Hail Victory: Antifas Crackdown Expanded

This ought to put a strong chill on their culture of violence:

“A grand jury has indicted more than 100 Inauguration Day protesters on rioting charges in Washington, D.C. In total, 209 people have now been indicted.

The indictment, handed up D.C. Superior Court on Wednesday, charged 146 additional protesters with felony rioting — meaning they face a fine of up to $25,000 and a maximum of 10 years in prison. …”

The only reason they were able to get away with it for so long was because there were no consequences.

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    • I can tell the difference. The ones on the left are girls and girly men. The ones on the right are men who mean bidness.

    • The Hindu “AMERICAN” is enthusiastically voting whitey into a violently persecuted racial minority on NOV 8 2020..

      Unfortunately…POTUS TRUMP…is an enthusiast for HINDU LEGAL IMMIGRANTS…..

      NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS ARE IN BIG TROUBLE…as someone who reads a whole lot of engineering-computer science research papers-phd thesis….hardly ever see an American name…..US Engineering-Comp Sci faculty majority Asian and actively involved in the deskilling of the NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN YOUTH POPULATION…for they are now the gatekeepers in the tech field=WHITE GENOCIDE….

      Asians now control-own the technological infrastructure of the state of California…

  1. 10 Years Jail. Now that’s a big chunk of your life. When they get out,
    they won’t be edgy young hipsters anymore. They might even have Gray
    Hairs! Oh the humanity!

  2. Doubt any get jail time but would be nice to see. They’d get the “real deal” on what *forced diversity* is actually all about. 🙂

      • Actually it is probably pretty accurate, that dude truly does set off my gaydar. Homosexuality is a developmental disorder, boys low on the masculine pecking order because of some psychological physiological unmanliness tend to have their sexual development go wrong. Something is just totally off with them and you can generally tell, (i.e. when first seeing “The Big Bang Theory” I knew the actor who played Sheldon was queer by his demeanor and wondered why they miscast a queer as a nerd? The protagonists in “Revenge of the Nerds” were much more realistic, they also were horndogs for chicks they just couldn’t get unlike the strange asexual Sheldon character unlike any nerd I’ve known.)

        Of course along with sexual irresponsibility comes political irresponsibility. The (((New Elites))) are quite insightful to pull the sexual deviants into their camp, natural allies filled with resentment against society all onboard their revolutionary plan. Work with some Dykes and they absolutely HATE Trump, 6 days after the inauguration one was already railing for Trump to be “put in front of an International court for crimes against humanity.” What, for building a barrier to keep all of Central America from coming here and going on welfare? How is keeping from getting ripped off a “crime against humanity?” Homosexuals can’t be trusted in any leadership position, the army was right to keep them out.

        • Sheldon may be a walking talking stereotype of theorists, but it seems to hold true for every theorist… they’re all a bit nutty. You kinda have to be to think outside the box. My mom thinks they all have a mild form of Autism because they all are just weird.

  3. If and when the convictions come down, you’ll see wailing and gnashing of teeth and cries of injustice. No doubt, the ACLU will make an appearance to contest the convictions, along with numerous spokesbergs and expertsteins, to explain it all to us Deplorables.

  4. The legal measures against the Communist vermin must be infinitely more punitive. As in public lashings and hangings.

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