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      • I would take a Civic Nationalist Jew like Miller who wants to restrict immigration over a Cuck like Spicer any day of the week and twice on Shabbat.

  1. “There Is No Constitutional Right For A Foreigner To Demand Entry Into This Country”

    Why not? The Commie-Libs claim that all kinds of non existent rights are enumerated in the Constitution. It was those damnable Reconstruction amendments that set the precedent for this kind of thinking. Douglas Harper was right. “The New England Moral-Political Paradigm is at the heart of much that is wrong with modern America®”

    • The Constitution, a document written by White Nationalists, is addressed to “Ourselves and our Posterity” and no one else. According to the real Constitution, non citizens have No Rights at all.

  2. There is no Constitutional requirement to accept immigrants. We have no obligation to accept refugees, asylum seekers, whatever term you want to use. And the Constitution only applies to the United States not the world.

  3. It’s good to see the Administration fully seized of the situation; of course, they could save themselves a lot of headache and heartache by reading OD.

  4. I just watched Miller on The Chris Wallace show. He said the same thing. He actually kinda yelled. Todd. Wallace and Miller. All Jews. Sigh.

    • Wallace, Todd and Miller.

      Do you think the Chinese will have fun with these Anglo-Celty names in a couple of centuries?

      Will such names be the Bergblattstein of the Chinese century?

  5. Todd was right to ask why aren’t Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia also included on the travel restriction list. No Mohammedan state should be allowed to dump any more of their Aloha Snackbars on us.

  6. The West needs to be aware of what might be called The SympaTHING.

    In the opening of John Carpenter’s movie, a ‘dog’ runs from Norwegians in the copter and arrives at the US base. The Americans see a poor dog fleeing from crazed Norwegians and kill the Norwegian and save the dog. They take pity on the poor creature… that turns out to be The Thing.

    So, their sympathy for the canine thing or Sympathing turns out to be their undoing. Some invaders come at you straight ahead. It’s like when Mongols invaded China, Persia, and Russia. They came as invaders, so it was kill or be killed. But some invaders come under a guise.

    And it is under the guise as Pitiful Creatures that they gain a foothold. In a way, wolves turned into dogs by attaching themselves to humans. Humans had seen wolves as enemies, but some wolves came to be allowed into the human tribe. But it worked out well for both groups since dogs want to serve humans, not take over.

    In contrast, the Thing seeks dominance. So, it cannot show its true face and comes at the humans like a real dog in search of refuge and sanctuary. It is only a pretend-dog, a vermin in dog’s skin.

    Some races tend to be more servile than others. Some races tend to be more domineering than others either intellectually, economically, physically, or sexually.

    If they come as obvious invaders, your only option is to fight them.

    In the original THE THING by Howard Hawks, the invader is walking-killer-carrot, and you know it was a bad guy.

    But in the Carpenter movie, the Thing is very deceptive. It shifts forms. It can take on the form of a nice doggy or a fellow human. And it seeks dominance in this deceptive c

    sneaky manner.

    The attack on the West comes in two SympaThings: viral and physical, and they are interrelated.

    The viral attack is PC and Pop Culture. It infects and colonizes white minds.

    The physical attack is mass invasion, especially from Africa(and Muslim world in the case of EU) and India as its population keeps growing and its government intends to ship out 100s of millions. It invades and colonizes white lands.

    The viral sympathing infiltrates white minds in the form of PC that’s supposedly for love and against hate. So, it weakens and destroys the healthy survivalist and vitalist instincts of the white soul. White people should naturally want to defend whiteness and white culture. But PC sympathing makes white minds see whiteness as diseased, especially if whites value whiteness as thing of heritage, beauty, and identity.

    But the fact is human nature seeks something to identify with and be loyal to. Human nature has an element of tribalism. So, how can white human nature be fulfilled if whites aren’t allowed to identify with other whites. Human nature craves something to identify with. PC viruses messes with their minds and makes them identify with non-whites. Just like dogs identify with humans against other animals(even fellow canines), PC makes whites become like dogs to GLOB master against other whites. PC fills whites with viral sympathing for non-whites as ‘poor helpless victims of whites’. PC also fills whites with the notion that whites are oppressive and ‘privileged’. So, in order for a white person to be good, one must protect poor non-whites from evil whites.

    Thus, identifying with whites and fighting for white interests is seen as evil, whereas supporting non-whites against Evil Whites is seen a noble. The mentality isn’t much different from the idea of good whites fighting Evil Nazi Whites in WWII. No wonder that the GLOP declared fatwa on Trump supporters as ‘nazis’ who must be punched.

    It’s like the Swedish Movie where the good heroic kid sides with a Jewish-looking kid against blonde ‘aryan’ looking Swedish kids. It’s like the Swedish vampire movie where a gypsy-like vampire girl forms a bond with a good Swedish boy against bad ‘aryan’ bully boys. So, whiteness can only be good in protecting non-white or less-white against the shining ‘aryan’ white’. (Though GIRL WITH DRAGON ASS TATTOO is about all whites, the freakery of the heroine makes her an honorary non-white.)

