Cuckservatives: UK Government To Spend Millions FIGHTING The Alt-Right

These people are the biggest joke in the world:

“Theresa May’s government is planning a sweeping new multi-million pound campaign against far-right fanatics.

The online battle, to be led by advertising giants M&C Saatchi, comes amid fears of the growing threat from ‘alt-right’ extremists.

‘If you have issues, it’s not other communities who may be the cause of your issues.’

The ‘alt-right’ have risen to prominence since the election of Donald Trump.

The President’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, ran the right-wing news site Breitbart which has been often accused of spreading fake news. …”

I can sum it up in one story.

Before Theresa May became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, she was Home Secretary and used her powers to BAN my friend Michael Cushman from traveling to the UK. He was banned for being an Anglican traditionalist, for being critical of the American Revolution and for opposing gay marriage! The most Anglophile person I know was banned from the UK for being an extremist!

The “Conservative Party” in the UK bans Americans of British ancestry who sympathize and identify with the British people. Meanwhile, the “Conservative Party” lets Muslim refugees and Third World immigrants into the UK who hate the British people so much that they literally behead people in the street. We’ve reached the point where lunacy is “mainstream” and normalcy is “fringe.”

I’ve never attempted to visit the UK, but I am probably banned as well. Ethnically speaking, 67 percent of my ancestry comes from Britain and 11 percent comes from Ireland. I’m actually MORE British in my ancestry than the typical resident of the United Kingdom.


It gets even worse:

“Donald Trump is unfit to address MPs, according to the Speaker of the House of Commons, who said that he would refuse to invite the US president to speak at Westminster because of parliament’s long held opposition “to racism and to sexism”.

John Bercow warned that the opportunity to speak in the prestigious Westminster Hall during a state visit “is not an automatic right, it is an earned honour” in an extraordinary intervention that divided MPs and annoyed No 10. …”

President Trump himself reportedly won’t be allowed to address Parliament because of “racism” and “sexism.” It’s politically incorrect to say it, but the war against “racism” has consumed and is destroying Britain and soon nothing will be left unless it ends.

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    • The thing is most Americans are carrying around DNA that is British Isles, Anglin just published his and he’s a Brit with an admixture of French. The founding colonials were here long eneough to be the genetic broth the American soup stews in.

  1. The Brexit vote was good for Nationalism around the World. However the United Kingdom is still controlled by Liberals and Globalists with no care for the survival of the White Race. The BNP is a much better option in the UK. Showing support for a true nationalist political party. WPWW !

  2. Old SYPHYLLITIC English whore…who protects Comet Pizza Pete Townshend….

    Roger Waters lives just over the bridge(named after a local 19 year old killed in Afghanistan USMC to promote Comet Pizza rights in Afghanistan, name Lance Corporal Justin Haerter) from me…………is he another Comet Pizza English Foriegner Trump hater?

    • Roger Waters seems like a good guy to me, he is openly against Zionism. And Pete Townshend was sexually abused as a kid. It was something he never forgot.

  3. The British like to brag that no army has successfully invaded their island since 1066. Oh really? Look at the Islamic Republic of Londinistan and then look at all the sheenies in the BBC, the House of Commons, the City of London, etc. I’ve never seen any country under a more complete enemy occupation than (formerly) Great Britain.

  4. The British Empire died in 1965 with the rivers of blood speech. England died somewhere around 1990, and now the UK is dead, having not learned their lesson of a female prime minister after Margaret Thatcher. Teresa May is a traitor she should be shot and then her carcass hung from 10 Downing St.

  5. The simple solution is for him not to go it’s a waste of taxpayer money anyway, nothing that couldn’t be handled over the phone.

  6. The modern UK seems to be little more than just a colony of Islam and a Muslim country in the making. I predict that in 10 years countless white British children will be ‘groomed’ by Muslim men for forced-group sex while society will just turn away to ignore it. Oh wait, that’s already happened….the UK must ALREADY BE a Muslim state. I suppose if it was otherwise Cushman would not have been banned.

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