Chauncey DeVega: ‘United States is a mulatto society’

Chauncey DeVega’s recent article for describes President Donald Trump as “the white nationalist in chief of the United States” who is fighting to make America a “white man’s country” once again. DeVega, a podcaster and self-described “ghetto nerd,” has some interesting thoughts on US history which seem to heavily influence his world view. He rightly notes that pro-White immigration and social policies, which he describes as “repugnant values,” are “not deviations from the country’s trajectory.” He recognizes that “America has been a white republic for most of its history.” Indeed, all of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were White men. Citizenship was reserved for only Whites as the founding stock of the country in both the North and South. As late as 1960 the USA was 88% White, with the vast majority of that population being native born. Only since the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, campaigned aggressively for by Democrat presidents Kennedy and Johnson, has the assumption that Americans are a European people been called into question as the flood gates to the teeming masses of impoverished Third World people has been thrown open. DeVega, who appears to be a mulatto, seems to recognize this. And yet, DeVega not only condemns policies which favor the founding stock and majority population of the country, but goes so far as to claim that “black and brown people built America.” So, the country was not built by the nearly 90% of the population who actually created its government and gave it their language, religion, legal system and culture? He strangely claims that “black and brown people are the quintessential Americans.” So, the small minority of racial aliens who played no role in creating the US government and were denied citizenship are somehow the “quintessential Americans”? As weird as this claim is though DeVega goes even further, claiming that “The United States is a mulatto society, not a white nation.” By the numbers mulattoes such as DeVega are a tiny portion of the over-all population. Due to forced-racial integration of schools, neighborhoods and businesses starting in the 1950s and 60s and a relentless campaign by a mostly alien-controlled Leftist media mixed-race relationships and children are indeed on the rise. However, they are not the norm. Mulattoes are more prevalent now than at any time in US history and yet they are still a tiny portion of the population.

DeVega’s understanding of America as a “white republic” now led by a “white nationalist in chief” which has for most of its history favored policies which are pro-White clearly conflicts with his claims that non-Whites are the most America, that non-Whites built America and that this is a mulatto nation. Perhaps DeVega, emotionally invested in the recent presidential race and focused as always on racial agitation against White people, is simply projecting. He seems to be a well-educated man who knows enough history not to claim that America has long been a multiracial melting pot. He surely knows that the USA is not like Cape Verde, where most of the people are mulatto. He must know that the vast majority of the population here mostly byilt the country. But this doesn’t square with his own non-White identity and desire to advocate for his racial group. And so we get articles like this which are full of conflicting statements on race, history and national identity.

Look at all those mulattoes who built America!
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    • The Irish are a funny lot. Perhaps it derives from their anti-English animus, although not held so strongly today. They’ll support policies and politicians directly opposed to their own best interests, perhaps more often than any other white ethnic group will.

      • Is it true that much of the animosity between North and South comes from the fact that the South is comprised of Scots-Irish Celts whereas the North is ruled by Anglo-Saxons?

        • It’s the nogs really.
          Maybe the climate and the malarial zone separated out the two sub-ethnic groups.

          Whites in Europe irrationally hate the whites in South Africa because they are perceived to live as gods among the blacks just like the slavers enjoyed a comfortable life among the slaves.

        • I think the religions of each region cannot be underestimated: The Anglican South, the Calvinist North. The former inclined to live and let live with a realistic view of life. The later inclined to meddling in the unrealistic quest for ultimate purification, the stomping out of all sin.

          • More the Puritan New Englanders and after that the ‘WASP’ hodge podge, with episcopalians at the top of the ladder generally. The presbyterians powered the American Revolution more than any other denomination.

      • That is a gross oversimplification of the irish. None in my family were anti-English.

        The irish saw the struggle as Catholic v. Protestant. Sure, for them irish equaled catholic but you seem to forget the vast intermarriage between german and irish catholics that came out of the waves of their immigration beginning in the 1830’s. Half my family were midwestern and they didn’t cling to ‘irish’ so much as to ‘catholic.’ By the 1930’s, they were working and living side by side with the anglo protestants in some unity against the invasion by mediterraneans.

