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  1. I love the escalation.

    “Milo promotes hate… Milo promotes homophobia (LOL)… Milo promotes rape and genocide…”

    I mean, granted, I haven’t heard or read everything Milo has ever said but…good god, she can’t be serious.

  2. Public School Teacher. People like this woman and Professor George Ciciariello-Maher should be fired for advocating violence.

      • With a dose of (((chosenite))) I’d bet.

        I wish her persecution fantasies would be made to come true. These Antifa scum deserve the worst punishment, for sure, but I’d settle for a few years re-education for them in one of our perfectly ready FEMA camps.

    • No doubt this gook has been brought over as a war bride or her mother was. These slant infiltrators and now the half breed spawn are numbered in the millions.

      This should be a hanging crime.

  3. Who the heck is her mentor? This is nothing more than total anti-White, anti-Christian and genuinely anti-American communistic rhetoric. She is a seething, miserable, misinformed, man-hating, white-hating, freedom-hating miscreant who – thankfully – will go the her grave single, childless, and with psychotic beliefs fully intact if not expanded (is it even possible?). This is what has been brewing with eight years of Obama and his White-hating administration in charge. We need to shut down most of the universities in this country. This is where many of these useful idiots are “born.”

  4. The fact that these people are now openly advocating violence over discussion and debate shows that they have lost the debate. They know that they can no control the narrative without open violence and repression. All their bluster and confidence is belied by their own behaviour and actions. They are angry because they are losing.

  5. I saw that interview. She is one creepy chick. She comes across like a cross between Yoko Ono and Madame Defarge.

    I bet she is sad that she was born too late to have joined the Symbionese Liberation Army.

    • Can you be more specific?

      Exactly which public school in Berkeley CA employs her? What is her public salary? Who’s the principal?

      I’m afraid this is a problem with Conservatives, with the Right – we fail to get down to the personal level and don’t dox like the Left does.

      This creature needs to be fired.

      • It doesn’t matter. It’s Berkeley. They’re all down with the revolution, so they won’t fire her. She actually was placed on suspension last year following a protest she led in Sacramento; a few hundred BAMN zombies turned out to protest about a dozen or so fashy right-wingers. She punched a guy who subsequently fell and was kicked by her mob. BAMN was entirely to blame for the violence; they provoked it (although they didn’t get the best end of it).

        Didn’t matter for Felarca – little Miss Robespierre was cleared by her school and allowed to return to work.

        If you wish to know the details about where she works, I’m sure it’s a matter of public record and available on the internet.

  6. She said an antifa shot in the UW protest was proof that they were up against real fascist violence.
    -The antifa was shot in self-defense by the person he attacked.
    She also claimed that the ‘fascists’ in Sacramento attacked them with knives lashed to poles.
    Some antifa were cut badly, but no charges were lodged against the Trads, because the antifa attacked them en masse and it was self defense.

    Tucker never called her on her lies; I got the impression he just wanted to make libertarian free-speech points, and hadn’t done his research. Lame.

    • Carlson has had a lot of these interviews with leftist profs and students. He is on the right track with these interviews, but he cuts these people way too much slack. He could have brought up those points, as you said.

      I think his plan is too hold these people up before middle America as if to say: “See. This is what you’re sending your kids to college to be exposed to. Are you happy about that?” A lot of people just have no idea how left-wing college campuses have become.

      Unfortunately, Carlson is just too affable; these people really deserve a much more hositle grilling.

      • He’s got to take his time.

        I’m sure he’s getting feedback.

        This is how TRS should have gone with extreme leftie guests, by getting in these lunatics to hang themselves.

    • Agreed and well said. Tucker Carlson is getting lame again like he was at National Review when he tried to take the side of Al Sharpton and the Ferguson MO protesters out of some lame Libertarians against a police state.

      Ann Coulter called him out on that one.

      In this interview he should have just noted that this Antifa Leftist leader was confessing to organizing these physical attacks and $1 million worth of property destruction. Carlson should have then thanked her for confessing to these felonies on National TV and then concluded that he would be contacting the FBI to turn over the evidence to see she was convicted.

    • “Tucker never called her on her lies; I got the impression he just wanted to make libertarian free-speech points, and hadn’t done his research. Lame.”

      Agreed. This clip was advertised on a standard conservative forum as a slam dunk by Tucker, but I was fairly unimpressed. He let stand so many false premises. Like him or not, Yiannopoulos has never called for violence of any kind, against anybody, and he seemed to not challenge her bullshit argument that “attacking” someone on Twitter equals a physical assault.

      He never challenged her to cite a remotely recent example of “lynching,” much less hysteria about “genocide!” He didn’t seem to know the modern examples she cited of “violence” were all ruled self defense. And it would have been highly entertaining for him to point out that every lynching in all of American history only adds up to a few years of groids killed by other groids in Chicago!

      Too much to hope for, I guess!

  7. This foul beast is allowed to indoctrinate middle schoolers and, I have no doubt, bully and demean those white boys who have the misfortune to attend her school. She veils her obvious racial hatred behind faux concern for violence directed against minorities, immigrants, and women … when the majority of the violence in US society is perpetrated by minorities. My heart really goes out to the white kids subjected to her tyranny. I hope there are some who refuse the poison chalice of self-hatred that she forces to her lips. Struggle against a petty tyrant such as herself will strengthen them for the coming war. In the meantime it verges on the criminal that she is allowed to continue teaching. Antifa needs to be declared a terrorist organization, and subhuman fifth columnists such as Ms. Felarca need to be rounded up and put in camps.

    • We need to launch some sort of serious initiative against her having any contact whatsoever with school children, especially white school children. It is utterly unacceptable for anyone who embraces such disgusting racist hate as she does to have ANY authority or influence WHATSOEVER over the minds of young people.

  8. Send that unattractive slope and her problem glasses back to the Orient. This is a White man’s country.

  9. No one in white North America or Europe is strictly speaking anything about genocide. I’d be okay with the blacks having Africa and the Caribbean.

    Asia for the Asians.

    An ethnic minority made from a class caste or economic niche group isn’t a “gens”. At best they are guests. This Slant is claiming indiginous status for all sorts of hostiles.

  10. Tucker Carlson is starting to look and sound like NR lame again. This was a classic example. Instead of going on and on about “free speech” and how Milo didn’t actually threaten to kill or hurt anyone, he should have recognized reality that this Antifa was confessing, bragging that she organized this mass violence at Berkeley and was basically confessing to felony crimes where she would be put away in prison for many years.

  11. Everyone can breath a bit easier, I read that she was put on indefinite leave from her job as a teacher.

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