The False Narrative: Her Name Was Reagan Tokes

Her name was Reagan Tokes.

She was a 21-year-old White psychology student at Ohio State University. She was kidnapped, raped and murdered last Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio by Brian Golsby who is a convicted sex offender who was released from prison in November:

“COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The man accused of kidnapping and killing a 21-year-old Ohio State University student has now been charged with rape.

The additional charge against Brian Golsby, 29, was filed Saturday. …

According to a criminal complaint filed in Franklin County Municipal Court, Golsby admitted to kidnapping Reagan Tokes Wednesday night near the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Mt. Pleasant Avenue, as she was walking to her car from work. He forced her to withdraw $60 in cash from her Chase Bank account at an ATM. He then drove her to Scioto Grove Metro Park, where she was shot and killed according to court records. His DNA was recovered from a cigarette butt located in Tokes’ car.

Tokes’ body was found at the park on Thursday afternoon. …”

She was shot twice in the head. Her nude body was left in front of the entrance of a park.

“Tokes’ nude body was found Thursday near a park entrance in Grove City after she was last seen leaving work at a Columbus restaurant Wednesday night. She was then reported missing by her off-campus roommates and co-workers when she never made it home. …

Golsby registered as a sex offender after being released from prison. He pleaded guilty in Franklin County Common Pleas Court in Columbus to aggravated robbery and attempted rape charges in May 2011 and received a six-year sentence. In that case, Golsby raped a woman in front of her 2-year-old child, forced her to withdraw cash from an ATM and then robbed her apartment, FOX28 reported. …”

This is Brian Golsby.

I don’t like writing about these stories. It is bad for your soul to dwell on these crimes. I only do it because someone ought to remember the victims. These are “stories about race in America” that are typically buried by the Lügenpresse. Many years ago, I lost count of the number of times I had seen a daddy’s little angel like Reagan Tokes snatched, raped and murdered by a black male criminal.

Let me give you another example.

Her name was Lauren Burk. She was an 18-year-old college student at Auburn University. She was abducted and murdered on March 4, 2008 by Courtney Lockhart.

Courtney Lockhart abducted her in a parking lot on the Auburn campus and attempted to drive out into the countryside to rape her. After forcing Lauren Burk to take her clothes off, Lockhart shot her in the back with a .38-special bullet that tore through her lungs. Then he drove off and left her there to die as she suffocated to death on her own blood, looking up at the stars, on the side of the Shug Jordan Parkway just a few miles away from where I lived for years.

“Her father’s testimony was the most emotional of the day.

“She was 18 and had her whole life ahead of her,” James Burk said.

He talked about seeing his daughter’s dead body on a gurney, breaking down and kissing her on the forehead.

“They didn’t have to ask me if it was her — they knew from the look on my face,” Burk said. “She looked like an angel. I couldn’t believe it. She was a happy girl, a shining star. She lost her whole future.”

… Burk’s mother, Vivian Guerchon, cried openly in the front row of the gallery as witness Savannah Benford described Lauren gasping for breath and shaking as she lay face up in the road that night.”

This is Courtney Lockhart.

This is how it all transpired that night:

“After her catnap, Lauren prepared to leave for a study session with high school friend Michael De St. Aubin. The two planned to meet at the Ralph B. Draughon Library at 8:30 p.m. Minutes before she left, McQuade said the young couple argued about one of Lauren’s outfits. The couple would have spats, but always made up soon after, according to McQuade.

Lauren left McQuade and walked to her black 2001 Honda Civic, parked near the back of the lot beside a blue Jeep Grand Cherokee under the orange cast of street lamps.

“I see Lauren getting in her car,” Lockhart said. “She’s already got her door open. She is doing it so slow. When I saw Lauren, I hung up the phone and grabbed my gun and came up behind her. I told her to get the (expletive) in the car. And I asked her how much money she had.”

Faced with a gun, the freshman backed into her car and crawled into the front passenger seat. Lockhart climbed in with her.

“I was just sitting in the driver’s seat,” he said. “She didn’t say anything; she was just screaming … she finally calmed herself.”

Lauren handed Lockhart $200 in cash and begged him to leave.

In one of many contradictions that night, Lockhart said he didn’t want her money.

