Paris In Flames

If you haven’t heard the news by now, the suburbs of Paris have been in flames for over a week, and now the rioting and looting is spilling over into Paris itself:

“Tear-gas was used by police as rioting that originated in the suburbs spilled into the French capital around the Barbes Metro station, close to Gare du Nord.

It follows the alleged rape of a young black man, named only as Theo, by French police.

Protesters started fires and smashed windows, while there were reports of riot police being attacked and shops looted. …

President Francois Hollande, who has visited Theo, has appealed for calm. …”

The feckless Socialist president François Hollande “has appealed for calm.” As previously noted here, Hollande was hovering around a 4 percent approval rating last fall. The Paris riots appear to be the work of refugees, immigrants and our friends the black clad antifas.

Naturally, this provides great optics for Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign:

“French presidential candidate and anti-mass migration Front National leader Marine Le Pen has slammed the French government claiming it has become “paralysed”.

The Paris riots, which began over a week ago, have left a wave of destruction on the streets of Paris with cars burned and local shops smashed by gangs in the heavily migrant-populated suburbs of the Seine-Saint-Denis region. The continued rioting has earned the ire of the Front National leader who has accused the government of silence and inaction in the face of the violence in a statement.

“The forces of order are targeted by bands of scoundrels,” Le Pen said and noted that nothing has so far dissuaded the roaming gangs from continuing to commit acts of violence. Calling the situation “a shame for France” on the international stage, Le Pen said, “The government is silent. A silence that reflects both its cowardice and its impotence.” …”

The streets are bursting with the spirit of liberty.

The scenes of disorder in France are reminiscent of President Trump’s successful campaign which took place in the backdrop of Ferguson, Baltimore, Orlando, San Bernardino, Dallas, Milwaukee, and Charlotte. This bodes well for the European Spring.

Note: As the antifas like to chant, “this is what democracy looks like!” Ordinary folks look at their violence and mayhem and conclude authoritarianism is the way to go.

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    • Another article from Takimag:

      It’s an article about sickle-cell anemia, and how many newborns are screened for that genetic disease in France. Only newborns at risk of developing the disease are screened. And it can only afflict people whose ancestry on both sides traces from warm parts of the world.

      Here are the figures given by Steve Sailer at the end of his article:

      (…) here are the unadjusted percentages of newborns targeted for testing in France because both parents come from the Global South:

      2005: 25.6 percent
      2010: 31.5 percent
      2015: 38.9 percent

      And Paris in 2015 was 73.4 percent, up from 54.2 percent just a decade earlier.

      It means that the births in Paris are about three-quarters non-White. The government won’t release racial stats. That’s why you have to turn to the medical stats to get some figures.

  1. The *police* raped him? I never would have thought I’d see that in a western nation.

    No surprise that the riots are spreading though. Any “Frenchman” with a drop of melanin in him has probably been itching for a reason to raise hell for a while now. Burn it down, gentlemen! Burn it down so that Le Pen can build it back.

      • Legion Garrisons in France:

        1st Foreign Regiment
        Foreign Legion Pionniers
        4th Foreign Regiment
        Foreign Legion Recruiting Group
        1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment
        1st Foreign Engineer Regiment
        2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment
        2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment
        2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment
        3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment
        Foreign Legion Detachment in Mayotte

      • HQ and 1st Regiment are in Marseille. Since the African colonies and Vietnam gained their independence, the Legion doesn’t have garrisons there anymore.

  2. The government itself is responsible for the rioting. They have organized an anti-racist campaign based around Theo’s rectum and a policeman’s truncheon, even though the police investigation has concluded it was all an accident.

    Now, the media reporting about the riots is kept to a minimum because there’s a presidential election on April 23.

    I’m surprised the government didn’t instruct the police to stop the riots completely. Maybe they are afraid that a thug might get hurt and the rioting would continue for a month.

    There was the same situation in the USA, after Ferguson. I think the government and the media encouraged the BLM movement in the beginning. Then it got a little out of hand and helped Trump get elected. I don’t know why they didn’t try to stop the BLM nonsense.

  3. We now have Evan McMullin on CNN calling the sitting President a threat to the state…

    This is going to end in an ocean of Blood. The CIA is going to have to be dismantled somehow. The NSA purged and the FBI audited.

    Obviously Trump should be carefully studying how Nixon collapsed.

    • Egg McMuffin is a fool and one of the domestic enemies that Trump is sworn to destroy. He is on Fake New Central because they want to split Trump’s base. They are telling people that “hey, one of you thinks he’s a threat so it’s okay to be with us in thinking he’s a threat.”

