Leftist Meltdown: ‘Inexperienced Emotions of the Heart’

The Left-wing meltdown is on full display across the United States:

And this really is just a small sampling of the total loss of control by the Left in the Trump era.

Southern Nationalists have long understood the unhinged, emotional basis of the Leftist appeal in its war to de-construct Western Civilization. At a time like this it is worth re-visiting the words of Robert Barnwell Rhett, a US Senator and the Father of Southern Nationalism:

All the inexperienced emotions of the heart are against us; all the abstractions concerning human rights; all the theories of political dreamers, atheistic utilitarians, self-exalting and self-righteous religionists, who would reform or expunge the Bible, – in short, enthusiasts and fanatics of all sorts, are against us.

Is this not precisely what we see as the Left is threatened with the loss of its long-established hegemony? Do we not see “self-righteous religionists” in the form of shitlibs and universalists screaming and crying at the mere sight and sound of President Trump? Do we not see masked “political dreamers” attacking conservatives and seeking to shut down free speech? Surely we see “abstractions concerning human rights” used as a weapon to keep the tidal wave of Third World immigration pouring into our land. Yes, “enthusiasts and fanatics” are running wild in the early days of Trump’s America, trying to hold onto their power over us.  It is time to shut down the Antifa street terrorists (please sign this petition) and halt those who have no ability or desire to reign in the “inexperienced emotions of the heart.”

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  1. I love the fight to shut Antifa down, I’m just not sure I want them shut down just yet. It would be better for them to help catalyze the anti-deportation riots.

  2. Not to mention the Judeo-Liberal Coalition. I am told nationally syndicated columnist David Brooks, an alleged conservative, has assembled a political retreat with a few political insiders and politicians to discuss ways they can Impeach Trump. Every column he write is drips with anti-Trump hatred. if only these so called conservatives would have opposed Obama with the fervor they oppose Trump.

    • May God judge him for his rank Satanism! Anathema sit.

      ” If a man is traveling on Bunyan’s path toward the city of God, and he meets a man at the halfway point of the journey traveling in the opposite direction, it might appear to the casual observer that both men are at the same point of their life’s journey. But the casual observer would be mistaken. The man heading toward the city of God has something within, something in his heart that compels him to seek the light. The other man has something in his head that compels him to flee from the light and seek… he knows not what he seeks. But if he doesn’t turn around, he will enter Satan’s kingdom.”- https://cambriawillnotyield.wordpress.com/2017/02/04/of-kingship-and-kinship/

  3. We should schedule numerous talks in Libitard areas so they will burn down their own neighborhoods. Maybe even help them as the police don’t seem to be doing anything. Trump people should not actually go to the talks. Just help them burn their cities down.

    • So that they burn down their own university campuses. Perhaps schedule these talks in Library areas instead of lecture halls.

  4. Right now the looney left is our best friend. And to think this behavior brought on by Trump barely scratching the surface of 3rd world immigration. May the insanity continue.

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