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  1. I don’t like the idea of talking to the kike media, especially in taped interviews where they can manipulate the shit out of everything you say. But Mr. D’Amigo seems to be a confident fellow who knows what he is doing. More power to him and his organization.

  2. Latest header at HuffPo;


    They’re portraying Trump as on the brink of mental collapse, along with his presidency.

    • The Soviets used to label dissenters as mentally disabled in order to discredit them. Same here. I’ve heard that Chris Matthews of MSNBC just recently implied that Trump and his family should be murdered like the Romanovs.

      Trump should continue pressing ahead at ever faster speed with executive orders. Don’t give them time to slow down our progress.

      • Speaking of Soviet tactics, they also routinely asked children to turn in their parents for disloyalty. There was a story last year back during the election where a girl discovered her parents were secretly online “Trump trolls” and turned them in to the media. Their crime: heresy. These people are getting scary.

      • Yes he should, give the police and INS and all white men with a badge and gun a go ahead to start to undo the simmering marxist revolution under way for the last few decades. Once they start working for Trump they will realize there is no going back and their fate goes hand and hand with his. They will understand the same left that wants to get rid of him will go after them with a fury unseen in American history.

        • This is what Mao did, he’d go into a village and egg on the villagers to put the upper classes on trial and dispatch them. The villagers then knew they had an important stake in a Communist victory after Mao and his gang took off lest the Nationalists come back in and punish them for the lynching.

  3. Right after he says that Whites are being replaced in our own country the voice over narrative says: “As startling as his rhetoric sounds…” What’s so startling about that? The official narrative in this country openly celebrates the replacement of Whites. I guess it’s his opposition to it that seems startling to this “reporter”. I like his reframing of the word racist as anti-White hate speech. That’s exactly what it is, a derogatory word for Whites. It’s like calling a black person a nigger. Not surprisingly she uses the deliberately deceptive term White supremacist to imply that our opposition to subjugation is synonymous with wanting to dominate other groups. And of course toward the end they bring in a Jewish commissar to tell us what it all means and what we are supposed to think.

  4. The media’s sleight of hand and wily tricks — shrewd editing, out-of context dialogue, disguised biases while feigning impartiality, predetermined narratives, etc — just doesn’t work anymore. I fell for the sorcery of CNN, Fox News, the BBC and other outlets for decades, but their assumed authority seems so silly now, and their hegemony is clearly dwindling. I can see through them. I can see what their agenda is.

    They have tried to portray Mr Damigo as the ‘villain’ but it’s all for naught. He comes across as genuine and sincere, while the interviewer simply belies her dopey obeisance to her corporate paymasters. I can’t keep up with how fast the zeitgeist is changing!

    • Yep, I noticed that right away. It’s harder and harder to conceal the sleight of hand. I mean, when they talk about “racism” they sound as if they are talking at about a sixth grade comprehension level. “You see class, this is what racism sounds like.” “Do you think you’re racist, Johnny?”

  5. “As startling as his rhetoric sounds…” This is the leftist, globalist, press, and how they try to shape public discourse and opinion through the use of reporting aimed to paint those who dissent to their views as “controversial.” Nothing he had said up to that point was anything other than factual and true.

  6. Nathen return from Iraq was jailed for 5 years in a fight with a muslim. federal hate crime law shyster lawyers decree. btw,he should have been charged with simple assault.

  7. This was a classic example of Newspeak via 1984. Mr. Damigo states a fact or opinion and the media “interprets” it for the sheep. Utterly maddening. Mr. Damigo, don’t talk to these swine anymore. (Btw, what was that reporters name again?)

  8. This entire BS “story” is EXACTLY why NO ONE believes you or ANY MSM “news source” anymore, CNN! I can only hope & pray you keep doing exactly what you’re doing. Your vile, supremacist, belittling of majority American opinion and ideology will be your ultimate suicidal downfall. True Americans are cheering your downfall! And so is our ultimate hero, President Trump!

  9. Omg i had no idea Nathan had to go to prison for “assault” i am legit furious at that….just because he’s a veteran and the guy was Muslim he got a felony hate law violation!!! Fuck those laws if it was the other way around that Muslim would have spent a night or two in jail and paid a fine, but since he’s white he got 5 years, i would come out more racist and aggressive than Hitler if that happened to me…Jesus it is infuriating, Trump needs to attack these ridiculous hate laws

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