Suspects In Chicago Facebook Live Torture Plead Not Guilty

They were good boys who dindu nuffin. They were turning their lives around:

“Four black people charged with a hate crime in an attack on a white mentally disabled man that was shown live on Facebook have pleaded not guilty.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that assistant public defenders for each of the four entered the pleas on Friday. They have been in custody since early January. At their first hearing, a judge called them a danger to society and refused to allow them to post bail.

The case gained international attention because the attack was captured by a cellphone camera and shown on Facebook Live. On the video, the suspects are seen beating the schizophrenic victim and can be heard taunting him and shouting profanities against white people and then-President-elect Donald Trump. …”

The whole criminal justice system is … RACIST! That’s what it be … RACIST!

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  1. This will get no media coverage.

    President Trump, please send a tweet out about this. If Obama could call a Cop stupid for arresting a suspicious black person that got uppity with him after Skip Gates broke into his house, then Trump should condemn these Chicago savages from Obama’s home town.

  2. Odd that they abducted a supposedly mentally disabled person but then never uttered any slurs against him as such, instead focusing solely on the fact that he ‘voted for Trump.’

    Very, very odd.

  3. It’s on tape. This should be essentially an open and shut case. How stupid could they be to try to fight this?

    Not that I’m complaining though. A guilty verdict will bring a much harsher punishment than a plea deal would have. Let them suffer.

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