We Wuz Astronautz

This is so ****ing rich.

Paul Kersey has written a book about this issue: Whitey on the Moon: Race, Politics, and the death of the U.S. Space Program, 1958-1972. Blacks were hostile to the US space program:

“Hidden Figures, a.k.a., We Wuz Astronautz, tells the story of three black women who worked at NASA in 1961 struggling for equal rights both as blacks and as women. The movie tells us that it is “based on true events,” and the three women — mathematician Katherine Johnson, computer programmer Dorothy Vaughan, and engineer Mary Jackson — actually did exist. But it is not clear if any of the struggles and achievements depicted actually happened, or if they are just-so stories. The moral of the movie, however, is quite clear: three unsung black women played an essential role in the US space program.

Now hold on just a minute. European man’s conquest of space is one of our greatest achievements. So of course the Left wants to find or create non-whites who contributed to the process. It is called Afrocentric “cultural appropriation.” “Kangz,” for short. …

Not only were blacks not essential to the space program, they were actually overwhelmingly hostile to it. No sooner had Americans landed on the moon in 1969, than blacks and their Jewish and liberal allies were calling for an end to the space program and a new focus on minority uplift. Gil Scott-Heron even blamed the rent hike on his rat-infested apartment on “Whitey on the moon.” …”

Read the whole thing.

I’m glad Trevor Lynch has reviewed the movie. It sounds like another Red Tails. I will be going to Tuskegee soon to replicate what I documented in Selma.

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  1. The only attention that “Mars Needs Colored Women” movie got was in the alt-right media. I guess it’s gone straight to VHS by now.

  2. To the extent that I was aware of it, back in the counterculture days, that Gil Scott-Heron piece seemed to me frighteningly subversive. Nowadays, I have to admire it. No black can be faulted, in my view, for thinking he’s been taxed enough, historically speaking.

    Anyway–time, I guess, for this chestnut …

  3. Apparently the women are going on strike

    This is a little like the ((())) where women will voluntarily drop out of the workforce. I say make it a permanent strike

  4. 1969…America 90 percent White Folks..

    1969….NASA=100 percent White Males..

    1969..Gruman Corp=LEM….designed and built by White Males

    1969….90 percent White Folks America….landed two Alpha Native Born White Americans on the Moon…

    1969…Hardly any Chinese…Hindus…Koreans in 90 percent White Folks America….

  5. LEM=LUNAR EXPLORER MODULE…from which Niel Armstrong descended Aug 1969…

    As I entered Donald Trump’s Gruman Corp Rally…..on a blue plaque at the entrance…

    • Annexed by Greater India 2017……..In 1969…the area surrounding Gruman Corp…was Richie Cunningham Happy Days…Billy Joel lived in the stea..Bill O’Rielly down the road……his most famous hit…Eddy and Linda….described the Native Born White Teenager Youth Scene of the area…..it was an Asian free Whitetopia circa 1969….as was all of America in 1969….

      Who ordered the Hindus and Sihks?


  6. Off topic, but at the moment, the person who seems to have been prescient about Trump is the cuck, as he might be called here, Erick Erickson. It was Erickson who, in the wake of the Melania plagiarism fiasco, at the Republican convention, said the rest of America would soon share Melania’s fate, when Trump would be hiring the best persons for every job, just as he hired the best speechwriter for her. The Yemen raid, in which a Navy SEAL was killed and which I alone, as far as I’m aware, have mentioned here, is now being reported as a failed attempt to catch an al-Qaeda biggie, who is mocking Trump for the failure. As you’ll see in the NBC story on the right, in the graphic below, the said biggie is supposedly telling Americans that “[t]he fool of the White House got slapped at the beginning of his road in your lands.”

    Well, it’s always hard to tell what’s really going on in matters of this kind; but from the moment of the breaking of the story of the raid, the White House has said nothing convincing about it. Valuable intelligence had supposedly been sought or gained or whatever, the White House weakly said, early on. “Obviously,” the White House spokesman said at one point—“Obviously,” valuable intelligence had been gained.

    Really? Why is that obvious? The only thing that was obvious is that the harm that was suffered by the family of that SEAL was far greater than the harm that was suffered by Melania in the plagiarism matter.

