Jonah Goldberg: The Cucked Right Is Unable To Defend Trump’s Behavior

Yes, it is indefensible.

Consider all the things the Trump administration has already done: killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, strong armed multiple corporations into investing in American workers, nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, ordered the construction of The Wall, ordered a crackdown on sanctuary cities, banned refugees, ordered the Muslim ban, smoothed over tensions with Russia, slapped down ‘civil rights icon’ John Lewis, broken the #NeverTrump movement, cut Rich Lowry’s balls off, stood up to and delegitimized the fake news Lügenpresse, and hung a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office:

“By now you may have noticed the difficulty many conservatives have defending everything President Trump does and says. I’m not just referring to the big policy moves, most of which conservatives can support fairly easily (so far). I mean the whole whiplash-inducing spectacle: the unfiltered, impulsive tweeting, bizarre interview non sequiturs, glib insults and distractions. …

When a political leader replaces fixed principles and clear ideological platforms with his own instincts and judgment, he gives his supporters no substantive arguments to rely on. Eventually, the argument to just say “Have faith” in our leader, he knows best, is the only safe harbor.

And that’s not what conservatism is about — nor, for that matter democracy.”

I agree.

This isn’t what “conservatism” is about. Mainstream conservatism is about losing and virtue signaling to the media. Just look what has been accomplished without conservatism and imagine how much more could be done if we had fewer “conservatives” in Congress and state legislatures.

Jonah Goldberg thought that Egg McMuffin was the “true conservative” and would make a great president:

“It’s a long shot. Very long. But if McMullin managed the greatest upset of all time, it would be a very good thing, and not just because so many of us would rather see someone other than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the White House.

McMullin, whom I’ve met several times, is an earnest, patriotic, and brave man who spent nearly a decade serving his country undercover in the CIA. He was until recently the chief policy director of the House Republican Conference. He would not be my first choice for president under normal circumstances. But that horse long ago left the barn — and then got hit by a truck. …

Some would complain that this isn’t very democratic. So what? By our contemporary standards, the Founding Fathers distrusted democracy too much. But they had good reasons. If you think all questions should be settled democratically, let’s scrap the Bill of Rights, which elevates our most fundamental priorities out of the reach of voters pretty much forever. …

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if the Electoral College rejected them both and just picked McMullin as a matter of conscience. But let’s say they toss the decision to the House. …”

No joke. I’m serious.

Jonah Goldberg thought that Congress should override the 2016 election and pick Egg McMuffin to be president. Oh BTW, his other major claim to fame is supporting the Iraq War. How many times in the “mainstream” can you write bullshit like this before someone revokes your pundit card?

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    • Robert Lewis Dabney understood Conservatism better than anyone, though he targeted Northern Conservatism, the Southern Bourbon Conservatives were JUST AS BAD as they were willing to make deals. As Dabney said and I paraphrase, basically Conservatism is a mark along the road toward degeneracy, They will grovel bitch piss and moan but at the end they will admit defeat, allow the Left to pass their evil program, then they will incorporate the evil leftist thing that they detested into their mantra.

      A good historical example was after Reconstruction. The Bourbons were willing to allow the Negroes certain privileges for patronage and the resulting corruption led to the Populist Revolution from about 1890-1910 in the South. The Populists made their regimes unapologetically white. Northern Conservaties, by this time preoccupied solely with trying to stick it to the Jews and Catholics, looked the other way, as long as Dixie kept the tax dollars rolling in they could burn 10 Negroes on the state house lawn every day for a month and no one would care. This was the attitude of the late Gilded Age Conservative. Give me some greenbacks and we will talk turkey.

      The Hardcore Negrophiliacs, by this time largely forced out of the Republican Party found their homes among the Socialist and Communist causes where they would remain margianlized and out of the way until a more conveinent season.

      • The Republicans then spent from ca 1880 to about ca 1932 existing solely on graft and benign neglect. Then something happened. Slowly around the time of Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic Party turned Hard Leftist, except for the Southern wing that is. This was largely Jewish influence. Slowly the wayward Negrophiliacs were given a home with the Donkey Party although they were forced to moderate their language.