        Of course, it depended on the class, region and personal orientation of the irish. There was no irish american monolithic stance towards the english, contrary to what the jews who hide behind some want people to believe.

          • O’sure. All ‘O’ prefixes meant the son of a king. Half the island descended from royalty apparently.

            I was asking catholic or protestant.

          • That was the lore in the branch of my family with an ‘O.’ Even my mother for all her irish catholic supremacism retained a skepticism…

          • The Irish lie ALOT.

            It’s a sport. It’s called “All Blarney” by Elizabeth I after her favorite Irish courtier.

          • It’s incredible isn’t it?

            There’s a chance that if you are an O’Brien you might be related to Brian Boru. But yeah O’ just means son of similar to Mac, Mc, M’

            I think Paddy Ahern the PM in Ireland is related to Brian’s little brother.

          • Uí/Ó (O’): descended from (most often an adopted clan name)
            Mhic (Mac/Mc): son of
            Ní ( < Inn Uí): daughter of a descendant of
            Nic ( < Iníon Mhic): daughter of a son of
            Mac Nic: daughter of a son of
            Bean Uí: wife of a descendant of
            Bean Mhic: wife of a son of
            Bean Uí: wife of a descendant of
            Bean Mhic: wife of a son of

            (all prefixes followed by genitive case)

        • “The irish saw the struggle as Catholic v. Protestant” — how’s that, when half of Irish-Americans have been Protestant? and Wolfe Tone, Thomas Russell, Henry Joy McCracken, William Orr, Lord Edward Fitzgerald, the brothers Sheares, Archibald Hamilton Rowan, Valentine Lawless, James Napper Tandy, William Aylmer, Bagel Harvey, Anthony Perry, Joseph Holt, Robert Emmet, Thomas Addis Emmet, James Hope, Thomas Davis, John Mitchell, William Smith O’Brien, Sir John Gray, James Haughton, Charles Stewart Parnell, Isaac Butt, William Shaw, Stephen Gwynn, Henry Harrison, Jeremiah Jordan, William McDonald, J. G. Swift MacNeill, James Maguire, Pierce Charles de Lacy O’Mahony, Isaac Nelson, Patrick Pearse, John Pinkerton, Horace Plunkett, Samuel Young, Jack Beattie, Sam Kyle, William McMullen, James Baird, John Hanna, Victor Halley, William Wilde, Whitley Stokes, Standish James O’Grady, Samuel Ferguson, George Russell Æ, George Noble Plunkett, Joseph Mary Plunkett. Horace, WB Yeats, Lady Gregory, Seán O’Casey, Alice Milligan, JM Synge, Oliver Sheppard, Sam Maguire, Bulmer Hobson, Roger Casement, Robert Erskine Childers, Jack White, Conor O’Brien, Alice Stopford Green, Mary Spring Rice, Darrell Figgis, Sir Thomas Myles, James Meredith, Robert Barton, David Lubbock Robinson, Seán Lester, Douglas Hyde, Dorothy Macardle, Robert Hilliard and Lord Glenavy were Protestants?

          • Why do you think Cromwell came after the Irish that didn’t embrace Protestantism, shipped as slaves to Australia and Barbados, millions starved to death in the potato famine.
            Sure, many Irish sold out to Protestantism, where you came up with half of them sounds far fetched.

          • He shipped off Royalists. I think he shipped off the male and female population of Colchester in Essex for restarting the civil war and dragging on the siege. If memory serves he did the same in Exeter.

            The peasants who submitted were a prize to be used on estates. Not to be shipped off as long as they didn’t act up they were kept around.

