Victor Davis Hanson: California Goes Confederate

Victor Davis Hanson writes:

“Over sixty percent of California voters went for Hillary Clinton — a margin of more than 4 million votes over Donald Trump.

Since Clinton’s defeat, the state seems to have become unhinged over Trump’s unexpected election.

“Calexit” supporters brag that they will have enough signatures to qualify for a ballot measure calling for California’s secession from the United States.

Some California officials have talked of the state not remitting its legally obligated tax dollars to the federal government. They talk of expanding its sanctuary cities into an entire sanctuary state that would nullify federal immigration law. …

In eerie irony, liberal California is now mirror-imaging the arguments of reactionary South Carolina and other Southern states that vowed to go it alone in 1860 and 1861. …”

This is a very interesting comparison.

Clearly, California is asserting the right of a state to nullify federal immigration laws. It is at the stage where South Carolina was with Andrew Jackson in 1832. This time around though Heartland is the more populated, industrialized region in control of the idea of “America.”

California would lose a Second Civil War. The United States Pacific Fleet would blockade the coast. The polygot multicultural society wouldn’t defend the coastal oligarchy. The wildfires would rage out of control. The water supply could easily be shut down. The coal, oil and natural gas would be shutdown. What would California win its independence with? Hollywood movies? Apps?

Update: Rep. Tom McClintock of California is comparing the Democrats to antebellum nullifiers and secessionists. Could McClintock be a future Parson Brownlow-style loyalist?

Update: Steve Forbes has a big new article on the Civil War 2:

“THE MOVEMENT AFOOT in California to have the state secede from the Union–advocates call it Calexit–is gaining publicity if not support. One poll shows 32% of Democrats ready to vote yes on a pullout referendum. Petition signatures are being collected to get the question of ditching the good ol’ U.S.A. put on the ballot. One secession-advocate group has received financial support from–you guessed it–Vladimir Putin’s Russia. …”

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  1. Southern Nationals at least, couldn’t care less if California leaves. In fact, it would be highly entertaining to watch.

  2. Cali should secede, that will give Trump the excuse to move in with Federal troops and forcibly get rid of all the illegal gooks, chinks and wetbacks. Then he can have Jerry Brown executed for treason and impose martial law.

    • You know what JK the media whores always seek to hype our “badness” but you know what I bet they don’t say boo about our wanting an excuse to March to the Pacific.

      They will get the sense that we don’t care, it is not Granny’s over emotive Tea Party politics of nice white grannies anymore.

      Whatever you hard core dudes think of Vox Day his publishing house is going to be publishing a military scifi anthology on Cali Secession.

  3. After Cali is retaken by forces of the Trumpenreich we should grab Baja California too. We had the chance to purchase it from Mexico in 1848.

  4. Here’s the game plan should Cal secede:

    1. Immediately exile all illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, and whiny b—- liberals to Cal;
    2. Accept white loyalist refugees from Cal so long as they a) reaffirm undying loyalty to God Emperor Trump; and b) agree to not vote in US elections for at least 7 generations;
    3. Put machine gun nests every two hundred yards along the Cali border;
    4. Give it a generation and then easily re-take Cali. By that time the remaining Californians will probably be willing to exchange the entire coast for some beads or some more modern bling.

  5. Bad news…there is a demographic transformation in the US Military…National Guard also….

    Larger point:The Alt Right must call for removing the US Military out of Germany so German Men can begin exterminating the MUZZIE GANG RAPISTS….

    California has the highest concentration of endangered-endemic species…of course, the environmentalists never cared about California’s endangered plant and animal species…ecology was just another way to justify the GREATER CHINA CONQUEST OF CALIFORNIA…

    • “The Alt Right must call for removing the US Military out of Germany so German Men can begin exterminating the MUZZIE GANG RAPISTS” ??? — Germans aren’t prevented from doing so. They are mostly jerking off while watching.

    • That’s what most southerners don’t understand. Their only thought is “California Bad.” I’d love to have the uber tough talking southerners on this site spend an entire winter in the Sierra. It would make a great reality show “Southerners in the Sierra.” Their epic failure to deal with extreme winter conditions would provide endless entertainment and they’d quickly learn that the mountain whites in CA are much, much tougher than they are. And they ain’t progressives. But, according to southerners, “California Bad.”

      • “…That’s what most southerners don’t understand. Their only thought is “California Bad.”…”

        Not true at all. I perfectly understand the map above your post with the green section. If California separates I would fully support peeling of the North and the agricultural areas and keeping them in the Sates as California. The rest can be the People’s Republic of Nonsense.

  6. It won’t be orderly, it will be a “color revolution” sit in / protest that gets out of control. Even today we see ICE protests getting unruly, and the mass deportations haven’t even begun!

    Lay siege to SoCal and use the insurrection as an excuse to uproot the insane left in the rest of the country.

  7. The comparison to the Confederate secession is facile and misleading. Victor Hanson, author of Mexifornia, knows better but employs the Confederate analogy because he and his Jewish masters at the National Review do not wish to talk about the racial antagonism driving California secession. Latino leaders view illegal immigration from Mexico/Central America positively and are opposed to any checks on mexican/central American immigration. A Jew bitch Judge blocked the attempt of white Californians to check the influx of illegal mexican/central american immigration through Prop 187 twenty years ago.

      • Yes, VDH was cheerleading Bush’s dumb Jew wars.

        As a Classics scholar, VDH is great. As a political commentator, he is god awful and compares everything to Ancient Greece! I seem to recall that VDH even argued that the Iraq War was necessary for Bush just like the Sicilian Expedition was necessary for Alcibiades. For some reason, VDH never picked up on the fact that Alcibiades was a demagogue who misled the Athenians into a disastrous war, just like Bush did in Iraq.

        • Pericles is one example of how walls fail. He stuck his people behind walls and plague hit.

  8. In typical reverse-psychological fashion, this “separatist” movement by anti-separatists is the very catalyst for UncleBeast to lure the parasites back into the ghastly belly of MRKA.

  9. Although I have very little of values in common with California – I have one – States’s Rights.

    As California becomes more and more secessionist, North Carolina wins.


    Either they go and we gain vastly more power, or they are forcet to follow the same laws they have often gleefully shoved down our unwilling Tarheel throats – in which case millions of unnecessary anti-Southern, anti-White voters will be deported.

    Liberal officials say, ‘we won’t break up families’.

    I say ‘ the families ought to have thought of that before becoming illegals.’

  10. Yes, quite clearly the silent majority will never do anything as rash as rise up against the hostile political class, so let the left start it just like a reticent America was dragged into WW2 by Japanese brashness at Pearl Harbor.
    On a note, imagine if Bush Jr had put a similar immigration ban to what Trump just did right after 911? I very much doubt we would have seen the hysterical reaction by the left. 16 years of misrule has really brought these brats a sense of entitlement. Bush Jr could have started deporting illegals without this hysteria. Shows what puppets and rats we’ve has since Reagan left office. Took way too long before some powerful people on the right actually tried to do something about this. Hunter is right about the right losing on purpose and lying to the voters only to deliver globalism and open border, the voters really did keep ordering Pepperoni and kept getting Anchovies. Trump will have to eventually have a fireside chat with middle America and let them know that it wasn’t an accidental result of incompetence but a deliberate intention to steal their political power from them. If talk radio Joe knows this it will change everything. Too many still seem to think this is an accident, result of incompetence, and the democrats “mean well.” I think Barry’s America has started to change this misperception and the lefts’ end game is more clear.

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