Divided, Burning France Warns Russia Not to Interfere in Election

While “youths” (a widely used media term for immigrants) riot and burn Paris, France’s deeply unpopular Socialist government is threatening Russia with “retaliation” if it interferes in the upcoming presidential election. The threat rings hollow though, as President Putin’s government in Moscow is known to be friendly with Marine Le Pen’s Front National party – which appears likely to make it to the second round in the election. Russian banks have loaned the French nationalists millions of euros – information which the Left-wing government in Paris has been unable to use to destroy Le Pen’s candidacy.

France is also in dire shape demographically. Its cities are burned and looted whenever its huge African and Arab populations grow angry with the police or the government. This puts the unpopular government in Paris in no shape to confront any external foe.

There is also the historic example of France’s disastrous invasion of Russia under Napoleon’s leadership. That was at a time when France was still a homogeneously European nation and had one of history’s great military leaders at its head – and it still suffered a crushing defeat to Russia. Do the Socialists in Paris really think their sabre-rattling scares Moscow now? Shouldn’t they be focused on putting down the foreign rioters on their streets rather than threatening Putin?

Putin is amused by France’s hollow threats.
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  1. Our Friend Israel is an existential threat to the continued existence Native Born White Christian America….Christian Russia….Western Europe….and Scandinavia….

  2. These people in government were all Communists who had fantasies of using Communist bloc soldiers to enforce order in western countries when they were to deport the Christians to re-education camps. So it’s only natural that they engage in projection, and speak of “Russian interference.” The fat complacent bastards imagine their ridiculous accusations can be taken seriously, as though it were criminal to want peace and good relations with Russia, as though Russia under Putin were the leader of Comintern. If anything has been made clear, it’s that politicians like Merkel are true to their fanatical upbringing.

    • From what I can tell Flynn probably told the Russians not to retaliate for Obama’s expulsion of Russian diplomats from the US. He talked the same day that Obama booted out the Russian mission and next day Putin was trolling the nigger wishing him a happy new year.

      But it’s also possible that the Alt-Right in the Trump camp also saw Flynn as having the hots for invading Iran.

  3. The establishment is ridiculous and hysterical and has about as much credibility as a hysterical woman who has slipped her trolley wire

  4. “Do the Socialists in Paris really think their sabre-rattling scares Moscow now?”

    The sabre-rattling is Jewish. Just open any French newspaper and you will find the same denunciation of Russia and of Bashar al Assad, Orban, Trump, the conservative government of Poland and the French National Front. You will find the same defense of the third-world invasion in France, and of the Ukrainian sovereignty in Crimea. It’s now more obvious than ever who owns the media. And it’s the same people in the government.

    “France’s deeply unpopular Socialist government is threatening Russia”

    Since the socialist candidate doesn’t stand a chance, they have created a new candidate, called “Macron”, as a replacement. They present him as a middle of the road candidate. But it will never work if Russia keeps spreading the rumor that he’s a homosexual! It’s true that he looks like one.

    • He married one of his high-school teachers who is 17 years older than he is. That’s even weirder than Newt Gingrich. And the guy worked for a Rothschild bank. Well, of course he did. How could we trust him otherwise?

      Is their some kind of finishing school for these deep-state spoiler candidates. He appears to be a kind of french Evan McMullin, but with better backing.

    • Poland’s government is a bunch of neocon warmongers in globalists’ hands. Do not be fooled by their anti-Muslim policy. Two million people from Ukraine (not all Ukrainians) have already “enriched” Poland. Because of Poland’s miserable benefits (500 zloty per month), migrants from MENA do not want to stay in Poland , and those who come there “flee” to Germany and Sweden. Those in Poland who take to the streets, chanting anti-Muslim slogans are either idiots or have been paid for acting a street parliament. What Poles get from it is being demonized as Europe’s Christian fascists.

