Gavin McInnes: Fighting Antifas Is Fun

Can there be peace with the Alt-Lite?

I think we can all agree on anti-antifaism. In our various internet beefs, we often lose sight of the real enemy. The real enemy wants to spit on you, mace you, knock your teeth out with a lock, kill you. The real enemy is determined to deny you a platform on account of your political beliefs.

The Twitter trolling and internet beefs that are commonplace on social media and internet forums don’t rise to the level of the friend-enemy distinction. Those are private and personal quarrels. So, the antifa are the real public enemy whereas our private enemies are just our antagonists.

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  1. For all of his faults, at least Gavin fights back and throws punches. I have to respect that. So, willing to form an alliance and help out his followers. They seem like good guys.

    • “They seem like good guys. ”

      lol Gavin is so anti-White he substitutes “White” with “Western values”.

      The funniest part of this Cuck-Anti-Fa dust up, is they don’t disagree on *anything* that would change the trajectory the United States is on. They both want to turn White countries into brown countries. It shows me how mind numbingly stupid people can be.

    • I don’t know anyone can stand him! He’s so loathsome. I mean a man who claims to be normal using a pardon the expression- a dildo up his ass? That’s sick on a scale of sickness so far below normal….it’s sick!

  2. So jews have created the target and are also the ones now telling us to fight them? All catalyzed by a jew provocateur? Am I leaving anything out?

    • That’s good analysis. It’s a very bad idea to be seen fighting these people in the streets.
      Let them instead escalate until they burn something down. Then pass an enabling act.

  3. I normally agree with you, HW. But on this I think you’re wrong. My reasoning is:

    1. Antifa are nothing more than a distraction. The political establishment is our real enemy and Antifa are their attack dogs. We need to stay focused on storming the castle, not chasing down the hounds running around the fortress.

    2. Antifa are largely incompetent and could therefore be held back by well drilled Alt-Right defense squads. The whole ‘Spencer punch incident’ was completely avoidable, all he would have needed to do is have a few security guys in place.

    Essentially, I think that there’s no reason to give Antifa any more attention that they already have (unless you’re hoping that by escalating tensions with Antifa, the nation itself will become more polarized…).

    • Antifa are silly children, enabled for the time being because some (((wealthy benefactors))) find them useful.

      But that will likely come to an end in due time–the fact that Robert Reich is trying to pass them off as alt-right is a strong indicator that anti-fa is a PR hit on the left, as perceived by the left.

    • As Hipster Racist pointed out, the Anti-Fa are easy enough to infiltrate, dox, sue, prosecute and thus break up their networks. Yet no one on the right is willing to do it, because that would be actual work.

      • For years I’ve suggested just that. I’ve floated the idea of having an extensive database of anti-Whites. This database could be used to identify, track, infiltrate and prosecute all the various anti-White people and entities. This would NOT require major funding. But it would require major participation and networking from pro-Whites across the nation.

        Sadly, as anyone who has dealt with any type of proactive, practical activism in the pro-White sphere would know, people would rather complain on Internet forums and message boards than to play a small, but very vital, role in the larger pro-White movement.

      • It seems that Trump wants to do something about it. Is this what’s holding up Sessions’ confirmation? The route problem is the money trail and much of it goes back to Soros. The nation wrecker needs to be shut down.

        • ” Go fuck yourself.”

          Triggered again. The truth really smarts don’t it?

          There are no right wing organizations doing this, unlike our enemies who have been suppressing us using these tactics for decades.

    • I would generally agree, except Eric Striker’s recent essay entreating Trump to deploy ‘The People’ in defense against judicial activism (on Dailystormer, Jews on the 9th Circuit article) makes me think that these antifa are also serving to intimidate even mainstream protesters who might otherwise reprise their pro-Trump campaign roles.

      The antifa menace looms larger viewed from that angle, since I think Eric (whom I tend to dislike somewhat but who writes pretty well) makes a valid point to Trump – the establishment is too entrenched to challenge without The People’s ongoing input.

      This is another reason why Emily Youcis and Greg and his gay Johnson don’t help our situation. They do nothing but repel the ‘normies’ who should be encouraged to keep storming the Bastille.

    • I agree with you..

      The race war COMMIMG up:THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE WORKING CLASS MAJORITY….versus majority nonwhite California-Texas-South Florida-Arizona-New Mexico… of NJ…

      It will be a race war with China and India…Pakistan…Korea…

    • Talk is cheap

      Let s see those Alt Right Defense squads

      As it now stands Gavin s Proud Boys and Bikers for Trump are the only non military non police to stand up to Left gangs in the street .


        Very low blow uppercuts…..very dirty ..very effective…Jerry Cooney almost ended Larry Holmes career during the BIG FIGHT!!

        Don’t stand like a statue…

        All of this requires practice-training…

  4. Gavin McInnes and some of his supporters have courage and waded in to Berkeley Antifa mobs, some were bloodied.

  5. Dear Richard Spencer

    When you debate the negro Al Letson….a Jamaican negro legal immigrant…

    Only debate this issue:Why should THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS allow nonwhite legal immigrant negros and other nonwhite legal immigrants to legally enter the US so they can vote THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS into a violently persecuted racial minority in post-white TOILET “America”?….

  6. I just read a tweet full of things to remember when punching Nazis, including this gem:

    “thumb outside your fist”

    Granted it wasn’t necessarily an antifa posting this, but anyone who needs to remind themselves how to make a fist…..

  7. Post-white TOILET “AMERICA”=violent race war with Greater China…Greater India…Greater Pakistan….within the borders of the US….

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