Triggered Antifa Strips To Fight Free Speech

My eyes!

So this happened yesterday in Toronto outside the “Generation Screwed” event. It really makes you wonder. How much of a loser do you have to be join one of these organizations?

If you get the joke, you are probably guilty of lookism. Yes, that is a real thing, and one day it will undoubtedly be a major social justice crusade. Do you know how unfair it is that some people are just born attractive? It is unjust that some women are more beautiful and some men are more handsome than others. Just think about how much inequality that leads to in our society.

Maybe the government should select our mates for us in order to fight institutional lookism and prejudice in dating and marriage? Sounds insane, right? It’s no more insane than anti-racism. Never underestimate the determination of these people to impose their insanity on society.

Note: In the 1850s, George Fitzhugh saw the approaching anarchy, a world of “no private property, no church, no law, no government, – to free love, free lands, free women and free churches.”

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  1. That is seriously disturbing on several levels, if you’re this fat, do you really want to take your clothes off in public, this looks more like a hog than a human being.

  2. It isn’t vandalism, but it is ugly.
    I’m not sure about the locale, but I think the response in most Trump areas would be a magnitude 10 Fat Shaming, along with a bunch of ugly shaming. She didn’t dye her hair some unnatural color though.

  3. Ol’ Fitzhugh gots it right with the outbreak of free love (LGBTQA), free land(Socialist’s), free women (Feminists), and free church’s (Unitarian’s or liberal Christianity) along with every thing else that he predicted in his work. If only he saw first hand how bad things are getting now.

  4. One way or another this degeneracy is going to end, either in bloodshed (a conflict that White nationalists and Southern secessionists will easily win) or with those antifa anti-females eating themselves to death. The Left has become so unhinged they will probably all wind up in a mental hospital. If they weren’t so loathsome I might almost be tempted to feel sorry for them.

    • After the opiate addicts and the ‘white trash’ growing homeless, we are all going to wind up in a psych gulag. It’s intrinsic to their plan to take over. Some people will just face chemical castration in drug courts.

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