From Russia With Love

The American Lib Left Democrat establishment, along with the Lugenpresse and out of the loop Jewish Neo Conservatives, the CIA/NSA are going nuts that President Trump and the Alternative Right want to make peace with Russia. 50 years ago, anyone spreading paranoid, conspiracy theories about Russian spies being behind every bush and Russians trying to take over America by writing pacifist Hollywood scripts or putting fluoride in our drinking water – that person would be dismissed as a Right Wing Conservative kook! But now these obsessions with THE RUSSIAN plots are being pushed every F*#&$# day by CNN, the Jew York Times, the DNC, Hillary, Hollywood.

I was frankly pleasantly surprised that the Christian Religious Right, the top of the LDS Mormon Church were unable to restart Reagan 1980s anti Russian propaganda to defeat Donald Trump. As Hunter Wallace has explained here, regular Southern Christian Evangelicals stopped listening to their idiot, corrupt leaders. I take personal credit for getting enough LDS Mormons to not elect Hillary. I was rather explicit in informing my LDS Mormon friends and contacts that:

Yeah, LDS Mormons were once persecuted in this country (for polygamy and for just being weird) and I was personally going to lead new persecutions of LDS Mormons if Utah’s Egg McMuffin was responsible for electing the Hildabeast and flooding North American with Muslim terrorists/rapists.

OK, we won. Well done folks.

But, what do we do now about the Lib Left Democrat, Lugenpresse, Neo Conservative, deep state intelligence community’s full court press to restart:

The Cold War Against Russia?

Link – Let’s Redo the Reagan war with the Russians

I’ve had pretty decent success arguing on comments sections that:

what’s wrong with the Russians?

Russia is effectively fighting ISIS. St. Petersburg Russia is a nice place to visit – Russian women like so many Russian tennis players are beautiful.

The Lugenpresse screams that President Trump is

“In bed with the Russians”.

I respond:

“I would love to be in bed with beautiful Russian women like Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova. Are you folks all flaming poofters like lisping Sen. Lindsey Graham?”

The great Hunter Wallace doesn’t want me to post blogs featuring (tasteful, modestly dressed) beautiful Russian, Indo European women. That’s his call (seems like a bad call to me).

So today I want to share a video about some regular Russian children doing a hot sauna and snow day and basically send us all some good cheer with:

“From Russia with Love” (link)

How can any sane American want to restart the $ trillion Cold War to fight/kill these beautiful Russian children? Don’t we want our own American, Southern children to play with them?


  1. ‘How can any sane American want to restart the $ trillion Cold War to
    fight/kill these beautiful Russian children? Don’t we want our own
    American, Southern children to play with them?’

    They’re not sane, Mr. Ryan. They’re power mad, and dead-dog determined to force us to live in their state of mind.

    It’s a New England disease : ‘if I have a certain state of mind, then you need to have it, too’ …

    Good report, by the way. Thank you!

    • Thank U Junius

      Please spred our simple memes, blogs that we shouldn’t hate and want to kill our kindred people like these cute, little Russian children playing in the snow.

    • As a general rule (with the sad exception of race) if the left is against something, then the right is for it. Their anti-Russian campaign is pretty much killing anti-Russian sentiment and neo-conservatism in the right.

      So keep pushing against their propaganda effort.

    • Ever hear of Potemkin Villages? Supposedly Catherine the Great’s lover Potemkin constructed these cheap villages so she would believe the Russian people were doing a lot better than they were when she took her tours.

      I think there was a more practical purpose. Russia has been invaded only two times that we remember. Once by the French and the other by the Germans. But I think they have been invaded more than that. And I am wondering if having their little children take snow baths isn’t their way of training them to live out in subfreezing temperatures if they are invaded?

      All I know is that when Russians face an invasion, they burn every village and all the food and livestock that they think the invaders will come to and then they all back and let the Russian Winters take their foe out. And it doesn’t take that long because Russian winters rage from “colder than a mother-in-law’s kiss” to “so freakin’ cold that Satan had to move to Hell to thaw out.”

      Twice that we know have, they have been able to defeat a vastly superior, more modern, and better equipped army. Do we really want young Americans freezing to death on the steppes of Russia because Russia won’t allow gay pride marches?

      Instead, how about letting Pussy Riot and Russia’s gays and lesbians just defect here, because as we all know, America just can’t get enough degeneracy?

