President Trump’s Press Conference

My notes:

1.) I know nothing about Alexander Acosta who is President Trump’s new nominee for Labor Secretary.

2.) Rasmussen’s Daily Tracking Poll has President Trump with a 55% approval rating.

3.) President Trump calls out the NYC-DC-LA fake news Lügenpresse. He says they serve special interests.

4.) President Trump says we have to talk about the dishonest Lügenpresse. It is an “entrenched power structure.” It distorts the truth in order to propagate the Narrative.

“Many of our nation’s reporters will not tell you the truth,” Trump said.

“The press honestly is out of control,” Trump said.

“The level of dishonesty is out of control,” Trump said.

5.) President Trump says “I inherited a mess” at home and abroad.

6.) President Trump recounts the accomplishments of the last month.

7.) President Trump reminds the people he is keeping his promises. He contrasts his faithfulness to voters with dishonest politicians. The Lügenpresse is unhappy with these policy changes: killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, extreme vetting in the refugee program, the Wall, etc.

8.) President Trump points out that federal judges are preventing him from defending the country.

9.) Dems are obstructing Senate confirmation hearings of Cabinet picks.

10.) President Trump takes credit for persuading American corporations to keep so many jobs in the United States. It was his hands on leadership that made this possible.

11.) President Trump fulfilled his promise to appoint a strong conservative to the Supreme Court.

12.) President Trump is holding a rally in Melbourne, Florida.

13.) The Lügenpresse has concocted the fake news Russia narrative in order scapegoat Russia for Hillary’s loss.

14.) Private conversations are being illegally leaked to the Lügenpresse. They should be ashamed of themselves for publishing classified information.

15.) President Trump says the failing New York Times published a discredited front page story.

16.) President Trump says The Wall Street Journal published a disgraceful story today. They also published a ridiculous story on PewDiePie.

17.) The Justice Department is now investigating the criminal leaks.

18.) President Trump: “So much of the news is fake …” “I don’t mind bad stories” as long as they are true. There is “so much anger and hatred on CNN.”

19.) President Trump says CNN “has a lower approval rating than Congress.”

20.) Wikileaks didn’t publish classified material from the DNC or John Podesta’s emails.

21.) President Trump says the tone of the Lügenpresse is “such hatred.” The panels on CNN are almost exclusively “anti-Trump” and full of “hatred and venom.”

22.) President Trump predicts the Lügenpresse will distort the news conference. That’s what they do.

23.) President Trump downgrades CNN from “fake news” to “very fake news.”

24.) President Trump says “the public doesn’t believe you anymore.”

25.) President Trump says Reince spends all of his time responding to fake news narratives. He would rather be doing other things.

26.) President Trump: “It would be great if we could get along with Russia.” “The false horrible fake reporting makes it much harder to make a deal with Russia.” “That’s a shame.” “It is a good thing to have a positive relationship with Russia, not a bad thing.”

27.) President Trump: “I’m the least anti-Semitic person … least racist person.” He calls it a “very insulting question.”

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  1. The U.S. Lügenpresse is not even in the same world as we are. They might as well be reporting on an alternate time line.

  2. There is a war taking place about who will control the narrative and the future direction of the country. One side consists of President Trump, his voters, emerging populist and nationalist organizations and media, and a few members of the nation’s elite who have embraced this change. On the other side are entrenched interests, the mainstream media, the bureaucracy, the establishments of both political parties, and liberal advocacy groups and their street activist allies. It is becoming clear that no compromise is possible because the goals of both sides are diametrically opposed. In order for one side to become victorious will civil war be necessary?

    • I really do feel a war looming. Doesnt everyone? They want to pull another Russian revolution, but the leftists of today are no match for normal people. They are deeply stupid if they think they can win this time.

  3. Trump is antagonizing Christian Russia over Crimea..

    Trump gives military aid to ISIS funding Saudia Arabia…

    Trump still illegally occupying the soveriegn nation Syria…

    F….K….Trump…he could cost me a Teenage member of family

    Trump…..Paul Kersey’s pinup boy…F you Paul Kersey…

  4. We need to use our control of Southern governorships and state houses to push for local control of tv media – break the New York LA Washington media monopoly

    • We should also pass laws making it illegal to accept out-of-state campaign contributions. This would prevent NY-LA-DC money from corrupting our politics and defeating our representatives.

      • We have political dominance in all Southern states

        What we now need to focus on is cultural power

        We need to dominate the media in southern states and elsewhere

      • Chink “AMERICANS” are more of a threat than niggers…Kersey never write about the Kersey a Chink?…Is Richard Spencer dating an Iranian?

