Antifas: The Problem of “Peaceful Protesters”

I will have much more to say about this later tonight. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this essay from It’s Going Down, which is the top antifa website:

“I’m not a protester. I’m violent.”
-Masked Rebel in Ferguson

Along with voting, in today’s society protesting peacefully is often held up as one of the only ways that everyday working-class and poor people can change the world. This is a myth we are raised with, and since the time that we are very young, we are taught that peaceful protest helped bring about massive changes in this country and remains the only way in which people can correctly pressure the government into addressing problems and grievances. This myth has gone on to become a framework that not only criminalizes and normalizes repression, but also helps to generalize the policing and shaming of various tactics of resistance in social struggles. If we are to create a movement that can not only push back against broad attacks but create a new way of living, this false notion of “peaceful protesters” is going to have to be completely destroyed.

A History of Violence

When someone says that non-violence has been the only way that human beings have changed the world, they’re fucking lying. …”

Again, there is so much to unpack here, but in the meantime:

“And yet, in the aftermath of the demonstrations at Berkeley, the political back flips performed by the moderate left have made it clear what matters, (and, spoiler alert, it isn’t the systemic violence done to our marginalized communities). Suddenly my white liberal friends are demanding I defend the militant tactics that forced the police to shut down the modern equivalent of a Nazi rally. Suddenly the value of “free speech” is being turned on its head and used against marginalized people in defense of White Supremacists. Suddenly my former professor, Robert Reich, is publicizing his own conspiracy theory, which accused people in masks of working FOR the alt-right. …”

Of course it is a conspiracy theory.

Antifas are terrorists who believe engaging in violence is a legitimate political tactic. I also agree that it was a ridiculous conspiracy theory that the Black Bloc are the Alt-Right in disguise. We’re not nearly as violent, bigoted, intolerant and hateful as The Tolerant Left.

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  1. We’ll see how tough those spoiled, immature antifa fags are when they get charged by the Feds for domestic terrorism and racketeering.

  2. The leftist Professor George Ciciarello-Maher, who said all he wanted for Christmas is White Genocide, is now saying on Twitter that he will physically attack Alt Right students.

  3. “I also agree that it was a ridiculous conspiracy theory that the Black
    Bloc are the Alt-Right in disguise.”

    It was Putin. For really real this time.

  4. The more often Normies see these fags on the 10 o’clock news busting up ATM’s and Starbucks the better.

    • Those fags won’t challenge the Normals for real by busting up steak houses, truck stops and bars were steel mill hands, or farmers and cattlemen drink, However. Which is why in the long run, they’ll be safely ignored. Their insincere babble about the Working Class, hides their contempt for the same.

  5. They are correct to be skeptical of the effectiveness of peaceful protests. Violence has tended to be more effective at creating change than has peace through the ages.

    But violence is a risky game. If you win, you win big; if you lose, you lose massively. Peace is less effective, but at least you can walk away intact if you lose.

    The problem with the antifa thugs is that they lack the skill and the support to successfully pull off a violent revolt. Too much of America, including the White House, is disgusted with them, and that will not change in the foreseeable future. If they’re going to play that game, they’re going to lose, and it will not be close. Get your popcorn ready.

    • Yeah I was about to say, they’re not wrong. Black privilege wouldn’t have been implemented as quick as it was without the ever present threat of them burning down cities.

  6. The antifas are ZOG’s creation. Whether or not they are financed by ZOG, they are tolerated by the ZOG government and its ZOG police. And they are encouraged by the jewsmedia.

    Part of their job is to disrupt the pro-White anti-genocide movement, and it works well enough. But the real problem doesn’t come from the antifas, it comes from the ZOG government behind the antifas.

    I think the main task of the antifas and of the loony left in general is to give the impression that the anti-White system has some popular support among non-Jews. We are supposed to think that the antifas and the shitlibs who moon the Trump tower are so influential and so intellectually powerful that they have been able to impose their anti-White ideology in the highest spheres of power.

    But that is the opposite of the truth. Actually, the antifas and the shitlibs are only a small minority among White people. It’s not them who give power to the anti-White government, it’s mostly the anti-White government that gives power to the antifas and the shitlibs. But some of them don’t even realize that.

    Anyway, with Trump, the antifas and the shitlibs are about to lose their power.

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