Lockhart’s intent at that moment was debated in his murder trial. Lockhart said he was looking for someone to rob and only wanted money, but refused to take the cash and leave. Throughout his interrogation by police, Lockhart said he never planned to have sex with the Marietta, Ga., teen — or shoot her.


As they left campus on College Street, Lockhart forced Lauren to take off her clothes.

He drove with one hand on the wheel, the other pointing a Rohm RG revolver at the terrified 18-year-old.

“I didn’t want her to do anything or make any crazy moves,” he said.

Lauren hesitated.

“At first, she wouldn’t take her clothes off,” Lockhart said. “Then she took her shirt off … then her bra.”

The black Honda two-door drove through the heart of Auburn past busy college bars, boutiques and downtown restaurants.

The Delta Gamma sorority member who loved Coldplay was naked by the time the Honda passed the Chevron gas station at the corner of North College Street and Glenn Avenue.

“She tried to talk me out of it,” Lockhart said. “She kept asking if I would shoot her.”

As they left the center of town, Lauren tried to reason with Lockhart.

“We were talking about how my life was over and how she could help me get a job,” Lockhart said. “ … She says she knows someone who can get me a job. I said I got a job; I don’t need a job.”

As Lockhart drove along Alabama Highway 147, De St. Aubin and McQuade began calling to check on Lauren.

McQuade’s call to make sure his girlfriend arrived at the library safely went unanswered.

Lockhart finally let Lauren answer her phone with instructions to make something up.

Lauren canceled her study session with De St. Aubin, saying she had forgotten about previous plans. She hung up abruptly.

“At the time, I didn’t think about it that much,” De St. Aubin said. “Looking back at the phone call — wow — I could have realized that something was up.”

At some point along the stretch of 147 between Farmville Baptist Church and U.S. Highway 280, Lockhart shot Lauren.

“I had the gun like this, and it just went off …” Lockhart said in the video. “I guess we were both shocked. She was screaming.”

The .38 caliber bullet entered the back of Lauren’s left shoulder, exiting through her upper right arm. Both her lungs had been pierced. The muzzle of the gun was inches from Lauren’s back.

Lockhart drove on as Lauren tumbled from the car, pulling over in the parking lot of the Baptist church about a quarter of a mile away.

Lauren was lying in the roadway as Marcus Ratliff drove his black Ford Explorer toward the intersection of 147 and 280. Lauren stumbled to her feet covered in “road rash” and with a fatal gunshot wound to her back. Adrian and Savannah Benford of Auburn passed a crying, naked young woman waving at them from the western shoulder of 147. Ratliff and the Benfords turned around to check on the strange scene they had passed. …”

I imagine what happened to Reagan Tokes was a lot like that, but worse.

That happened at Auburn which is my alma mater a few years after I graduated. Courtney Lockhart had Lauren Burk strip naked in her car in the middle of downtown Auburn. He drove past the Auburn University library where I spent countless nights doing research. He drove past all the bars, restaurants and gas stations that I patronized and the streets that I walked for years.

I can only wonder: is this incident going to leave a similar impression on some student or alumni at Ohio State? It becomes less abstract when it happens on your own doorstep.

Note: According to the SPLC, it is a “false narrative” to connect the dots between these “senseless acts of violence” which are completely random. These things just spontaneously happen for no reason at all in our society. Please don’t talk about black crime.

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  1. I suppose Courtney Lockhart will be fed and housed at public expense for the next twenty years until the Alabama Department of Corrections gets around to putting a needle in his arm. In the meantime, it’s three hots and a cot, weights and sodomy, day-in, day-out.

    If this were a just world, he would be beated to death with a hickory ball bat over the course of an evening by the poor girls relatives.

  2. These are the worst black pills for me; seeing the best of our race being destroyed by the worst of these savage wastrels. Even if these monsters were served the death penalty, nothing even close to justice would have been served.

    I hope I live to see the day when we free ourselves from this madness.

    • It ought to be a FIREPILL for every single White on earth. Enough is enough, we must protect our people from these savages, and protest every treasonous politician who will not help it happen.

      • “we must protect our people from these savages….” Well if we look to Europe as to what white people will do when they are being raped, robbed and beaten by a different kind of animal. I wouldn’t hold out much hope, sadly.

    • Unfortunately, properly addressing the problem will require whites to relinquish the benefits of integration. You know those immense benefits of integration that whites enjoy every day of the week, I think those are going to prove too difficult to give up.

