Theodore Bilbo and Daddy’s Little Angels

The Reagan Tokes murder has reminded me of comment made by Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS) during his successful filibuster of FDR’s anti-lynching bill in 1938:

“If you succeed in the passage of this bill, you will open the floodgates of hell in the South. Raping, mobbing, lynching, race riots, and crime will be increased a thousandfold; and upon your garments and the garments of those who are responsible for the passage of the measure will be the blood of the raped and outraged daughters of Dixie, as well as the blood of the perpetrators of these crimes that the red-blooded Anglo-Saxon White Southern men will not tolerate.”

Sen. Bilbo continued with his Back to Africa plan:

“It is essential to the perpetuation of our Anglo-Saxon civilization that white supremacy be maintained and to maintain our civilization there is only one solution, and there is either by segregation with the United States, or by the deportation of the entire Negro race.”

You can find excerpts from that speech in The Encyclopedia of Right-wing Extremism in Modern American History. Theodore “The Man” Bilbo, however, wasn’t a “rightwing extremist.” He was a mainstream and beloved political figure in Mississippi for nearly forty years serving as both governor and senator. He delivered that speech on the floor of the US Senate.

Rep. John Rankin represented Mississippi in the House of Representatives for sixteen terms:

“They whine about discrimination. Do you know who is being discriminated against? The white Christian people of America, the ones who created this nation… I am talking about the white Christian people of the North as well as the South… Communism is racial. A racial minority seized control in Russia and in all her satellite countries, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and many other countries I could name. They have been run out of practically every country in Europe in the years gone by, and if they keep stirring race trouble in this country and trying to force their communistic program on the Christian people of America, there is no telling what will happen to them here.(Cong. Rec., April 23, 1952, p. 4320).”

As I have explained here, it is a myth that America is a raceless, cosmopolitan, proposition nation. “Racism” and “anti-Semitism” were just starting to become taboo in the 1940s. In 1941, Rep. John Rankin so unnerved Rep. M. Michael Edelstein of New York that he went into cardiac arrest and literally died of a heart attack on the floor of Congress caused by Rankin’s anti-Semitism:

A heated debate on the House floor over charges by Rep. John A. Rankin that the Jews were seeking to drag the United States into war had a tragic climax early this afternoon when Rep. M. Michael Edelstein died of a heart attack a few minutes after giving a fervent reply to the accusation.

The debate began when Rankin (Dem. No.) loudly charged that “Wall Street bankers and international Jews” were dragging the country into war. The speech threw the House into turmoil. Edelstein (Den., N.Y.) who was 55 years old and had been suffering from an ailing heart for some time, managed to get the floor and received unanimous consent to answer Rankin. When Edelstein finished speaking, he was cheered. He left the House Chamber, collapsed in a chair in the Speaker’s lobby and died.

The New York Congressmen’s last words in the House were: “Mr. Speaker–Hitler started out by speaking about ‘Jewish brethren.’ It is becoming the play and work of those people who want to demagogues to speak about their ‘Jewish brethren’ and ‘international bankers’

“The last speaker (Rankin), speaking about international bankers, coupled them with ‘their Jewish brethren.’ The fact of the matter is that the number of Jewish bankers in the United States is infinitesimal. It is also a fact that the meeting which took place yesterday on the steps of the Sub-Treasury was entirely controlled by persons other than Jewish bankers.

“I deplore the idea that any time anything happens, whether it be for a war policy or against a war policy, men in this House and outside this House attempt to use the Jews as their scapegoat. I say it is unfair and I say it is un-American. As a member of this House I deplore the allegations because we are living in a democracy. All men are created equal regardless of race, creed or color. Whether a man be a Jew or a Gentile he may think what he deems fit.”

Edelstein’s speech was in reply to the following statement by Rankin, who obtained permission to “revise and extend” his remarks just after the House had convened:

“Mr. Speaker–Wall Street and a little group of our international Jewish brethren are still attempting to harass the President of the United States into plunging us into the European war, and at the same time Communistic elements throughout the country are fomenting strikes, harassing industry and blowing down the defense program.

“The international bankers are so afraid of this peace movement now going on in England–This peace movement now going on behind the lines might take root and this catastrophe brought to a close before they can get us into it–that on yesterday they held a rally in Wall Street and Wall Street bankers made a plea to that effect.