          • I just got done studying the whole affair on the net, I read a book called ” paddys lament” prelude to hatred, it was a communist culling of the Irish Catholic population.
            The Irish were used domestically and worked the fields in Holland.
            Of course the royals got it first, just like the English royals, or nobility.
            All Catholic holidays and speech were outlawed, just like most all orthodox countries after.
            ((( Wikipedia))) are you serious?
            Look up Barbados, for God’s sake you ever hear about the press gangs forcing all the United kingdom in to military service.
            The Irish were enslaved because of their Roman Faith.

          • They banned the import of Irish after they colluded with the blacks. Also most of the tales are Sadomasochistic fantasies concocted by historians who failed to look up the race laws in the colonies. Laws designed to prevent certIn things.

          • This is before the colonies!
            Your in good company with the splc with that BS.
            Its no different then stalin enslaving Russian Christians, but to be more on the mark, Peter the great building the port city of st. Petersburg in collusion with the Dutch east India company, with Christian slave labor at that time, this is the beginning of globalism, usury and stock market shipping, these criminals always suffered Christ and protestantism to achieve their goals in the US, England, Holland etc. on the Roman Russian Christian nobilities destruction.
            The very reason protestant power was destroyed in America during the civil war.
            To keep you from getting out of their control and reduce man to the lowest parasitical level, eating out of Jacobs hand.

          • Over 100,000
            Out of a million killed outright, due to the sword famine and disease,
            Hundreds of thousands were shipped off as slaves before Cromwell.

          • 100,000s of Irish in the new world before 1658? (That’s when Cromwell died) These numbers are not credible. Lol.

            It took over 150 years to transport 500,000 blacks into the 13 colonies alone.

          • I took the middle figure of historical reviews.
            God only knows how many died in transport.
            You want to bait me with questions.

          • Current estimates go up to 4 million.

            There is a very new Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut and a Hunger Institute in their library devoted to commemorating and studying the near genocide of the irish.

          • 4 million starting from 1600 or so to the “potato famine”?
            In the book, paddys lament : prelude to hatred, 2 Million died during the time of the “potato famine”.
            That book and Hiroshima by hersey I believe, are the only books I can only read 1 time.
            Its that brutal.

          • Hunters history is BS.
            The Portuguese had a war and ran those F’n demons out of Bahia Brazil around 1625, forcing the Dutch stock market navy to settle for NY and the carribean after that, and set up shop especially after the peace treaty with king John 5 of Portugal, basically Portugal lost it’s sovereignty to the Dutch east India company (1649).
            You ever wonder why the oldest synagogue in the new world is in Barbados(1654)
            (((The English east India companies)))
            Jewsus loves you.

          • Oldest Western Hemisphere Synagogue is in Recife, Brazil. It’s well known. You lack credibility.

          • I lack credibility by you, whom I consider a punk now.
            Have fun stroking each other off, my ancestors fought this battle for centuries, the Irish being amongst them.
            More then likely the Portuguese burnt that bitch down and they rebuilt it.
            I was off by 15 years to my followers.
            That’s the reply I get from this troll, I lack credibility.
            Hit this up, Vieira, Brazil company king John 5. CR Boxer. and shove it.

          • Barbados was colonized by the English long before Cromwell let the Jews back into England. It was the staging post for most of the Anglo-Colonization of the 13 colonies where white men learned to aclimatize to American conditions. Shit, it was a royalist stronghold in the ECW.

          • The English puritans were early investors in the Dutch east India company,(1602)look up (((grotius))) he wrote the laws to make the fleet a borderless, sovereign floating city state.These were Jews run out of Spain that caused the Dutch revolution and the first secular state.
            Who the hell do you think was on the mayflower? That was a shareholder invested company ship.(muh persecution)
            The massuchusettes bay company etc., they added that colony BS later.

          • The Dutch traded to England New Amsterdam for the Indonesian spice island of ai, I wish the book I read was still fresh in my mind, “The scents of Eden” by corn.
            It has the history of the European involvement in the spice trade, from Portugal to the Americans.
            The Dutch seaborne empire by boxer is a good history on all that.
            When Cromwell does anything I am very skeptical of the motives, he wanted to destroy the Catholic church in Europe, but was told no by his handlers. They wanted that golden cow to keep plowing.
            I really hate wiki, but I’ll give it a look see.