    • They want a civil war. How else could this possibly end? Half the country hates the other half based on politics, everyone hates everyone else because of race and class and education level and blah blah blah. Who remembers when the USA was a high trust, white society? My boomer parents do, but they don’t seem to care much about the future their grandchildren will inherit. Everyone is too scared to speak up and they will push too far over Trump and they will get what they’re angling for. It reminds me so much of the Bolsheviks. Scary times. Better be as prepared as possible.

          • Also, Wilders is expected to win in a Dutch election next month. Brexit and Trump were the tipping points.

          • European nationalists now know they won’t be strafed by the USAF if they elect Le Pen or Wilders. I’m not keen on Wilders but he’s a defacto pro-white if he mass deports Muslims.

          • The Dutch are super liberal and Cosmopolitan. Wilders’ Anti-Islam classical liberalism is as good as it will get there. If the Dutch actually have a Prime Minister who says Islam is not welcome and the Netherlands needs less Islam, that is a great thing.

        • Its arranged so she’s got to get 40%-50%, since Left and Respectable Conservative combine their votes to keep Nationalists out.

          • The miracle for Le Pen is facing a Socialist candidate, not a Right Wing candidate like Fillon. Jean Marie Le Pen had to face the right wing Chirac in 2002 and lost the run off.

      • True. However, as Omar Shariff said, “Orrawnce, the future is not written.” Or “the future is written in the sand…”

        It could be Le Pen vs X, and X massively screws up the day before the election. Some “racist” comment or whatever. Some French “October surprise” in April…

        The establishment is preparing for corruption charges by bringing back the “better the crook than the racist” slogan used against Le Pen pére.

  4. I’m frankly bored of the riots I suppose they will have to come into my neighborhood to reinvigorate my spirit

  5. Cultural enrichment folks! Please enjoy the results. These third world invaders contribute nothing to the nation they’re in , yet expect everything back in return. Their anti-white racist attacks on white locals daily are purely the results of a multi culti policy from the government that nobody asked for , and they should be held accountable.
    Why aren’t these savages labeled racict when they attack , kill or rape whites? Oh thats right…because the perps are black. Sorry. My mistake.
    I truly believe that white lives matter.

  6. Isn’t it incredible how a White girl is raped and left for dead by Diversity every other week and nothing happens. Yet if just one Diversity is treated even remotely the same way, everything goes to Hell.

    Whites could learn something from these savages IMO.

    • Whites seem to enjoy the suffering of other whites. Just like women hate other women and work to sabotage and destroy their happiness, whites do the same to their fellow whites. I will never understand it.

        • “Whites have a sadistic streak … maybe.”

          This possibility, I take it, has just occurred to you. I congratulate you on the ingenuity you’ve shown in reaching adulthood without ever passing through a white schoolyard.

          • It didn’t hurt that much; I knew how to avoid them. My younger acquaintance who got thrown from our school-bus stop into the path of a home-heating-oil truck fared worse than I did.

        • I have a cartoon somewhere on my other computer that shows the differences in the two. I also think Brave New World is more like the world we currently live in. If you want to see it I think it’s called amusing ourselves to death. Sorry I can’t post it (crappy service and way old device) but its definitely interesting.

  7. “… and now the rioting and looting is spilling over into Paris itself …”

    In his February 11 “Radio Derb” podcast, at, John Derbyshire mentioned a February 8 Takimag article by Steve Sailer. The article is at and includes the following:

    “Nobody seems to know exactly how fast France, the cultural heartland of the West over
    the past millennium, is being demographically transformed. But I have found a way to estimate the percentage of babies being born in France who are of non-European ancestry.

    “And the results are astonishing.

    “Some young Americans who went to Paris last year told me they were stunned by how
    non-European the famous city has become. Like an increasing number of tourists, they found the inundation of Africans and Middle Easterners to be depressing.

    “As recently as a decade ago, though, most visitors reported back that the often riotous
    nonwhites were largely stuck in their suburban banlieues, leaving the incomparable central city as its traditional tourist attraction. Indeed, Paris inspired the mayors of Chicago over the past quarter of a century to Parisianize Chicago by pushing poor blacks out to the margins and replacing them with affluent white gentrifiers.

    “But recent eyewitness reports suggest that Paris, and much of France overall, is becoming
    more Third World. …”

    • I’m an Australian who visited Paristan in 2013 and nearly fainted. I had to keep remiding myself that I was actually in France- not Africa or the Middle East.
      Every nation in Europe and most of the West will be minority white in fifty years due to the mammoth birthrates third world invaders. Do the math-they have five children each …we have 1-2 .
      Todays ‘refugees’= tomorrows majority.
      Our revolting treacherous leaders have truly betrayed us in the worst possible way.

  8. “Muslim refugees chant “Allahu Akbar” while setting cars on fire.

    Who knew – apparently setting cars on fire is a way to glorify Allah. Is it some kind of burnt offering? Or does Allah not like cars?

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