        Edward Bernays figured out how to turn Neo-Abolitionism into a new movement by using catch phrases and codewords that Southern Segregationist and Northern Conservative alike would never understand. When you say something like United Negro College Fund or Negro Shoe Drive some crap like that purportedly to give shoes to barefoot sharecropper Negro children in Ala Miss etc, you see what you have now done? You actually figured out how to advance a political viewpoint WITHOUT openly advocating anything, Even hardcore segregationists James K Vardaman or Theodore Bilbo wouldn’t deny a Negro baby a right to a pair of shoes. However you USE Philanthropy as a cover. This is the hustle.

        After the 1932 Election, the Rockefeller Family bought up the Republican Party and Northern Conservatism slowly died, replaced by Rockefellerism. What we call the Conservative Movement of today is really made up of the Southern Bourbon Democrats and a few ex-Segregationists who were kicked out of the Democratic Party ca 1964 who came over to the Republican. Since then Conservatism INC has largely been Jewish NeoCohenism and Southern Bourbon stupidity all rolled into one.

    • Why must you blame everything on Jews? Plenty of non-Jewish Republicans are cuckservatives by their own free choice.

  1. Rewinding back to Themistocles, a little faith is exactly what Democracy is about. The Athenians consulted a female narco-oracle twice before they were unspooked enough to figure out how to beat Persia.

    The first prophesy was “skatter and run doomed ones”

    The second was

    “Only the wooden walls will hold”

    Themistocles demanded the second prophesy and likely paid a bounty to the cult for what she said.

    Democracy rose and fell on that irrational faith emanating from a strong leader.

  2. I can’t remember where I read this, but someone said something along the lines of “It’s a travesty that people get their licenses revoked for drunk driving but David Frum is still legally allowed to have an opinion.”

    This applies perfectly to Jonah Goldberg as well.

  3. Cucks are dummies of the Jewish ventriloquists(or Nostriloquists since Jews have those funny nostrils). Most of US politics is about Jewish ventrils and goy dummies.

    Look, it’s Marco Rubio the dummy.

    I wonder who his Ventril is.

    Marco Rubio the dummy in action:


    If millions of Americans kept on illegally invading Mexico and if Mexico wanted to build a wall to stem the tide, would anyone denounce Mexico’s demands on America to stop sending illegals and its resolve to enforce border security with a wall or other means?

    I think not.

    So, why is it a problem when the US wants to secure its own borders?

    Oh yeah, pile of scrap iron in the semblance of a woman in the NY harbor says the US is all about welcoming invasion. We should consult a pile of steel(with Jewish poetess as ventriloquist) than our good sense?

    Someone should draw a pic of Statue of Liberty as dummy doll of ventriloquist Emma Lazarus.

  4. Jonah Jewberg, pied piper of the Jew Review and would-be opinion molder of the cuntservatives. Cuntservatives love to throw away their own interests and the future of their children in order to serve the interests of zionist neocohens.

  5. Jonah Jewberg, William Kristolnacht, Egg McMuffin, etc are now nothing more than marginal figures whom no one takes seriously. What concerns me the most at the moment is getting President Trump’s travel ban against those seven Mohammedan terrorist states re-instated. I’d like to see all the Federal judges and bureaucrats who opposed it removed from power.

  6. Goldberg is truly despicable. But lets give him some credit. Between Jonah, Williamson, & French @ NRO, their particular flavor or snobbish of cucking probably led to millions stiffening their backs and voting Trump. They did the Nation a service, albeit unintentionally. “Against Trump” was the biggest political failure outside Jessie Jackson’s son I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.

  7. Fixed principles for “conservatives” is making sure the game is always fixed against you. Enough of these losers!

    • Their principles are supposedly fixed, but whom they stand for is negotiable, in back-room deals with people like Sheldon Adelson.

  8. Why isn’t Trump telling Homeland Security and other agencies to ignore the court order halting the travel ban?

  9. “And that’s not what conservatism is about — nor, for that matter democracy.”

    “Some would complain that this isn’t very democratic. So what? By our
    contemporary standards, the Founding Fathers distrusted democracy too

    So being democratic is good when it is anti-Trump. But it is not good if it is not anti-Trump.

  10. So far I have only three criticisms of Trump:
    1. Chiding Arnold Schwarzenegger for having lower ratings in The Apprentice than Trump had. You’re president of the U.S.A., now Mr. Trump, it’s time to show some magnanimity towards your replacement in the old TV show.
    2. He still hasn’t nuked the DACA amnesty.
    3. Selecting John Bolton as deputy secretary of state. I don’t want that war monger in any position of power within the federal government.

    I’d have far more criticisms of any candidate favored by Jonah Goldberg.

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