    • They are not the best of my race. Burk wasn’t my race at all, and I find it odd that Brad Griffin has chosen to highlight black crimes against ‘white’ women when one isn’t even.

      For the record that some seem determined to blur and falsify, Burk had just been in an intense argument with her boyfriend, and, at 11:30pm took off for a parking lot that supposedly was known to be somewhat dangerous. The black guy abducted her there and killed her a bit later when she tried to escape from the car on a highway.

      She wasn’t targeted; she was doing something reports characterized as unusual and risky (walking alone in a desolate dark parking lot late at night). Burk was half jewish and half south american, I’m not sure what ethnicity.

        • Well we both agree that one of us isn’t equal to the best of the blacks.

          At least that’s something.

          Seriously, Celestial, when every white woman who posits the jews – mediterraneans – as the greater enemy and threat to whites is either ‘mentally ill’ or ‘mentally unstable’ it’s just too predictable after awhile.

          Even Captain John varies his routine. It’s actually entertaining.

          You’re just a bore.

          • The WASP’s founded America, Celestial, and defined ‘white’ in the South and even the North for various purposes.

            The Romans brought the jews into Europe, and continue their alliance in the domination of the angloceltic people to this day.

            it ain’t that difficult. You allow your ‘psychotic’ hatred and fixation on blacks to warp your spirt.

            I don’t lower myself to call you ‘mentally ill.’

            You’re just spiritually bent.

          • I see you’re ‘typing.’

            I’ve said enough. You and Denise went on for literally four hours once ‘I know you are but what am I.’

            I’m done unless new material is introduced, or there’s something concrete and real to debate.

          • If you want to remain on the level and avoid personal invective I would return the courtesy, but for now this ongoing strife pales in comparison to a much bigger crisis for those following the ‘jew meme.’

            Eric Hunt has just today recanted his famous videos, everyone. He has either undergone an emotional breakdown of some kind, been gotten to (or both), or, he might have authentic revising of revisionism.

            Whichever, it is huge

            I’m leaning towards the former for a couple reasons, one of which is that this comes at extremely strategic timing as Red Ice is promoting an anti-white eugenicist narrative that obliquely pays homage to the ‘nazis killed the mentally ill and undesirables’ while calling ‘the poor low IQ’ genetically defective and undeserving of fertility. Lockteff even used the white characters of the film Idiocracy to demonstrate ‘who doesn’t deserve to have children.’

            That timing also coincides with those lovely jews and italians of NJ publicly declaring all poor white opiate addicts ‘genetic defectives’ who might otherwise be having children and engaging in armed revolt.

            I’ve alerted people to the 21st Century Cures Act, which will loosen FDA restrictions on drugs and allow testing for the interned, while siphoning off federal monies to build the infrastructure and bureaucratic apparatus for a Stasi State with a bull’s eye on our poor whites.

            I defend my ‘conspiracies’ with cold hard facts.

          • For someone who once said you ‘mostly agree with Bernie Sanders except for the race angle’ it’s disappointing you don’t take umbrage with Red Ice’s facile oblique attacks on YOUR OWN poor whites.

            Red Ice produces high production value content, estimated by a tech friend to cost in the hundreds of thousands. Neither works that anyone knows of, and yet they still offer to employ people.

            That alone should cause people to wonder who is funding them, without even exploring their content.

          • Where did I say that I mostly agree with Bernie Sanders?

            Your “tech friend” is an idiot. With the right knowledge you can produce “high production value content” for thousands($5,000–$15,000), not hundreds of thousands.

          • To the stupid, the whole world is a mystery that can only be explained by conspiracy. Lorax seems to be of that kind.

          • To the stupid, the whole world is simple and obvious and what you see is all there is. Human beings never conspire.

          • No, I took some classes here and there around the NYC film schools. I didn’t attend Tisch film, undergraduate or graduate.

          • On this site you said it.

            At the least my fairly recent pricing of video equipment places Red Ice at a $10,000 absolute minimum, that’s not even taking in their studio. I base this on the professional and skilled amateur warehouse for equipment classmates and teachers at NYU recommended, where the best deals can be gotten and they cater to pros.