      • But if it keeps Muslims out, they’re doing something useful. As for the Ukrainians, are they in Poland to settle and live there permanently, or are they just fleeing their country’s Jewish created chaos? I don’t know much about Poland (other than basic history and resding Michener’s book) but it seems nice and white, which to me, makes any hardship worthwhile. I say this as someone who lives in a rural and poor area, and I have no money myself. But it’s white. And that’s worth everything to me. Hope this doesn’t come off as rude and if it does I apologize.

  5. I guess if LePen wins, and I believe she will, they’ll blame it on Russian interference. Just like they attempted to with Trump. Only Lefty psychos and diversity fanatics will believe it.

  6. I highly recommend Myron Fagan’s 1967 speech (2+ hours on YT) as a primer for a lot of what is really going on. It’s like he was a time traveler. He lays it all out including the Jew bankers and their attacks on Russia, their infiltration/manipulation of governments, their phony wars, and their promotion of the negroes/demotion of whites including how and why. The man was very brave. And, yes, I am damn well aware he was a Jew. But for that speech, he gets an honorary Aryan award from me.

      • If anyone native Southerner on hear listens to it, some of them will have a heart attack learning that Judah Benjamin was….. was….. was a Rothschild agent!

  7. FN and Russia should just work out some sort of agreement to have the money flow through the large expat-French community in Russia to the FN. A number of rich French people are in Russia because of France’s ridiculous taxation levels.

    I’m sure many of these expat French voters will vote FN simply because it’s the mainstream party policies that are why they have fled in the first place.

    • I bet the London French of which there are 500,000 are going to vote as an FN Bloc as most are running from enriched Paris.

      • Isn’t London (over 50% foreign population) actually worse than Paris?

        Seems senseless for someone that wants to flee Paris to go to London – unless they had no idea how bad the situation actually is there. At least Paris doesn’t have a Paki mayor or a lot of talk about seceding from the rest of the country.

        I hope that you’re right and that they aren’t leftists who are just there because “it’s more diverse” or similar nonsense. Those types would probably vote for Melenchon or Hamon.

        • No not really. You’d think that but if you look at the figures central London is a French colony. I shit you not.

    • It’s not that they can’t. They won’t. Because they’re still afraid of the Washington-London Globalist Government. NATO was never about repelling a Soviet attack on Western Europe. It was and is, about occupying Western Europe. And the French know it. They’re not a sovereign nation and haven’t been, since 1940.

      • France officially left NATO in 1966 to get the USA off its back. American military camps had to live the country. Sarkozy got France back into NATO in 2009, when NATO was no longer that important anyway. I think NATO, the European Union, and many smaller international organizations are useful to the Jews to push their agenda. But Jewish power is already ensconced in French institutions anyway. So, it doesn’t make much difference for France.

  8. Anti-Putin sabre rattling has begun anew here as Bibi gets the red carpet treatment in DC. Ramping up to WWIII while protecting Israel’s borders top priority of anti-White traitors in Washington.

    • Indeed. Imagine Lindsay Graham and Francois Hollande in colonial attire and riding horses while carrying Israeli flags and frantically screaming “The Russians are coming”!

  9. ALERT :

    A warning has been issued by the ghosts of former governors of North Carolina to The New England Government, and all their proxies who are alien, and aliens, to us…


    Stay out of the North Carolina election process!


    ‘Tough, Tarheels – you are not sovereign, but, are a member of our open and inclusive union. The fact that millions of foreign dollars were raised and utilized to destroy your governor, because he dared to keep would-be ladies from peeking at your mothers and daughters in the restroom, is just a part of being vibrantly democratic…’


    That’s not only the answer we expect to receive from The New England Government, it’s the answer we have continually received since 1861.

  10. Le Pen should point out all the Jewish money that flows into US election from the one issue (Israel) billionaire donors like Adelson and Sabin. Le Pen, Trump and the rest of those running should point out that our leaders are conspiring with Israel to do their bidding, as pro-Israel Jews are the MAjORITY of US campaign contributions! These bastards took is to war in the middle east to wipe out enemies of Israel and maintain Israel’s middle east dominance by making it OFFICIAL US policy!

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