President Trump Signs Three New Anti-Crime Executive Orders

Just look at this.

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III sworn in as Attorney General in the backdrop of an anti-crime crackdown on drug cartels, gang members and violence against police officers:

“President Trump signed three executive actions Thursday morning to further his “law and order” agenda, including orders to crack down on international crime and crimes against law enforcement.

“I’m signing three executive actions today designed to restore safety in America,” Trump said in the Oval Office after swearing in Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

The orders will put plenty of work on the new attorney general’s plate …”

Executive Order #1: DOJ and DHS told to destroy the drug cartels.
Executive Order #2: DOJ told to create a taskforce on reducing violent crime.
Executive Order #3: DOJ told to implement a crackdown on crimes against police officers.

Here’s the best part though: you can see the looming portrait of President Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office in the background! Spectacular optics!

Note: Less than a year ago, the cucks were cheering on the effort to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with Harriet Tubman.

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    • I think we have to wait for his Treasury Secretary to get confirmed before the loonies the Magic Negro put in there who came up with that scheme get fired.

  1. We aren’t there yet, but there will soon be that moment where the anti whites realize that they F’ed up royally.

    The reciporical of that hair on the back of the neck moment whites have when they realize that if something doesn’t change, it’s actual genocide.

    How will we know they’ve had that moment? They’ll attack their own for being anti white.

  2. Think how much can be changed. The FBI spent how much energy on WN? Now…all the SJW, Soros and the Left. So many good things happening. Gab, Hunters Alt-Right site, Voat killing Reddit, Infogalactic and their new news coming online, possibly even cable channels. The Jew is collapsing. The cucks in office may be playing a bit slow to the change but I think they will possibly be left behind if they don’t get on board. They can read poles as well as the rest of us and halting immigration is extremely popular.

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