Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 030

Harold Crews and Brad Griffin, Occidental Dissent and, have a wide ranging discussion. After dispensing with some pleasantries about the unusually mild weather for February their conversation turns to the death of Frank Ancona and in particular to the Left’s celebration of his death and their gloating over the  grief of Ancona’s family members. Once again the Left displays its hypocrisy through its actions that so clearly contradict its self proclaimed tolerance and love. Then Brad and Harold turn the conversation to Brad’s improvements to the Occidental Dissent website and his plans to grow it into a brand. Such growth would more effectively spread the principles of the Alt-Right and Southern nationalism in particular. Brad looks to increase the quantity and quality of the content by adding additional writers and potentially a podcast. From there the conversation turns to the best ways to monetize the content so that it can be self sustaining and would serve as a means to funds organizers and community building both online and IRL.
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