The False Narrative: Mudshark Abducted At McDonald’s Tries To Hand Off Child At Drive Thru

This story out of Cincinnati, Ohio provides some insight into the lives of the degraded White underclass and their present day travails in interracial relationships:

“Surveillance video from outside a McDonald’s drive-thru window showed Jessica Wilson rush from a car to try to hand her 2-year-old daughter to an employee.

The employee can be seen reaching out the window with both arms.

“Hand the child to me,” the employee said, according to prosecutors.

But Levenski Crossty, the child’s father, managed to pull the child away from Wilson. Crossty got back in the car with the child and drove away, leaving Wilson, prosecutors said, stranded and “desperately asking someone to call 911.” …

When Crossty drove away from the Sayler Park McDonald’s, all four children were inside the Pontiac Grand Am.

Wilson was left badly beaten, with two black eyes, bruises, a cut on her head, and a bite mark on her hand. …”

The baby daddy was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison. The mother must have spotted the Golden Arches and figured the drive-thru would be a safe harbor for her offspring.

Note: According to the SPLC, when we report on these issues we are creating “a false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.” These incidents happen every day in America. If I were inclined to do so, I would write about it more often. This crap is so depressing though that I normally write about other subjects.

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      • I am also amazed by the stupidity of mudsharks, but no woman deserves to be knocked around by anyone. I’m fortunate that I had a father and stepfather who were race realists, but most of these young girls had no one probably to tell them differently. Plus look at the nonstop media onslaught of how blacks are ” just like us”. I wish I could pay for some billboards or something like to try to get the truth out.

        • Agreed but I would not intervene and risk my life for such women, as I would for any other woman, black, white, brown or yellow.

  1. No sympathy for her. I’m a white woman and would rather die than allow a black to touch me, and this degraded creature bred with one. She made her bed and she has bred children that will grow up to be the sworn enemies of my white children. Tell me why I should wish anything other than her getting what she deserves?

          • People don’t listen. I have tried for years to tell them about the dangers of associating with non whites, but they either glaze over or get indignant at me because I’m so eeeevil and racist. I plan to do what my mother did, tell my kids I’ll disown them forever if they do it. There is zero tolerance or forgiveness for that sin in this family. I also point out the way mud sharks live, the lack of fathers, their behavior, their trashiness and so on. My oldest daughter is barely in school but she already knows to steer clear of blacks and she knows not to be gluttonous because “no white man wants a fat girl”.

            It also helps to either not have tv or media at all….or if so watch it and point out all the miscegenation and ask them questions about it. Why don’t you see white people with other whites? And so forth. But most people aren’t capable of understanding reality. I think it truly scares them to imagine not being part of the herd and expressing wrong opinions. What can anyone do other than be open and unashamed about our own fact based racism?

      • I understand what you’re saying but until patriarchy returns, what can realistically be done about these women? All I can do is attempt to shame them by glaring and making a disgusted face or holding my husband’s hand (they are always alone, of course, with their little mulattoes). They know what they’ve done and they know what people really think of them. Only someone who truly hates themselves could lie down with the beast of the field. They are damned in so many ways.

        But I really am looking forward to the return of patriarchy. I’m sick of seeing undignified skanks and race mixing and feminist bs. Hate it all!

    • I agree with you 100% but we must also remember that they are victims of propaganda as are the feminists, cucks, anarchists, antifas and everything in between. Unfortunately, a lot of white people are weak and our environment – man-made that is – is helping to facilitate it. A war on all fronts. The great culling may not be too far away.

  2. Getting horse manure for my garden at farmer rancher for the first time in a long while the smell of methane almost knocked me out, I said to the farmer you get used to it. Blacks musk BO white women nose get used to it.

  3. These white girl fate was seiled by the corrupt politicians,media and school indoctrination.And most of all the community tolerate blacks wilding.

  4. I hate to be a stickler, but a white woman who copulates with black males is a “coal burner.” A “mud shark” is a white man who has sex with black females.

    • We use coal burner and mud shark for white women with blacks. We call white men with black women “oil drillers”. A white man with an Asian is a rice burner and a white woman with a Hispanic man is a taco shell. I’m missing a few though, like what is a white woman with an Asian man? An egg roll? Hmmm.

  5. Here in Australia we face a threat from another phenomenon- the Asian woman.They love men who look like me-blond , musmuscular , tall and hairy. About half of Asian women in Australia are involved with white men , rather than their own race and are effectively loving us out of existence . While Muslim’s and blacks are out breeding us , Asian women are breeding us out by populating us with millions of half-Asian children.
    None of this goes on in Asia as virtually no whites live there , so you have a situation where whilst we are being bred out of existence around the world , the Asians are not.
    For my part , I can’t stand Asian women. They’re screechy little things with no curves…and they all look the same.
    Yes they can be polite. And they’re poliely destroying our race.
    When you change the demographic , you change the culture and country.

    • Whoa, a white man without yellow fever! I am astonished and thrilled to hear it! Go find a white woman and have as many babies as you can. I am not thrilled about the quantity over quality approach, but we are in a world of trouble and we need as many white children as we can produce.

      • Hi Sunshine. I don’t like the Asian race in general. They’re a repulsive , immoral race of people. They have no regard for the environment , animal welfare (skin cats and dogs alive for their skins) , they’ve stolen all our manufacturing by offering production and labor costs we can’t compete with and are arriving here and opening businesses with sign only in Chinese. Chinese nationals are buying out all our farms , land and real estate , pricing locals out of the market , with our useless government doing nothing about it.
        We’re lectured by the Left on how we’re polluting the planet. Well hello …China is doing all the polluting! They don’t allow immigration into their countries yet theres millions of them invading us!
        I don’t like anything about these people.
        Most Australian brothels are largely staffed by Asian females who are trying to get permanently into Australia .
        I wish they’d all just go away.
        It was good to inform you of this Sunshine.
        Greetings from Australia. .

        • You articulated all of the issues I have with them as well. They are soulless and have creepy dead doll eyes. I am sorry to hear that they are ruining Australia. It has always seemed to be a lovely country and I have wanted to see it ever since reading “Morgan’s Run” and “The Thorn Birds”. I have heard that the author is not well regarded in Australia but her books do make it seem magical.

          I have always wanted to try vegemite too. Seriously! I hope one day our nations can partner together and fix our foreign infestations. Best wishes from America!

    • I know I’m going to be condemned and I probably deserve it but I find Asian Women attractive. I especially find attractive the offspring of Asian/White mix. I think part of it is Asian Women are less frequently fat. Yes I know I’m a hypocrite as I hate Whites Women with Blacks but there it is.

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