“If Great Britain gets terms of peace that will leave her empire and navy intact, we ought not to stand in her way. We ought to let the world know now, we ought to let the British people know now that we are not going to plunge into this war and send an army to fight on European soil.”

Rankin refused to release the stenographer’s text of his remarks for use by the press until after he had “revised” it. He did not give any outward evidence of being perturbed by Edelstein’s death.

The House adjourned a few minutes after Edelstein’s death. …”

Oh, but you say, that’s not “who we are.”

Anyway, I bring this up only because I have read so deeply into our history. Occasionally, current events will remind of something from the past. In the Jim Crow era, for example, it was widely believed at the South that black males preyed upon innocent White women.

This is why there were lynchings. It is one of the reasons we had segregation. It was believed that black males stalked White women like a deer or something. The most famous scene in Birth of a Nation is when a White woman jumps off a cliff to avoid a black rapist.

This is how our ancestors dealt with a real social problem. They were more than willing to talk about it. As you can see below, they made movies about it. In contrast, it is still taboo to talk about this issue in our own times because the racial and ethnic composition of our elites has changed. It is considered “racist” to bring it up. It is our custom to bury our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t happen. Nothing has really changed except for our response to the issue.

And yet, it does happen. There is a staggering disparity in interracial rapes in the United States. The death toll from it continues to mount. The number of victims of black-on-white rape and sexual assault dwarf the total number of lynchings in the Jim Crow era.

Note: The federal anti-lynching bill was never passed. Lynching as a social problem had faded by the time Emmett Till was murdered in 1955. Black-on-White rape is a different story. It is a far more serious problem in our own times than it was under Jim Crow.

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  1. As far as Southern Dixiecrats, I prefer Richard Russell. If they were all as genteel and skilled at Parliamentary procedure as Russell, the Civil Rights movement never would have succeeded. Instead we got thugs like Bull Connor providing bad optics to America and James Eastland and Bilbo making crude statements that gave fodder for the NY Jewish press.

    • On the other hand, if the Bull Connors didn’t exist, they would have been invented. I think that’s a safe conclusion.

      • Sure, but no reason for a White Sheriff to be a useful idiot for Jews to integrate the South by fire hosing and siccing attack dogs on black protesters.

      • The South was not an independent country. What the South did was punch above its weight through Parliamentary masters like Richard Russell. The south would elect a Senator and send him to Capitol Hill for 40 years, after awhile the South pretty much ran the entire US Senate.

        If the South had maintained discipline and refrained from moments like Till and Connor that engendered sympathy for the Negroes, they probably would have been left alone for far longer.

        • 1.) The South overwhelmingly voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In order to pass both of those laws, Congress had to break the longest filibuster in American history. It was defeated here and only passed because the North and West were so supportive of the Civil Rights Movement.

          2.) The push for “civil rights” had been going on at the highest levels of the federal government since the 1940s.

          3.) Again, it boils down to the fundamental problem, which is that the East has its own regional culture, which is one that glorifies Negroes. That was true in the 1840s on a variety of issues. It was true in the 1870s when the New England school marms came to the South to uplift the blacks. It was true in the 1960s. It was true when the East voted for Barack Obama twice. It is still true today with Elizabeth Warren representing Massachusetts in the Senate.

          • Most Northern and Western Whites didn’t care about Southern Negroes. The country was 90 percent White in the early 60s.

            Yes, Yankee moralizers did have a paternalistic attitude towards blacks, just as they led the fight for Abolitionism. Along with their allies the Jews, Rockefeller Republicans led the push for Civil Rights. But White ethnics in the Northeast and Midwest were not huge proponents of civil rights. George Wallace even won the 1972 Wisconsin Democratic primary.

            There were some obvious mistakes in Southern tactics that were broadcast to the nation on the new medium of TV. Guttural speeches and violence against protesters played right into the hands of civil rights advocates. Very stupid mistakes on the South’s part, when they controlled the apparatus of Senate and could just delay Civil Rights for years.

  2. So the Sheriffs and judicial system in the Jim Crow south was so corrupt that black rape suspects would get away with it so it required lynching without all those annoying problems of evidence, due process, an trial, witnesses, etc.? I have to reevaluate.

    Movies, then it was a white woman jumping a cliff to avoid a black man, now it is a black person (or lgbtq or whatever) running to avoid being killed by a mob of white-supremacist Nazis.

    In Salem, they condemned and killed accused “witches” but at least there was the form of a trial.