    The other day, the apparent ineptitude became even clearer, when a bit of the valuable intelligence was released to the public and turned out to be a video that had been available on the internet or wherever for nine years or so. This reminds me a little bit of a story that Robert Kennedy once told, in an interview, about the idiotic planning that some of the Pentagon people presented to President Kennedy for some action. My memory of this is vague, but my sense is that Robert Kennedy was saying that both President Kennedy and he had been inclined, at first, to trust the military experts but had eventually learned—after the Bay of Pigs maybe—to ask common-sense questions that these military geniuses were unable to answer.

    Well—if any mention of this Yemen raid has been made at the Daily Stormer, whose meme-squad, during the presidential campaign, produced countless juvenile images of Trump brandishing sci-fi super weapons etc., I haven’t seen it. In the meantime, the first big, bold action of Donald Go-big-or-go-home Trump seems as if it might have been the botch Erick Erickson would have told us it would be …


      • Not sure what you mean about Blackhawk Down. Nobody ever mentions the fact, but Colin Powell, who was in charge of the military when our force was first sent into Somalia, obviously did not want to go in there. The look on his face—the unmistakable look of distress, as he announced the invasion he’d been ordered to undertake—was palpable. If I’m remembering the sequence correctly, this was not long after the First Gulf War, in which the liberals had been disappointed, one assumes, by the success of the military hardware that had been developed and acquired during the Reagan years. As if to undercut that success, the liberals immediately began talking, talking, talking about the children who were suffering, starving, amid Somalia’s political chaos; and finally, the President—still Bush, I guess—ordered the military into a human-rights intervention, there in Somalia, that was bound to be a fiasco.

        At the very moment the Somalia invasion began, there was some news reporting about something untoward that the U.S. forces had done as they’d come ashore—can’t remember what—so right away, it was as if this were not some intervention intended to help but, rather, some bit of imperialism or neo-colonialism. It was obvious, as I say, from the moment the undertaking was announced, that Colin Powell knew that the thing was doomed to failure; and it was clear the liberals had wanted the failure, as a sort of penance, on the military’s part, for the success against Iraq.

        Accordingly, the Blackhawk Down story seemed to be just more of the liberal nonsense, which, as usual, the American public swallowed and which I personally have given virtually no attention. That incident, in which that helicopter had been shot down or whatever it was that happened, did not seem to me to be a disaster, except insofar as it had been the foreseeable consequence of the acquiescence to the urgings of the liberals. It had been as predictable as Erick Erickson might say this Yemen botch was.

        • I interpreted the deployment in Somalia as a way to box in Bill Clinton at the time. A nasty trick played by Bush on the jovial Upstart.

          I was worried Obama was going to open up a bridgehead in Crimea a month before Trump swore in. Thank God Obama wasnt that ruthless. He’s not given Trump a stacked deck there.

        • Powell could always have resigned;
          but that would have been honorable.

          The ‘look of distress’ on his face
          was probably because he had just found out
          he had contracted genital warts from his last visit to
          Comet Ping Pong and Pizza.

          AAAAaaaaah !
          The perks of power.

    • And both you and Erickson were so right about the outcome of the election.

      By the way, we call him a cuck because he is a cuck.

      You are too, effectively.

    • Why am I not surprised Fr. John believes in Flat Earth Theory?

      Flat Earth Theory:
      The Earth is a giant pie dish held up by a giant turtle. There is a cover on this giant pie dish, with stars painted on the inside and the Sun and Moon move across the inside of the cover attached to a wire. If you travel in a straight line long enough, across this giant pie dish, you either hit the cover, or fall off the edge.

          • How else would you represent a three dimensional globe in two dimensions, without hiding most of the countries? DUH…

            Flat Earthers are just SILLY.

          • I’ve driven through Kansas. Flat as a witches tit.

            Their theory is the rim is the Iceshelf. A cold dead place.

            It is an amusing diversion anyway.

        • Many years ago, I was surprised to read that the Ptolemaic system—in which the Earth is at the center of things—is still consistent with observation, though some tricky math or whatever is necessary for the fit. That, anyway, is what I vaguely remember from “The First Three Minutes,” I think it was. That, as maybe you know, is a big-bang book by a physicist named Steven Weinberg.

          • Copernicus still assumed circular orbits; it was Kepler who proposed that the orbits were in fact elliptical. The system of Deferents and Epicycles used by Ptolemy amounted to a fourier expansion of the elliptical orbits of the planets.

      • You mean the believe that the entire world held, up until 500 years ago when both Galileo and Copernicus lied?

        Ever hear of Dr. Robert Sungenis, The movie “the Principle,” or the reality of background cosmic radiation showing that the earth is at the center of the universe? No, I thought not. You’re such a temporocentric bigot.