            I don’t know enough to estimate on their studio, but a. they don’t appear to have jobs, b. they live in pretty high style, c. they offer to employ people.

            Members of the Swedish Resistance have sat in jail for 18 months for saying far less taboo things than Red Ice has, during the same period.

            Lokteff once made a reference to her husband about ‘our kids.’ Insiders say they have none.

            There is a lot more on these people, established facts about Lokteff’s family’s ‘russian christian missionary work in Israel’ etc. etc.

          • On this site you said it.

            Show me the quote.

            Did it ever occur to you that someone’s job(s), which revolves around computers and audio/video engineering, would give them access to equipment and the knowledge and experience to know how to get the most production value from the least amount of money? It simply doesn’t take hundreds of thousands of dollars to get good equipment. It doesn’t even really take tens of thousands if you know where to look and have good connections with people already established in media production.

          • You expect me to find that in the comments’ section? You absolutely said it and I was surprised, which is why I made note of it, although at times you seem more willing to think about taking care of your people, as it were, than many who just espouse elitism.

            I disagree that it doesn’t take tens of thousands, or at least $10,000. I think you would be shocked at how expensive even the most basic parts of sound equipment are, for example. I was shocked while dabbling in film. I once was lent an expensive video camera and sound ‘boom’ thing that I was paranoid about losing – the camera that is. It was an intensive summer class and full of hardcore logistical nightmares. I lost the simple boom thing, a plain part of some pole, left in a cab. Everyone told me there’s an underground business of reselling film students’ misplaced equipment. NYU charged me like $200+ for it and I checked with the part time teachers who also worked professionally. NYU wasn’t profiting off of my careless ignorance and fatigue. I priced various pieces of equipment at the warehouse in NYC where all the low level pros and high level amateurs buy discounted high tech stuff. The prices are still astounding.

            The circle I traveled in were the types that had ‘good connections with people already established in film and tv production.’ This stuff just isn’t cheap, no matter how savvy you are about where to find it.

          • “Red Ice produces high production value content, estimated by a tech
            friend to cost in the hundreds of thousands. Neither works that anyone
            knows of, and yet they still offer to employ people.”

            Then your “tech friend” must be as stupid as you are. None of thier equipment is that expensive – nothing that couldn’t be purchased by a dedicated amateur.

          • So how do they support themselves? Pay employees?

            I worked in film for awhile, and with some cameras. Their video quality is not amateur.

          • If they had wealthy donors, would you be demanding to know their names?

            Video quality and whether or not something is “amateur” is probably more a matter of experience and talent rather than purely a $$$$$$ issue. I know photographers with insanely expensive cameras and lenses that produce lower quality images than photographers with entry-level equipment.

          • Jew Darren Aronofsky became famous for his film Pi, which he shot on 35mm black and white film. He used the nature of the rougher medium to express artistic themes of the story brilliantly.

            Brilliant people can create ingenious art out of less expensive materials. Certain types of technical quality only comes from expensive equipment high level technology.

          • 35mm film is the most expensive film medium.

            It costs around $5000 a minute to do B/W silent 16mm.

            Get the fuck out of here with your stupid fuckwittery.

          • Uh, no. 35mm color film is more expensive. No one makes a feature film even to this day on anything but sound film, and that’s the oldies like Scorsese who was saying back as late as 2008 he would never give it up for digital filmmaking which is so much less expensive it’s not even comparable.

            Besides, the point is it was black and white, had no CGI, and was still considered even then to be ‘rough.’

          • My tech friend has the 6th highest IQ in the US. He produces radio shows and does internet hosting.

            While he can be emotionally all over the place and even disingenuous at times about people issues, I doubt he’s significantly overestimating their technical production costs.

            Celestial makes a reasonable point about deep pockets donors. The problem I have with that is, why would they need to be so clandestine? Does PC totally account for that caginess? How much money does it take to keep Lokteff and Palmgren out of prison? Is it so easy to donate large sums of money without leaving any trace?

            Why would the rich want to help fund true revolution, which usually displaces most of them?

            No one’s ever heard of controlled opposition?

          • I’d be happy to email it to Brad Griffin whom you can ask. I don’t know that I want to state it publicly although I’m not sure he’d care either…

          • Okay and you claim Irish ancestry and you don’t know what O’ means? And you don’t know what a sucker punch is when it’s played on video?

