires President Andrew Jackson, he simply ought to ignore this order.

Update: President Trump unloaded with some more tweets this afternoon.

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  1. I remember reading something by you a couple of years ago I think, it had the pros if a patrician class returned. Also, mentioned how our elite had failed us and marginalized us for decades, ignoring their duty as our “betters.” My initial reaction was a bit dismissive, too many years believing we were a “nation of laws.”

    Trump has really highlighted how much these “laws” are manipulated to fit the needs of those in power. To think that Trump is the first real push back of a half a century of legal manipulation is sobering and shocking.

    • Führerprinzip is better!

      They´ll cry there is a system of checks and balances, that there is thes rule of law and institutions that must be preserves at all costs.

      Yet, as has been exposed, that system isn´t checking itself and follow those laws.

  2. To paraphrase another president also despised by the current zeitgeist: “Judge James Robart made his decision; now let him enforce it!”

    • I’m not a monarchist. Strong believer in dictatorships like Pinochet, Stroessner, Franco until the rot of Leftist thought is utterly defeated and destroyed.

      • I used to oppose dictatorship until I began to see just how crazy and out of control the left has become.

      • You are fucking fool…the aforementioned cockroaches would violently oppress the Native Born White American Working Class. Your reference frame is The Cold War which was-is a direct road to race-replacing The Historic Native Born White American Working Class.

        • We have Communists attacking people and rioting in the Streets. I don’t see Monarchism coming back, its a fantasy. You are correct that the Cold War created a Propaganda Nightmare for America and forced the United States to end segregation because of Communist agitprop about equality.

          Expecting the recreation of 1890s Agrarian populism also is as unlikely to happen as monarchism. Bryan and Populism was a movement that could only happen in a White agrarian society of farmers. The best we can hope for is a Strong Dictator. Chile is a relatively healthy White society, much more so than the United States, and that is a legacy of the Pinochet Dictatorship. They got Pinochet and Free Helicopter Rides, we created holidays after leftist dissident frauds like MLK.

          • Why cause you say so? We actually have a historical real world example of how to wage this battle…and you want to annoint Barron Trump Emperor…you’re a fool….

            Spencer should be appealing directly to the Native Born White Work Class…

          • I’ll pr-empt your answer:

            The Cold War was pre-emptive strike against The Native Born White American Working Clas..

            The Cold War was ultimately about wage slavery for the Native Born White American Working Class….this is what drives post-1965 Race Replacement Immigration Policy..

            And you fucking jackasses pine for Emperor Trump and gold plated toilet bowls….

          • Yeah except Bannon and the Jew Stephen Miller are on record stating in a podcast last year that we should get back to the period of no immigration that existed from 1924-1965. So that kind of fucks up your unhinged narrative. Not everything is a plot against the White Working Class.

          • Your shifting the debate to something else…Trump may work out just fine..but it doesn’t follow from this that having a hereditary monarch would be good for The Native Born White American Working Class for this would encourage passivity and continue apace with NFL jock worship….vote go home Emperor Barron will take care of us…

          • Why do you keep arguing with me about Monarchism? I have repeatedly said I don’t want monarchism.

            Judging from your tired use of “NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS” I can only surmise that you are that boring Wat Tyler poster from the Alt Right site of several years ago.

          • I understand your point…you want Franco-Pinochetism

            I am proposing Bill Blizzard and his Men…this should be Spencer’s inspiration……stick it to Noam Chomsky…

            May I call you Yankel so as to enhance KHARZAR PARASITE repulsivenes?

          • You are playing the ism game…resist the Fuher…’re a commie…kill!!!

            The ism game…anti-Commie variety…resulted in the homo-pedophile norming of Vietnam…and now Serbia.

            The victims of the Croats and Bosnian SS muzzies were overwhelmingly Christian Serbians.

            Think UKRAINO NAZIS in the Ukraine….

            Perhaps the Croat Catholics deserved to have their fucking skulls crushed in by Tito..

            Dennis Kearney…Irish….ex-Catholic…

          • He’s said he’s an Anarchist up thread. He’s talking Abraham Lincoln Brigades not Strasserism. The ones raping nuns and gouging their eyes out were just the bad eggs. The coalition of psychopaths fighting imaginary “oppression” will be better next time.

          • In other words you are on the side of the GREEDY CHEATING ONE PERCENTES updated for 2017…after passing through the era of the Hollywood Queer POTUS Ronnie Reagan…

          • Franco was not ok…and neither
            were the Nazis…..

            Franco represented the greedy Land Owner Class…and he forced Muslim Soldiers from Spain’s North African Colony on Catholic Women…

            The Nazis aided and abetted the Jap bastards…they would have made Australian Women sex slaves for the Jap Bastard Imperial Army…

            In 2017…the One Percenters are imposing the MOHAMMADAN RAPE ARMY on the women of Europa and Native White Women of America….