        Why, even the Bible posits a flat earth and the geocentric worldview. But that probably doesn’t mean anything to you -a heretic.

    • That you actually believe this twaddle created by the willfully stupid TV cameraman and taxi-driver Bart Sibrel only proves that you yourself are not very bright.

      You’ve already proved you’re a nitwit. No need to keep reminding us.

      • Ad hominem attacks are the last resort of the intellectually vacuous, or the scientifically illiterate. I guess you’re both!

        • I am not only much more scientifically literate than you, I am much more scientifically knowledgeable than you, and more experienced than you. What knowledge or experience in the areas of physics and engineering do you have that makes your opinion worth more than a lukewarm bucket of piss? You seek guidance and knowledge on the subject from a numbskull like Bart Sibrel, who is a taxi-driver and a cashiered TV cameraman. Why do you imagine that he knows anything about the topic that is worth knowing?

          Do you know what the Van Allen Belt is composed of? Do you know how big a dose a human being gets by spending a dozen or so hours in it? Do you know even the smallest fact about orbital mechanics or rocketry?

          I called you a nitwit because you evidently ARE a nitwit.

          • And saying that you are more scientifically literate than someone else, proves nothing. Overweening pride is called hubris, and you just exhibit at it.

            A broken clock is right twice a day, and your desire to hide behind a failed Jew named Einstein, in the face of the Michelson-Morley experiment, the Sagnac experiment, that the Aether does exist, and a whole host of other things that your cadre of false priests (‘scientists’) are hiding behind, changes nothing. In God’s eyes, you’re a fool. And that’s where I leave you.

          • “And saying that you are more scientifically literate than someone
            else, proves nothing.

            It proves nothing. As it is true however, it tends to indicate that I know more about the subject than you do. A lot more. A lot more still, given that you probably know nothing.

            “Overweening pride is called hubris, and you just
            exhibit at it.”

            You think you know more than just about every scientist alive or who has ever lived. And that is not hubris?

            “A broken clock is right twice a day,……”

            Well, now you have a goal to strive for. Maybe you can try to be right even that often.

          • You may just be more ‘scientifically literate’ than Fr. John.
            You may just be much more scientifically literate, much more scientifically knowledgeable, and more experienced.
            But, looking at your word usage and the braggadocio you radiate
            it is safe to say you are also much more of an A$$hole than Fr. John.

          • You think gross ignorance (or stupidity) should be immune to any rebuttal? Knock yourself out. Wallow in stupidity, if you like.

            And – “word usage”? What, were the words to big for you or something?

          • Science and Scientists can be very . . . . amusing.

            The Soviet Scientists under Stalin had some very . . . . interesting ideas.

            The problem with Science is that too often the Government is paying the bills, and what the Government wants is paramount.

  7. You know the Left is a farce don’t ya? Even conservative intellectuals have to be edging close to realizing that.

    Here is the deal, without conservative intellectuals telling their rubes what it all means in a serious manner the Left is all Trigglypuff all the way down, they have no self correction mode the Left has depended on conservatives to play governor to the crazy.

    Shit No its now the Alt-right pouring nitro methane full into the Left’s gas tank.

    • The lunatic left and their idiotic ideas were taken seriously, because Respectable Conservatives refused to use one word:


  8. “The movie tells us that it is “based on true events,” and the three
    women — mathematician Katherine Johnson, computer programmer Dorothy
    Vaughan, and engineer Mary Jackson — actually did exist.”

    Katherine Johnson was not a “mathematician” – not as the term is usually understood. As to Mary Jackson, I don’t know, though I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t actually an engineer either.

  9. David Abernathy led a mule team and a gaggle of blacks and other reps(reprehensibles) around Cape Canaveral protesting the Apollo moonshot that took Neil Armstrong and two others to the moon. I guess you could say that blacks participated in that moonshot.

  10. Black, women, super intelligent: A threefor! Now, if they were only Muslim too. F__K (((Hollywood))).

  11. You can’t say “Hidden figures”! Dass Raciss.

    At the very least, say “hidden fegroes”. Better, “Hidden feople of color”.

  12. Right you are. Civil Rights leader Hosea Williams lead a poor peoples march to Florida to protest the money spent on the Apollo missions which he wanted to be channel into welfare. Even today many black people do not believe man ever landed on the moon. It is an issue dear to my heart as my uncle was a NASA scientists in the glory days of Apollo.

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