          • I read about 20 or 30 lines of wiki and want to puke.
            Portugal was just about home with one of it’s biggest ships from the far east, the GDP for the upcoming year, and England captured it, that broke Portugal, along with the treaty the Dutch made with king John 5, letting Jews invest in a newly created stock company , called the Brazil company without fear of the inquisition confiscating there funds, within no time the rest of Europe was saying the Portuguese were born from the stink of a Jews ass, they had monopolistic control over the Portuguese economy.
            The Portuguese seaborne empire.
            CR Boxer
            I say that about the US now.

          • And like I said, the Portuguese destroyed that POS synagogue in brazil in 1653 and they went to Barbados and built that one in 1654.
            This was a war against the Holy Roman empire.
            The Dutch east India company already destroyed Portugal in the far east,
            The start of WW1was in Japan, where the population was catholicised and just about a vassal kingdom of Rome, 250 thousand martyred to death .1602-1610 or so.
            The end of WW1 and the last Catholic kingdom had the Austrian monarch exiled to the Azores, Portugal of all places, and the cherry on the nigger cake was atom bombs on Japan in WW2.
            The Irish were Catholic slaves of the judeo-Masonic protestant power.
            It would take you years to read my library.

          • They were enslaved – and near genocided – because it made the jews richer.

            The Hunger as it’s now called wasn’t a failure of the potato crop. It was an all out planned purposeful mass starvation of the irish people.

          • The leadership is 1,000% sold out traitors. I’m not challenging that. I’m telling you there is growing mutiny in the ranks, who’ve grasped that the jews used marxism to displace and dispossess the irish. How vast the insurrection is I don’t know, probably not very at this point, but it exists.

          • It did mean son of a king sometimes or can’t you detect sarcasm. You have one example you keep posting like an idiot ignorant.

          • And cromwell didn’t starve them to death during the “potato famine” either !
            The Irish were enslaved.

          • The irish catholics wouldn’t truly consider the protestants ‘irish,’ Arthur Vickstrom and I are discussing this on the Jim Webb thread. Or, some might have called them ‘fallen away’ meaning, lapsed catholics. But for the most part they weren’t really ‘irish’ to the catholics, at least in America.

          • Right, okay, Charles Stewart Parnell, William Butler Yeats, Sean O’Casey, John Millington Synge, Patrick Pearse, Wolfe Tone, President Douglas Hyde, President Erskine Hamilton Childers — “not Irish”. Okay.

          • Many of the early Republicans were protestants.

            But like I pointed out most of this is about the relationship to Imperial careers.

            The Micks like to pretend they were inactive passive regards the Empire.

            It couldn’t be farther from the truth.

          • Churchill’s top man was an Irish Catholic chancer called Brendan Bracken. Very much an imperialist. He was a director at the BBC and was Orwell’s supervisor
            In the Censor department. It’s understood that Bracken is the template for O’Brien in 1984, he’s also Big Brother most likely.

            We can go back decade by decade looking at the collusion.

          • Let’s look at WW1, Ireland stayed neutral,outside of the modern day Jewish fake press and merchandising and some protestant enlistments back then, while the English got slaughtered in a White genocide.

          • Over at Morgoth’s I posted some revelatory things about Douglas Haig’s private secretary being Phillip Sassoon. (Both a Sassoon and a Rothschild) Very cohencidental stuff given Haig’s fanatical efforts at the Somme and Ypres. I am not claiming that the Rothschild’s and Sassoon’s didn’t infiltrate and control decisions later on.

            But, Barbados was a very large English colony in in the 1640-50s with around 40,000 English in the Island. It’s the first big Anglo-Settlement in the New World.

            FFS George Washington’s financier was Haym Solomon and he got them full emancipation written into the US constitution.