            Space cadet.

          • Son of Kings is what great grandma O’Donnell said it meant.

            I said, ‘apparently half the island descends from royalty.’

            Humorless manofreak.

          • Why aren’t you working for or with your brilliant friend. Whatever issues may or may not revolve around Red Ice – at least they are DOING something

          • “My tech friend has the 6th highest IQ in the US.”

            Those two things don’t really go together.

            Is he a member of Mensa too?

          • I don’t attack the various varieties of Whites. I love my Whites, in their infinite varieties of Whiteness!
            I attack any-one who attacks Whites. Period.

          • I’m 100% White European. What was your percentage and ethnic breakdown again?

            Just like I said, you do absolutely nothing but sow animosity and vitriol for other White people.

          • Well that’s at least *something.*

            I’m not sowing vitriol, Celestial. You’re blaming the messenger. I am absolutely saying that a. the jews are our bigger enemies and b. they are allied with their co-racialists, the italians.

            I’m warning people. Some can hear it, you obviously find it deeply offensive and threatening, for reasons I can only partially grasp.

    • What is even worse is people of our race not only ALLOW this to happen, but take a sense of pride and joy in seeing people like her disarmed not just of arms, but of mental readiness and skills as well as import savage hordes to harm us…

      • Due to propaganda and an intense suppression of the logical consequences of letting Homo Africanus Criminalus roam unfettered. Historically white men have always put restrictions on them in places where they exist en-masse like the South and large American Cities. It was from loonie Puritan and Quaker types out in safe whitopia who bought the Uncle Tom’s Cabin nonsense. Yes you do need aggressive policing to keep blacks in check and some of the good ones will probably get hassled by the cops in the process. The alternative is a reign of crime like we see now, Obama was the second and third term of Jimmy Carter on steroids. Dinkins as president.

    • I wouldn’t call girls who brag about knocking 10 years off their life in Vegas the best of our race. The ones who want to wives and mothers are the best of our race and how many of those are there in 2017?

      • Las Vegas was segregated at one time.
        I myself have been caught up in that Babylon when I was young, at least she had a clue to the destructive nature of that place.
        You can’t fault her for some spring break type stuff.

        • Fair enough. It’s a shame you can’t tell the difference between genuine sluts and girls who’re just dipping their toes for the experience.

          • It’s a shame we can’t give our girls a healthy world to live in.
            This child grew up to this Talmudic filth as did I, you can’t fault her for being a product of her environment, not that harshly.

          • Yeah, it’s a shame alright. I grew up in the same filth and I’ll fault anyone I damn well please. You can get tossed in the pool but it’s your job to learn to swim.

      • I’m speaking genetically more than anything in this case. In a healthier society, I doubt she would have followed the same path.

      • So you are saying they deserve to be raped, robbed and murdered just because they don’t fit your idea of what a girl/ women should be? If I ever met you on the street I would spit in your face.

        • I’m not saying they deserve it, I’m just saying why feel bad for some random thot? Plenty more where that came from.

      • What exactly are you implying because I don’t understand where you get off saying anything negative about a young woman you know nothing about?

    • California is the last refuge for sanity and tolerance.

      “Christians chased out of SF Castro District by Queers 2008.11.14”

  3. When this year started I thought about the tens of thousands of innocent Whites who were going to be raped, robbed, assaulted and murdered by nigger and beaner savages this year. Not because I am preoccupied with such morbid subjects, I just knew what was going to inevitably occur.

    Whites forget that this is not a civilized country, they cannot go anywhere they please without risking the danger of being attacked by dark skinned animals, especially in urban areas. Young White female co-eds must not be allowed to go anywhere on their own, not on campus, not in town, not on spring break, They are prey for subhuman predators.

    There was a time not too long ago when White men knew how to deal with this problem.

  4. When 2017 started I thought about the tens of thousands of innocent Whites who were going to raped, robed and murdered by nigger and beaner savages this year. It’s as inevitable as the sun rising in the east.

    But there was a time not too long ago when White men knew how to deal with this problem. It was before the jew had near-total control over our society. That control is now slipping from his grasp. Time for Whitey to re-assert himself. NOW. Before any more innocent young White women are martyred in the name of “diversity”.