          • There were different political tendencies among the various factions involved in the revolution…

            What I object to is your enthusiasm for reviving Franco’s Corpse as model for how the NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN REVOLT AGAINST RACE REPLACEMENT…

            Franco represents the Oligarchs…Franco would murder the Native Born White American Working Class..

            The Reagan anti-Commie Administration was the mortal enemy of Native Born White American Class…..

      • Trump’s Sihk prostitute UN ambassador has already issued a direct threat to Conservative Christian Russia.

        The alternative to to judicial dictatorships and Emperor Barron…is a Native Born White American Populist Labor Movment that existed in the late 19th Century-early 20th Century Labor…which gave As such WONDERFULL things such as the 1882 Chinese Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act and Sihk Legal Immigrant Exclusion=MAGA..

        • I’ve been saying this for a long, long time. We need a White solidarity movement a la Lech Walesa. The day that white people throw their bodies on the gears and stop the machine is the day this criminal behavior by certain ethnic groups ends.


            Trump won’t be long term viable POTUS without a highly racialized NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN HARD-CORE WHITE LABOR MOVEMENT that is willing to dip the fucking Jew Sergey Brin in a sealed vat of car fucking acid!!!

            And POTUS Trump won’t be long term viable as POTUS if he bombs Iran and his SIHK prostitute UN ambassador threatens Christian Russia..

          • I wouldn’t call a white labor movement highly radicalized but I know that without white hands at the helm this country would do a giant nosedive inside of a week.

        • IMHO walking off our jobs en masse for a few days would be a significant blow to the eye of Sauron. Of course you would have to have large numbers of white people involved.

          • This is why the Alt Right must be labor-populist anarchist… the preppy fascist Hannibal Bateman fuck off….

      • Franco was a cockroach who forced Muslims from North Africa on Catholic Women in Spain.

        The Nazis created a Bosnian Muslim Death Squadron that murdered Serbian Christians…

        I hate the Alt Right Preppy Facists…and I have violent hatred of the enthusiasts for the cockroaches Pinochet…Stroesner…and Franco….

        There is an alternative to this sewage..

        Larger Point..

        Richard Spencer wants to have a debate with cockroaches that want the Native Born White America Working Class DEAD!!….what exactly is there to debate?….think about it…

        Spencer should be appealing directly to the White Working Class…

        • “Franco was a cockroach who forced Muslims from North Africa on Catholic Women in Spain.”

          I guess you would have preferred a Communist Spanish government raping Nuns, which is what happened in Spain. Lesser of two evils.

          “The Nazis created a Bosnian Muslim Death Squadron that murdered Serbian Christians…”

          The Nazis created a Bosniak SS division to kill Serbian Communist partisans who fought with Tito. The Bosniaks were also allied with Ante Pavelic. Calling Serb Communist Partisans “Christians” is dishonest. There were in fact Serbian Christians allied with the Axis, the Chetniks. Serbian units in the 90s were inspired by the Chetniks, not Tito’s Communist Partisans.

          “I hate the Alt Right Preppy Facists…and I have violent hatred of the enthusiasts for the cockroaches Pinochet…Stroesner…and Franco….”

          Yes, we all can see you’re a very bitter person who hates your own White people over ideological differences than you do our enemies. Congratulations on sowing discord and division.

          • Your making shit up…Franco’s Berber Muslims was doing the descretions of Catholic Churches…Reagan-Bush’s Latin-Central American Oligarch’s death squads gang raped Catholic Nuns such as Diana Otiz(BUSH 1 ERA)…go google

            These are the spiritual hiers to the fucking cockroach Franco…

          • Your wrong, the communist took over central and south America.
            Look up “cristeros hells century the angelus” on your search engine.
            Or the book suppressed by FDR in 1935.
            “No God next door: red rule in Mexico and our responcibility. Michael Kenney.

          • Sandinista Nicaragua posed 0 threat to the Native Born White American Working Class.

            Ronnie Reagan’s war against Sandinista Nicaragua had a corresponding demographic voting bloc consequence which can seen in spic infested speaking South Florida….that’s how Cucked Evan Mcmuffin neo-liberal foriegn policy…yehuda are truly very stupid creatures…still fighting the Cold War which brought about racial minority status for THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…

            I would personally choke Franco to death and his supporters if he should re-entry the realm of the living again..

          • You don’t even look at what I show you, I get some banter from some know it all.
            You come across as a commie with that land owner stuff about Franco, your arguement is really sophomoric, at best.

          • Ignore Dennis Kearney. He has been posting the same NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN PROLE nonsense on Alt Right comments sections for years under different handles.

          • You left out the Industrialist Class…you and your pinhead comrade yehudawitz would inflict Pinochet-Franco DEATH SQUADRONS on THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…….for this is what Franco-Pinochet represent. It’s very clear who the GD traitors are…

          • Your talking about WW1 and WW2, those leaders were the enemies of the white working class in America.
            The same people Franco and Hitler fought against.

