President Trump Signs Bill To Protect Coal Miners

It was very easy to miss in the news cycle today, but President Trump signed an executive order to protect the jobs of coal miners in Appalachia:

“LETTING COAL COUNTRY WORK AGAIN: Today, President Donald J. Trump signed legislation (House Joint Resolution 38) to stop the costly “Stream Protection Rule” from further harming coal workers and the communities that depend on them.

H.J. Res. 38 blocks an overly burdensome regulation from harming the coal industry.

The regulation was expected to reduce coal production, leading to fewer coal jobs across the country.

The blocked regulation threatened the coal industry with millions of dollars in compliance costs.

Complying with the regulation would have put an unsustainable financial burden on small mines, most of which are in the Appalachian Basin.

The blocked regulation would have duplicated existing regulations already in place to protect Americans. …”

Obama spent the last eight years beating down the poorest people in Appalachia on behalf on billionaire green donors like Tom Steyer.

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  1. I love it.

    One more thing I can throw in the face of those I meet who say Trump is a liar.

    I’m so happy for these folks who have suffered so greatly under the tyrannical weight of The New England Government – who think it is their manifest destiny to tell every state, and every man in the states, what we can or cannot do.

    Mr. Trump may not wave a Confederate flag, but, he sure acts like it!

  2. I bet Obama would have done the same without any green donors. He hates those people in that part of the country. The Marxists love the green crap, now they can blame poverty in Africa on “Climate Change” with white republicans who drive SUVs being the villain.

  3. Thank God. I’m from Appalachia and it is devastated. I literally cannot move back home due to the insane drug problem there. I just can’t have my kids growing up with that around ( yes I know it is everywhere but it is horrific there). The despair over the last eight years is heartbreaking. I have never been more furious then when I saw some report on PBS about poor people in Appalachia getting free medical care from foreigners…in the f*cking ANIMAL STALLS of a county fair grounds. We can give every POS foreign filth that slithers into the country everything, but our own people get charity care from foreigners in animal stalls. I sat there and cried to see my people like that.

    But now we have hope. Maybe this will help turn it around up there. Thank God for Trump. I like to write him little notes on white house dot gov thanking him and encouraging him. I will have to send him one on this topic. I think he really understands. And I think he does care about the people that seem to be the most loathed and insulted people in the country. He needs to know how much this means to us!

    On another note, I bet Jim Justice has to be a Trump supporter, even though he’s a democrat. Hopefully they will work together as Justice IS a good man despite the dem thing.

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