    • This was the 1920 Duluth Lynchings, if I am not mistaken. Three of the six carnival workers who were involved in the rape of Irene Tusken, who was stopped at gunpoint and then held down while she was gang raped. Revisionist historians now question the rape itself, usually through deceit and half truths. They claim, like on Wikipedia, that the initial physician’s examination didn’t show evidence of rape. However, they do not bother to mention that the physician also testified, without hesitancy or qualification, that rape can occur even if his test comes back negative. What’s more damning, is that proponents of the rape-denial theory, ignore the fact that Max Mason who was convicted of Irene Tusken rape had advanced syphilis and Irene contracted syphilis in the immediate aftermath of the rape. You won’t hear that gem on Wikipedia.
      In 2003, progressive Duluthians erected a memorial at this very site. If you go to this very site today, on a warm summers night, you will see dozens of shirtless gang bangers and crack addicts lounging beneath the bronze statues of these rapists. If you pan out in a twelve block radius, you will see a drug deal, the blank stares of drug addicts, crumbling brick buildings, graffiti, trash and a pimped out Caddy or Beamer. You will hear the bark of a dozen pit bulls. You will see broken plastic toys laying on unkept lawns. You will see dozens of black children aimlessly staring at you from porches, without a parent in sight. You may see pathetic attempts by white liberals to gentrify the area, such as a free trade coffee shop or an organic grocery store. You will see the soup kitchens and sobriety houses of the white progressive Catholics and Lutherans. This is where Duluth’s migrant black population courtesy of Detroit and Chicago resides, a horde of free loading, drug dealing, underclass black people. A small ghetto of people comprising 2 percent of the population but are responsible for almost all of the violent crime in Duluth. This is the city of the “Unfair Campaign” and the Mayor’s Office for Human Rights. Welcome to Progressive Duluth.

      • Thanks for your interesting and thoughtful reply. It sounds like the state that gave us Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale is too far gone to be saved.

  5. Whites often forget that this is not a civilized country, especially the urban areas. Young White women are prey for dark-skinned subhuman predators. Until that problem can be dealt with our females should be escorted whenever and wherever possible.

    • Maybe if we all cry and apologise for the enslavement of some Negroes a long time ago, then they will be nice to us.

      * * *

      Kike Wesley “Clarke” apologised for “our” “crimes” :

    • Whites often forget that this is not a civilized country.

      They don’t forget. It’s the Trendy Lefties and Fags, who control our country from their gated enclaves in Boston, New York, Chicago and San Angeles, who do.

      • The same anti-Whites who brainwash our youth into believing Diversity is a strength while they live in gated communities complete with armed bodyguards.

    • White women should carry guns.

      Burk wasn’t white; she was half jewish.

      Most black predators don’t consider any woman who isn’t anglocelt or german ‘white’ enough to target. But we ‘anglo’ women are often more careful about allowing ourselves to become such hardcore victims of street violence as our daily lives in urban environments feature lower level violence. We are the chronic targets of blacks’ more minor assaults, verbal and physical, every day.

      This is why there are sometimes these tragic stories of non-white and non-‘anglo’ women victims. In general they’re immune and privileged and sometimes forget to be vigilant.

      Anglo women are reminded constantly that we can never let down our guard.

  6. The fact that the nigger was named “Brian”, fooled me. I’m sure it was a boon for the Lügenpresse that he wasn’t named daquavious or bo-derro.” Brian” probably allowed them to delay mentioning his race, or showing his picture, until they realistically couldn’t anymore, without looking like obvious liars and cover up artists.

  7. As an aside, these are the kinds of things that my parents and other adults warned me about blacks. They’ll take advantage of you, or hurt you. They’re not your friends. As my dad always said; “When it comes down to the nut cuttin’, they’ll nigger on you every time.” Stuff like this just proves them right. I fell sorry for kids who weren’t raised to understand the dangers of consorting with, or being around negroes. They usually learn the bitter, painful, hard way, if they don’t end up dead.

  8. Dufuses, there has been a wide scale slaughter of anglo women going on in this country for at least 30 years. Yet Good Morning America and the MSM have gone to great lengths to repress awareness of it, with the help of the criminal justice system (recall the Pearcy and Wichita Massacres in which judges issued gag orders in at least one case – Pearcy – against the wishes of the surviving family members).