          • Do you want to see the truth of that terror in Spain, this book put out by Nationalist Spain.
            “Red domination in Spain” ministry of justice. 1946
            Well worth the 30 or 40 bucks, it starts off with the election being stolen in 1936.
            Best book ever written on the subject.



  3. This so-called check and balance thing, all institutions that are supposed to upheld the rule of law have clearly grown corrupt and been subverted by cultural-trotskism. They just aren´t going to clear their own house on their own.

    Only a King/Emperor/Duce/Führer can get things done.

    • Heretics cannot get anything done so the last two are necessarily excluded. Also, what do you call the Chief of the Supreme Court if not a dictator? The reason Mr Wallace brought up monarchy is actually a profound one, T.L.W.


  4. Yes, Long Live the King….democracy has failed….half this country is mentally ill and they get to vote with the better people….this was not a sustainable practice and now we have proof….either severely restrict who gets to vote or ditch out of this mess….

  5. Being ruled by judges instead of warrior-kings like Trump is a very semitic practice, as is the constant scholarly interpretation and re-interpretation of Constitutional law, as if it was the Talmud. All vestiges of judaic impurities must be purged from our society.

  6. Liberal judicial interference from an activist Judge who did pro bono work for refugees and said Black Lives Matter from the bench is yet another reason for Trump to declare a Schmittian State of Emergency giving him exceptional powers. All it will take for the public to accept Trump having extraordinary powers after this ridiculous judicial activism from a Cuck Bush appointed Judge who went to the Protestant Whitman College is an Islamic terror massacre like Orlando.

    Sovereign is he who makes the exception.

    • It’s not the right time yet, let’s hold back on going all out until Operation Wetback 2 gets under way. That is when all shit is going to hit the fan and is an all or nothing win or lose the country.

  7. Yes, I am as well. As long as the Constitution forbids hereditary titles, I cannot be a constitutionalist! Monarchy, or at least hereditary designations are completely necessary.


  8. Trump should withdraw federal funds for every single liberal city stat, as they don’t seem to care to uphold federal law.

  9. First the Deep State, then immigration.

    When the left starts killing ICE agents, and Wall construction crews, then we do the “Short March through the institutions” and sweep them away.

    • VDare is great but I never understood why they don’t have comments on their articles.

      Eastern and Northern California should secede from the rest of the State, and call themselves Jefferson. Secession should happen in other states too. Eastern North Carolina and Virginia should break apart from NC and VA to form their own state, Appalachia.

  10. The news makes Hitler and Mussolini look better by the minute. At least Der Fuhrer and Il Duce knew what to do with Bureaucrats who opposed the state.

  11. Gut-Level-Native-Born-White-American-Racial-Tribalism…

    Richard Spencer has to say only one thing over and over again:What is the great benefit to being voted into a racial minority by Hindu “Americans”…Sihk “Americans”….Korean “Americans”…Khizir Khan and his donkey wife….

    At the end of the day, the Left will always respond with the demographic threat:THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT…

    We are under no obligation to tolerate being voted into a racial minority by Hindus…Sihks….Pakistanis…..Koreans…and Chinese……The Alt Right needs to be a ferocious revolt against this….ethnostate jibber is ultimately pansyism…..Spencer must know in his heart that two nations…one NATIVE WHITE….one nonwhite…can’t share America….from sea to shinning sea…

      • It’s a start…but war with Christian Russia and Shia Muslim Iran will discredit Trump…he will be indicted as a War Criminal as great as Hitler..

        The Alt Right must be calling for bringing home all US troops in the Middle East and Europe…nothing less is acceptable….the Alt Right must openly be the anti-movement….there are a few photos of WW1 basket cases on Google images..

        • Russia would thump hard if Iran were attacked. Iran is the overland route to Russia. Fuck all will happen beyond ritual posturing.

    • PDF: Too Many Blackamoors: Deportation, Discrimination, and Elizabeth I, beginning:

      In 1596, Queen Elizabeth issued an “open letter” to the Lord
      Mayor of London, announcing that “there are of late divers blackmoores
      brought into this realme, of which kinde of people there are
      allready here to manie,” and ordering that they be deported from
      the country. One week later, she reiterated her “good pleasure
      to have those kinde of people sent out of the lande” and commissioned
      the merchant Casper van Senden to “take up” certain
      “blackamoores here in this realme and to transport them into
      Spaine and Portugall.” Finally, in 1601, she complained again
      about the “great numbers of Negars and Blackamoors which
      (as she is informed) are crept into this realm,” defamed them as
      “infidels, having no understanding of Christ or his Gospel,” and,
      one last time, authorized their deportation.

      • That was then, this is now. And the United States at one time had an immigration policy that limited immigration to those whites or Northern or Northwest European ancestry. After all, how many non-whites were at the Constitutional Convention or the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

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