    *There is also the Wild Thing, a false promise of liberation via the exoticism-eroticism of the Other. All well-functioning social orders require restraint, discipline, self-control, and civility. The West didn’t rise by people acting like baboons. But such order makes people feel ‘repressed’, and this makes them easily drawn to the Wild Thing of easy pleasure. This is the hook of rap and hip-hop culture. It makes white folks feel free to be acting like wilder blacks. Whites feel ‘liberated’ from their lame white restraints. But once culture takes on this false freedom, social order falls apart. Such is the freedom of beasts, not of men. And consider how the Chinese fell for opium as promise of easy paradise. It seemed to be liberating from the daily grind, but it only made things worse. Such false freedoms only chain the ‘liberated’ to beastly animalism or euphoric castles in the sky.

    In a way, the sympathing is a replay with what happened with renegade Jews. Judaism was supposed to be about Jews sticking together and struggling for Jewish interests, but Jesus, Disciples, and St. Paul were renegade Jews who urged Jews to open up to gentiles and share God with them. In the end, it didn’t work with most Jews, but this idea did spread to Romans who, as Christians, developed a broader sense of fellow humanity.

    Anyway, the viral sympathing of PC works in tandem with physical sympathing. After all, what we call ‘reality’ is largely shaped by how our minds have been conditioned and programmed. Those raised with particularism will tend to be more suspicious of outsiders whereas those raised with universalism will tend to be more trusting of outsiders(even if ignorant of their true nature and intentions).

    Without PC viral sympathing infecting white minds, white people would see mass immigration, migration, and invasion for what they are: demographic war and imperialism. And they would take decisive action to stem the tide.

    BUT, the PC viral sympathing in their minds fools them into seeing the masses of foreigners as ‘poor huddled masses yearning to be free’, as objects of pity. Poor poor things. And if you honestly and coldly see them for what they really are, as physical sympathings meant to trick you, then the PC sympathing works on your emotions to make you feel no-good, cold-hearted, and nasty.

    And of course, the invaders know the trick as well. They know that their ticket to the West is playing the role of ‘poor huddled masses’. Especially in this age of viral memes and internet communication, Africans and Muslims know what cards they need up their sleeves to be allowed in. So, when ‘Syrians’ became the object of special pity, every Muslim claimed to be ‘Syrian’. And Africans know all about EU refugee policy. So, they purposely ‘endanger’ the boat in the middle of the sea so that soft-hearted and soft-headed(minds turned to mush by PC) Europeans drag them to safe harbor and allow them to run free all across Europe. And even though the invaders are playing whites for fools, so many whites with PC viral sympathing coursing their veins just LOVE playing the role of noble whitey saving all those poor poor ‘helpless’ people who, btw, purposely endangered themselves for the express purpose of fooling and sucking on whitey. It’s like a drug. They love to smoke the Hopium. They love to snort the Cuckaine.

    Viral sympathing softens whites minds for the invasion of physical sympathing.

    The invaders are sympathings because they know their entry into the rich West depends on their pulling heart-strings of gulliberal whites and cuck-roach christians whose only virtue-signaling card left is ‘we care about refugees’.

    So, even those who are coming just for free stuff, better life, and sexual opportunities speak the rhetoric of ‘huddled masses’.

    That superbowl commercial was classic sympathing. Look at poor woman and daughter. They have NO HOPE in Mexico. (I wonder why. If Mexicans are so wonderful, why don’t they do something to fix up their own nation so that people will want to stay?) Their only hope is to come to America. But BAD WHITES built a wall. They got no sympathy. But a goody goody white came along and built a door to let them in. Sympathing.

    Never mind that there are tons of nasty browns in California rioting and attacking whites. Never mind all the brown power violence against whites and even Mexican-americans who supported Trump. The commercial just gives us a mother and child, oh boo hoo hoo. This PC is now promoted even by corporate capitalism. And guess who controls advertising to sucker all the morons out there?

    It’s like in Kubrick films. Every system seeks invulnerability. It seeks to protect itself and project its power. But every system has a soft spot, usually a blind spot. White folks built something great, rich, and powerful in North America and Europe. White folks have all the power and wealth necessary to protect their own systems. They have so much power that they can conquer much of the world if they really wanted to.

    But the rise of the West owed to a culture of trust, decency, and rule of law. These advantages were meant to apply to white people in defense of the white realm(and they did tremendous good for whites), but goodness has a universal aspect to it, so the GLOB made white people feel soft-hearted and guilty for having all this Good Stuff and Wonderful System for themselves.

    Granted, non-whites could take the good ideas from the West and build their own good societies along those principles, but most seem incapable. Such failure might indicate that non-whites aren’t as good as whites in intelligence, values, and/or organization. But such conclusion would be ‘racist’. So, the only explanation must be the rest of the world is poor because of past western imperialism, and therefore, white worlds owe it to the rest of the world to open their gates to the poor creatures deserving of sympathy. But in fact, them creatures are really invaders looking for good stuff. And if you let some in, it doesn’t end there. They want their relatives to come too, and more and more. In the end, the invaders turn out to be the sympathing.

    But even when that is well-known, many whites still welcome the sympathing(despite knowing of its hostile intent) since they’ve been inculcated with so much self-loathing that they see the demise of the white world as a ‘good thing’, a deserved punishment.

    PS. A million-dollar movie idea would be E.Thing. When THE THING was released, it was overshadowed by E.T. But over the years, people don’t much care about E.T. whereas THE THING gained cult status. So, maybe a new movie can combine E.T. and THE THING into E.Thing. The story would have E.T. arriving on earth and befriending people.. but actually turning out to be Thing. It’d be cuddly and gory at the same time.


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