    Now suddenly mediterranean women’s victimization by blacks is being promoted all over talmudvision.


  9. We have to start thinking in terms of banding together for protection on a racial basis. These things are happening because we believe multiculturalism is benign. It’s not.

  10. Nigger atrocity stories are depressing and discouraging. I want freedom from Diversity. As another commenter put it: Free my people!

  11. One of the pivotal elements of my wake up call was the Amanda Knox prosecution. A migrant nigger kills a half breed Dot Indian and the Italian prosecutor and British media pile on a young white girl.

    It was totally surreal.

    • Amanda Knox is a lousy whore and it isn’t at all clear that she’s innocent. The problem in our society is not that white men are constitutionally incapable of protecting their women from blacks. The problem is that a very large proportion of white women, especially young white women are infected with negrophilia or sympathy for negrophilia and have fully embraced the narrative that “racist” white men need to be stopped, and the result is that men fear being branded as “racist” and being sold down the river by their own people when they do what’s natural. The “chivalrous” heritage depends on maintaining, with absolute firmness, that women keep to their place and be held accountable for the responsibilities in the feminine sphere. Anything other than that is just another form of cuckservatism.

  12. BTW, I obviously included Burk because that crime happened at Auburn. It happened in a place that I was always considered safe and with which I am extremely familiar. Every time you drive through Auburn you see Lauren Burks walking and jogging around campus.

    • That would be great. At one time I had a very extensive database of black-on-White murders. I was eventually going to use it for a more professional website dedicated to black crime. But since the media and even law enforcement have always gone out of their way to hide black-on-White crime and skew statistics, it was literally like a full time job trying to track down, identify, verify and reverify the information before adding it to the database. I just couldn’t keep doing it. I had 2,000+ entries when I had to stop. And that was just over a span of about 8 years or so that I was trying to cover; and that was just the murders, which obviously didn’t include the thousands and thousands of attempted murders, rapes and violent assaults.

  13. Why was this animal allowed out of prison and walking the streets pretending it was a human being! It doesn’t deserve to live among the rest of humanity it deserves to die!

  14. This is her father’s fault. All Ohio cities are swarming with subhuman filth. Probably wears buckeye jerseys with niggers names on the back.

  15. people need to go after the families of these bastards and make them feel the pain and hurt. Until you guys start doing this these crimes will continue

  16. Sadly it happens multiple times EVERY DAY….white female victim, black male perpetrator. It’s so massive and on such a huge, unprecidented scale that it’s obvious to any thinking mind to be racial targeting. Women, being physically weaker and arguably more effected by the egalitarian-mindset means not understanding her fate in advance so no viable effort to escape. In this case she was driving through countless districts filled with people. It would have been so easy to smash her car into another, a light or telephone pole, a business…..anything in public. But she complied with all of his demands and died for it, never understanding the true nature of black crime. If this crime and countless others has a true perpetrator, it’s not even the monsters themselves. Instead, the entire guilt and hate downloading system that made him hate white people and made her not aware of the dangers of black crime. A system create to install racial guilt in whites but also downloads racial hate and animosity in black folks TOWARDS whites. THAT is who is really responsible, not just for these two vicious crimes but the thousands of countless cases just like them……….

  17. Does anyone ever wonder why these animals get such light prison sentences? When a person gets a prison term of twenty years for a bag of pot? The reason is the animals are unruly and do not make model prisoners. Where as the pot dealers are compliant, mind their own business and can be exploited to work in the prison industry (prisons produces over a billion dollars of goods a year) for pennies an hour. And you ignorant people think you live in the freest, greatest country in the world. Hey listen up, just keep drinking your fluoride water, take all the vaccines and flu shots you can get your hands on and eat more GMO foods and send your children to government run Common Core indoctrination centers. Oh and don’t forget to send your children off to war to protect us from the brown people that “hate us for our freedoms.” So when they come home missing arms and legs the VA can turn them out on the street. USA!USA!USA!

  18. first of all she does not look white, 2nd is she is a mudshark, taking photos with black bucks, talking in ebonics, her twitter says RIP BIGGIE SMALLS. She also makes fun of trumps wall, makes sense cause shes not not white

  19. I feel terrible but once again…burn the coal, pay the toll.

    I’m non-white but I 100% support what you guys are doing. Keep up the fight against anti-whites and jews.

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