Southern Nationalist Radio 029 – Political Violence

Listen here.

Harold Crews and Mark Thomey, League of the South Board Member, discuss the recent incidents of political violence in the District of Columbia, Berkeley, New York City, Atlanta, and Portland. All of which have taken place since the presidential of inauguration. The Leftist political violence which began during the campaigns has continued after the election and even after the inauguration of President Trump. Such violence clearly demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Left’s claim of tolerance. Mark then goes on to speak on the League’s initiative in forming a Southern Defense Force as a means of defending ourselves and communities against aggressive Leftist violence. Also discussed is the change in the stance of the media and the Democratic Party to supporting political violence on the part of the Left.


  1. Antifa is a Janissary force.

    They are mostly whites trained to attack whites.

    Antifa should be called Procuck.

    But why should something like antifa be surprising in a world where whites are scapegoated for EVERYTHING?

    ‘Homophobia’ and diseased homos(did white patriots force homos to bugger one another and spread HIV?), ‘misogyny’ and rape culture(who owns rap industry and porn enterprise), ‘racism’ and dead negroes(who are really killing all those negroes?), ‘Islamophobia’ and desperate Muslims, etc. (Did the Alt Right control foreign policy that wrecked the Muslimworld?)

    Scapewhiting is what PC is all about, and Antifa or Procuck has come under its spell.


  2. I was mistaken about the event in NYC. It wasn’t Greg Johnson’s event that was disrupted. It was Gavin McGinnis speaking at NYU who was disrupted.

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