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  1. Never apologize to the god damn kikes for anything. They will perceive that as a sign of weakness and continue/intensify their attacks.

    Anti semite = a gentile who is jew-wise.

    • Here’s a good comeback:

      “Support Israel, the Homeland of the Jews…. send them home”

      But only use this to obnoxious, insulting, anti White, anti Southern Jews. If the Jewish person is a decent person, not causing trouble, just leave them alone.

      Always try to be fair and honorable in your dealings with everyone, including Jewish people.

      • “…Always try to be fair and honorable in your dealings with everyone, including Jewish people.”

        Wrong, wrong, wrong. You should do that with everyone but the Jews. You should try to screw the Jews over every chance you get. That’s what they do to us. The phrase,”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, means something and it’s time we do unto them. They count on us being fair and honest in our dealings. We should except with them. Being fair and honest with psychopaths is stupid.

        If it’s bad for the Jews it’s good for the USA.

    • Yup. If we haven’t seen by now that trying to please the Jews is about as futile as trying to satisfy a heroine addict – everyday they want more and more. Enough already! They have THEIR country that they can go too if they don’t like the way WE run OUR countries. Why make such costly concessions for a tiny 2% minority? The Jews won’t do that for us. In fact, the criminalize our attempts to unify as racist!

  2. When Gore Vidal accused William F. Buckley Jr. of being a Nazi it was a big deal. Now everyone calls everybody a “nazi”. Whatever power that word once had is pretty much gone, and the autistic/inbred kikes have no one to blame for that but themselves. I personally consider being called a National Socialist high praise indeed.


    • If anyone calls me a Nazi I say “Actually, I prefer the term ‘esoteric Hitlerist'”. It confuses them.

  3. Interesting that his main antagonist has been the Wall Street Journal. The voice of capitalism is leading a witch hunt over alleged “fascism” (or whatever) on the part of PewDiePie. Now I thought that capitalists were in favor of freedom, yet here we have the spokespaper for capitalism calling for censorship. And yes, an attempt to shut down anyone’s voice is censorship – notwithstanding shibboleths about “only the government can conduct censorship.”

    You can go to many university campuses and find out-and-out communist and radical minority groups promoting anti-White agitation and revolutionary action. The recent UC Berkeley riot over Milo is one such manifestation. Has the WSJ ever called for an “apology” from, say, Noel (abolish the White race) Ignatiev, or the perpetrators of the UnFair campaign? What of the numerous agitators in BLM who have thrown up the black power/communist clenched fist salute then proceeded to pillage cities across the land? I need not comment how the mainstream media promoted the BLM narrative long after the Martin-Brown facts came to light.

    PewDiePie’s one big error was apologizing. He should have stood tall, backed his videos, and told the “corporate media” to [expletive delete] off.

    This might be an education for the fellow. An education on how any deviation from the Party Line is going to be treated as heresy by the System and dealt with accordingly. And he can question why there are certain topics which are considered taboo, yet others which are promoted by the powers-that-be. That’s the meta-issue here: not the content of his videos but the character of the assault against them.

    This provides a real opportunity for Alt Right activists. They can show themselves as rebels fighting against censorship.

    Keep circulating the tapes!

  4. In order to understand the true meaning of a Jewish sense of humor, you need to look no further than that displayed by Bill Kristol, Bill Mahr, Sarah Silverman, Sandra Bernhard, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Howard Stern, et al. It must push the limits of decency. If it has anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-heterosexual, anti-Western or anti-male mockery or vulgarity, you’ve found it.

    PewDiePie needs to have a long, honest talk with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations and form a bond with his fellow Swede. Henrik can provide excellent guidance on what to do, and not do, when it comes to the Jews and their Goyim support structure. PewDiePie is a little green.

  5. PewDiePie & Trump are in the same boat: the media takes what they say out of context, then uses it out of context.

  6. I had never heard of PewDiePie before your article, Hunter. Thanks for bringing to my attention. I watched a few of his videos and can see why he has a following. Very much in the Trump humor mode, like when Trump wrestled Vince McMahon and then shaved McMahon’s head.

    As for antisemitism —- I’m seeing a theme. Chuck Todd went off on Trump yesterday for not condemning antisemitism and not disavowing anyone who says anything that Chuck Todd sees as antisemitic, which is probably pretty expansive. Every Sunday, Todd’s MTP panel must be 50-75 or even 100% Jewish and Todd is Jewish but you’re not supposed to notice or think it means anything that a panel of Jews hates Trump.

    How far do they think they’ll go with it? After 8 years of being hounded about racism, a lot of people decided “I don’t care. Don’t bother me.”

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