        Trump wants regime change on Moscow….in case you haven’t noticed…

        The war issue is quite urgent in my family…very serious….I am losing sleep over it at the moment…and yes…I do believe Trump lusted for his big tit daughter Ivanka…

        • Well I am very concerned about the war issue as well. I just don’t know why you are talking about Kersey, What does he have to do with this?

          • Because Kersey uncritically worships Trump=blank check to bomb Iran..antagonize Christian Russia=nuclear WW3…Trump wants regime change in Moscow

          • Yeah I don’t like uncritical Trump worship either. I am very worried about his posture towards Iran. My biggest concern is that he cut some kind of deal with the NeoCohens to push on Iran. However, I am not convinced that Trump “wants” regime change in Russia. Though we may end up fighting with them all the same. Which would spell doom for us all.

          • Bomb Shia Muslim Iran=war with Christian Russia..

            US Military excercises on Christian Russia’s borders=regime change in Moscow…

            Trump antagonizing Christian Russia over Ukraine=regime change in Moscow

            Jew Parasite Worm Henry Kissinger advises Trump on Christian Russia=regime change in Moscow…

  5. TRUMP’S ART OF THE DEAL=I’ll give you something on Ukraine..only if you let me have regime change in Moscov…..does the body building fag Paul Kersey support this?

  6. I was lucky enough to be driving during it and it was amazing. Just as stupid criminals make stupid cops, liberal politicians make lazy journalists. 8 years of Obama gave them the idea that they control public discourse, that they’re owed the same deference clergy once got, and that they’re the 4th branch of government, they actually believe they’re the unbiased defenders of democracy. Trump dragging them down from their pedestal is a beautiful thing to witness.

    • Those Yankee pigs can head on back north whenever they can find a ride. Man I wish I was there, I’d hold up a pro KKK sign.

    • Hey, Red, I love it!

      This is why only a few Yankees came south before ‘civil rights’, and it may well be the only way to make sure that only the right ones come down in the future!

  7. TRUMP’S nigger-spic-muzzie-homo-pedophile-surgically-mutilated tranny freak US MILITARY…encircling Christian Russia….

  8. What I’m getting here is that Trump is putting a hard squeeze on the Deep State and they are lashing out as a last gasp effort. He will get a military-style command and control structure in there, and will preferably pull heavily from military veterans to do so.

  9. Why didn’t Trump just say:”America is going to be friends with Christian Russia and Shia Muslim Iran..pulling all US Troops of Syria…Germany after that”…”and I am going to appoint a special prosecutor to interrogate Hillary Clinton..” peace!!!



    • Trumptards say “He has to pretend to keep a tough stance against Russia, because otherwise they’ll say he’s a puppet of Putin!” — which doesn’t make sense, since they call him that anyway, and he doesn’t seem to care what the media says, and neither do most Americans.

  11. “This not a laughing matter. I’m sorry, delegitimizing the press is unAmerican”

    Fair’s fair. Delegitimizing the president with lies and publishing classified information peddled by Obama moles is even worse.

    “Take off your partisan hats for a second”

    Take off your blinders. Trump wouldn’t be getting away with this if people didn’t believe there was some truth to it. Do I even have to go over all the lies told about this guy? Even before he took office, the Washington Post put on their front page a discredited propaganda piece sliming anyone who wasn’t supportive of Hillary as being a Russian agent.

    “The panels on CNN are almost exclusively “anti-Trump” and full of “hatred and venom.”

    They are straight up propaganda. What they usually do is invite a left winger and an unpopular anti-Trump republican like Lindsey Graham. The purpose is to give a false impression of consensus. They pretend to be unbiased but stack their panels so that everyone watching thinks that EVERYONE hates Trump, even republicans so they should too.

  12. 55% approval rating is good, take away 12% for the blacks who hate them then at least 20% of the populations must be Hispanic-Asian-Middle Eastern “New Americans” which about 70% also hate him and his approval amongst whites must be around 80% Probably the queers, college professors, Jews, and unmarried urban white females compose the only whites who are his enemies.

  13. Chuck Todd must be retarded. The press has delegitimized itself by being the propaganda arm of the socialist communist democratic party! They cannot possibly believe that the reason the American people hate and distrust them is because of Trump. But maybe they do, because they consider us all cousin effing toothless yokels that must be too stupid to know when we’re being lied to. They don’t even bother to hide their bias! Their hubris is constantly reaching new heights. Amazing!

  14. Trumptards say, “Trump has to pretend to be belligerent against Russia, because otherwise they’ll say he’s a puppet of Putin!” — which doesn’t make sense, since they call him Putin’s puppet anyway, and he doesn’t seem to care what the media says, and neither do most Americans.

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