Politico: How Puzder Fell

Basically, Puzder couldn’t get past the immigration litmus test with Republicans:

“Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, two of the most powerful voices in President Donald Trump’s inner circle, were never strongly behind Andy Puzder as labor secretary, believing he was too soft on immigration.

So when Puzder’s nomination was teetering on the brink of implosion in recent weeks, that lack of support from the president’s top aides left Puzder, whose backing was already eroding in the Senate, with little choice but to withdraw his name, according to two sources close to Puzder. …”

This is good news. It shows how much the goal posts have shifted.

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    • I am not convinced Puzder isn’t a Jew. He displays all the earmarks. Just saying.

      Are their customers any better when it comes to morality? When you use your hard-earned money to fund such trash, you are approving their degeneracy by funding it. And nothing is more effective than the financial element of endorsement.

  1. Anyone soft on immigration shouldn’t even be considered by Trump regardless of the position. These elites that hire illegals are so despicable. Why do the wealthiest among us always look for cheap labor regardless of the consequences to their country and race? They are rotten from the inside out. These are the same folks that claim they want to help immigrants when they’re only helping themselves. It speaks volumes about their true agenda and it is not white-friendly. They all need to be swinging from lamp posts.

  2. I would have liked to see somebody be Labor Secretary who had actually worked for a living, or maybe been in a union. Instead we got another clueless corporate executive wanting to hire illegal wetbacks, wanting to replace people with machines, all so he can make another Goddamn buck.

    • Notice, all you want is to make another buck, too? I point this out to union guys all the time; it seems to go over their head. A lot of them even outright say their wallets are their main concern and everything else is secondary. I then ask them what makes them different than all the CEO and Gordon Gekko types they are always talking about. They get a bewildered look on their faces. They then start talking about millions and billions of dollars, and I then say, “So the CEO’s and Gordon Gekko’s are just better at making as much money as you would like to have?” They get angry at that point.

      I know, I know, this sounds like something from NRO, BUT, the observations are accurate and do fit. If your wallet and how much money you make is the most important, your mentality is indeed the same as the Puzder’s you rail against. It is reasonable to make the observation they are better at making money if they have millions or billions while you may not have thousands at the same time while trying to be the same way as they. It is also reasonable to hypothesize that if tomorrow morning you were made a powerful CEO, you would take actions that increased your own bank account by orders of magnitude, too. Most likely at the expense of others.

      But of course, you will say that you are really not like all that, and your motives are better and more pure because…well,…um…they just are.

      • If you don’t know the difference between corporate billionaire greed and people just wanting to survive I can’t explain it to you doc.

        • The standard dodge. The “just wanting to survive” line. Some people are genuinely just wanting a job, true. But it is also perfectly obvious many feel they should be able to afford a new pick up truck every few years, inground swimming pools, Harley’s, upscale homes, have a Cadillac pension plan and a mid fifties retirement, etc., just because they get up and punch a clock. This group is legion.

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