    • What the hell is your problem. You got more nigger in ya than my mostly irish DNA portfolio.

      What do you call a guinea mixed with a dane?

      A daguo.

      • A great Anti-Semitic historian once said “America would be great if every Irishman killed a Negro and was hanged for it.”

        Cheer up!

        • Potato nigger is being popularized by the likes of Anglin and I can assure you it’s a highly counter productive term, promulgated by him for secret subversive reasons.

          • I’m 75% Irish (the other 25% English, Founding Stock) but I find the term hilarious. Anglin was referring to Bill O’Reilly and I can’t disagree. I guess I’m not as sensitive to racial slurs as niggers and Jews are.

          • Irish Catholic or Protestant?

            The term is highly offensive for various reasons. If your people weren’t intentionally starved to death you have no business using it. This comes from someone whose irish catholic grandfather was also part english catholic, although oddly enough no one talked much about that…

            Could be the english were just subsumed into the irish catholics and that ‘catholic’ dominated in the german/irish/whatever english catholic foment in the midwest.

          • The truth is, people, that the irish catholics still live out legacies from the purposeful genocide of half their population. It doesn’t give some of them an excuse for their dysfunctionality, but the legacy is still there and it’s painful.

  1. Watch out for uppity mulattoes like that Chauncey DeVega character. They have a big chip on their shoulder against Whitey. And they are always controlled by some jew behind the curtain.

  2. Too many Founding Fathers were Freemasons, which has a large number of jews in it. Captain William Morgan spilled the beans on them in the early 1800s and paid for it with his life. Freemasonry went downhill after that but was soon replaced by Yale’s Skull and Bones!

  3. Is it just me or are more and more anti-Whites talking openly now about their pro-White Genocide support?

  4. Negroes and their Jew masters are innate THIEVES. They literally STEAL everything. They are now stealing factual history, and White identity.

  5. The USA is not a mulatto society, it’s a White society invaded by non-Whites. That is a temporary situation that cannot last.

    In two hundred years, we know there won’t be White blonde girls marrying Blacks, Jews or Mexicans. But we don’t know yet what the future will be:

    – A White country, if the non-Whites like DeVega have been expelled.

    – A shitty mulatto country, if they were not expelled.

    – A group of several countries separated along racial lines.

    • When I spent time in Europe, one of my English mates put it this way. The Black genes dominate the White genes and a mulatto appears Black.

  6. The usual WN argument is that White people “built America”. It’s the phrase they use. But I don’t think it’s the best way to say things. What’s most valuable is not the country infrastructure, with the roads, the farms, the factories, and everything else, it’s White people themselves.

    Jews and other non-Whites believe in the “consumer society”. That is to say: they see White society as a big cream cake to be divided equally among them. And they think they have rights over us.

    For example, we have no right to try to stay away from the Jews and other non-White parasites, but the Jews have a right to have Palestine, separate schools, their own media, and so on. Blacks have a right to their own schools and their own town districts, but we don’t.

    White society is the source of super high-paying jobs for the Jewish parasites, and of welfare money to boost the population of Blacks and Mexicans. We no longer raise our own children. Instead, the money earned through our hard work is redistributed by the Jews to themselves and to other parasites. White people have become ZOG’s slaves.

    If the USA becomes a copy of Haiti, and White people have to flee to Antarctica or to the moon, the Jews will also leave the USA and try to follow White people to the moon. It’s not really our territory they are after. It’s like the fleas on a dog. They don’t care about its kennel.

    The non-Whites are less interested in the US territory than in White society as a milk cow. So, instead of saying “we built this country”, it would make more sense to say: go back to Mexico, we are not your milk cow!

    • The main thing is whites create differences among themselves technologically and culturally.

      Blacks, Asians and Jews are mimics.

  7. This weird-looking freak of nature – probably the product of the coupling of a white whore and some ghetto criminal – is a fine example of a mulatto. His mouth will land him in serious trouble soon.

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