    Maybe they should have produced a white version of Anita Hill to stop Clarence Thomas from being nominated?

    Does anyone want to have an honest conversation on anything anymore, at least on the right?

    Note that has been flipped with the Title IX where men are expelled without being able to present evidence – so we have a new form of Lynching. Any woman who accuses any man of rape is automatically believed even without ANY evidence. But there is a “belief” that all men are like black men in the old south. At least they don’t hang them.

    Also look at the Baltimore cops, Darren Wilson, the unsuccessful lynching of George Zimmerman.

    The reason for the Constitution with its rights, writs, and due process is to insure justice is done.

    • Lynching was a Scots-Irish custom. It wasn’t really a racial one. Thousands of Whites were also lynched. It was a way of controlling behavior in a poorer society that couldn’t afford to squander millions on the prisons we have today.

      • But you miss the point. Even in JP2s Evangellium Vitae he notes that the death penalty was and is reasonable if circumstances warrant it.
        I think I would have no problem reinstating it for a few years with wall street banksters and lawyers, and other elites hanging from utility poles.
        That said, my objection to “Lynching” is the lack of any evidentiary proceeding.

        I’d also note one of the complaints of the antebellum south is that their WEALTH was being used to pay for the Federal Government disproportionately. Perhaps the “custom” was carried forth when there was no longer a “poorer society”.

        But then there is the basic decision – which also applies to the punching of “nazis” like Richard Spencer and Milo.

        Do we want to accept Lynching or Due Process? Put differently, do we care about actual innocence or guilt?

        Having some anarcho-libertarian sympathies, I’d like to see the police, prosecutors, and Judiciary disappear, and if you allow lynching, why keep the other infrastructure? Lets get rid of the whole corrupt expensive mess if we are going to accept lynching.

  3. “It was believed that black males stalked White women”

    My friends, who have sisters and now daughters, took precautions and measures to protect them. One friend was relieved that he only had sons. He feared a daughter would be victimised by negroes. In fact, for some, fear of negroes was a reason for them to not have any children at all.

    We don’t say it out loud here in Dixie, but we were still taught, and still teach our children, the dangers of consorting with negroes. Unfortunately, many have to lear n it the hard way.

  4. Many years ago, when I looked at parts of Theodore Bilbo’s 1947 book, I was struck by a plea that, as I’ve just now checked, comes at the end of its Chapter IV. It’s a plea, as you’ll see, in the graphic below, for the entire country—the United States—to come together for the task of separating blacks and whites.

    Just a few years earlier, of course, America’s whites had had no trouble coming together to bomb their ancestral Europe to pieces, to stop the Axis—but apparently, they weren’t up to the task that Bilbo was urging upon them.

    Anyway–the book is at and is entitled Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization.

      • Arabs are the same, so are Asians and Blacks hunt each other in their own communities. Whites generally start fighting among themselves, after they’ve achieved racial supremacy.

    • Me as a teenager in Ferris Bueller’s white America: “Bilbo was bad.”
      Me today in the America that looks like the UN: “Bilbo was right.”

    • I’ve seen a lot of stupid, pathetic White grandparents around here with their half-caste grandkids lately. Those mulatto brats are always throwing tantrums and being as unpleasant as they can. Nobody ever compliments Grandma and Grandpa on how cute those monsters are. And they are not welcomed anywhere. Any son or daughter of mine who comes home with a spook will be disinherited.

      • I agree with your sentiments on racial partners for your children. I have seen a white grandparent in McDonalds, with white grandkids and mulatto grandkids simultaneous (presumably from different parents). the white one were walking around, and the mulatto ones were going feral. No joke.

  5. There is an irony in that American conservatives have become very interested in rape and harassment of white women in Europe by Muslim men, while ignoring similar rape and harassment of white women here in America by black men. That cannot last much longer.

    • Funny how that works. Clearly the ones that Rule us view Islam as an existential threat and don’t give a damn about Whites.

  6. I’m just guessing, but I think FDR was trying to make lynching a Federal crime for political reasons. At the time NSDAP Germany was using Southern lynchings of Negroes as propaganda to make America look hypocritical for condemning the pro-Aryan Reich.

  7. Bilbo was a good politician and was actually a good public servant. He supported most of the New Deal because he knew it was good for his constituents. A modern Republican in the same position would complain about ‘big government’. Republicans love limited government which means tax cuts for the rich, foreign wars and idiotic obsessions over ‘market forces’.

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