  2. What’s wrong with Russia is that they do not accept the moral superiority of Progressivism over Christianity. If anywhere in the world Progressives are jailed for insulting Christians and Christians are free to insult Progressives, that makes Progressives low-status, and Progressives would rather die in a nuclear war than let that happen. (They do not feel this way about Muslims, who are all assumed to be Progressives in disguise).

      • Yes, I too watched “Vice Guide to Liberia”. How touching to see the former General Butt Naked in church, accepted by the congregation as a Christian brother and forgiven for killing and eating 20,000 of their friends and relatives.

        Whenever a religion sets down roots in a new country, people can’t help but put their own spin on it, translating it into concepts they can understand.

  3. This article contains inappropriate images of minors alongside sexual innuendo, and has been archived by proper authorities for investigation of charges of distribution of child pornography. Be advised that you are under investigation.

      • Think it’s more of a case of simple anti White, anti Southern liars. The photo and video are very wholesome, healthy, protective of children.

      • I bet this prude is ok with children being exposed to trannies and allowing gays to adopt, and them watching the filth on tv and in movies, among other things.

    • Boys and girls had been separated at orthodox (Russian and Roman) schools for centuries until they were mature enough to interact, when I first saw the image it reminded me of how Stalin would have the boys and girls strip naked in front of each other.
      Certainly still a communist education.

      • Dear Mr. Ellis,

        Everybody is under investigation by The New England Government and it’s proxy forces, all the time, so don’t feel too singled out.

        Child Protective Services knows nothing of Russian culture.

  4. Some people think Jewish support of Muslim immigration will backfire on them because Muslims hate Jews.

    But is that really true?

    If all Muslims/Arabs coming to the US were Palestinians, that might be the case.

    BUT most Muslims are not Palestinians and don’t care about the Palestinian issue.

    What do Pakistani Muslims, Indian Muslims, Iranian Muslims, Syrian Muslims, Iraqi Muslims, Afghani Muslims, Somali Muslims, Indonesian Muslims, Egyptian Muslims, Turkish Muslims, and etc really care about Palestinians?

    It’s like expecting Japanese-Americans to care about China or Tibet cuz they’re all Asians.

    It’s like expecting Mexican-Americans to care about Cubans cuz they are both ‘Hispanic’.

    They don’t.

    The main priority of most Muslims who wanna come to the US is easy entry. If they realize that Jews are their main allies in this agenda, they will form an alliance with Jews. They won’t give a crap about Palestinians and Israel. (A few will and may commit terrorism, but most won’t. And even most who do sympathize with Palestinians won’t lift a finger since their alliance with Jewish Power is what really counts in bringing more Muslim relatives to the US.) If Jews can form an alliance with American Muslims(most of whom are NOT Palestinian and whose main priority is easy access to the US), then this Jewish-Muslim alliance will actually undermine the Palestinian cause. Jews in America will say, “Look, we are wonderful friends with most Muslims, and we are both agreed on more immigration.” And if Muslim-Americans must choose between alliance with Jews & more immigration AND alliance with Palestinians & less immigration(as Jews might support Muslim immigration restrictions out of fear), they will opt for the former. Muslims mainly care about their own family, clan, and tribe. The fact is most Muslims are NOT Palestinians. Even though they don’t like Israel, Palestinians meaning NOTHING to them.

    Also, most Muslims who want come to the US have negative feelings toward fellow Muslims in their nations of origin. Shias who come to the US hate the Sunnis, and vice versa. Syrians who come to the US hate Assad and Alawi elite rule. Almost all Iranians in the US hate the current regime in Iran. Likewise, the Vietnamese refugees after the war were not Viet Cong out to attack Americans but people who hated communist Viets and saw the US as their savior. They turned out to be useful collaborators of the US when US reopened ties with Vietnam.

    Even as they maintain their Muslim ways, they feel safer in the secular West than in their own homelands that are so corrupt and brutal, even among Muslims.

    Just like Pilgrims were Christians who fled other Christians who persecuted them in Europe, Muslims coming to the West often feel persecuted, wronged, or oppressed by other Muslims who rule the Middle East. As such, they may make good allies with Jews.


    • Pakistani Muslims and Leftist Jews in London/Londonstan just elected a Pakistani Muslim mayor in the Leftist Labor party.

      Muslims vote 80% plus for Labor Party in England, so do Jews.

  5. (((They))) want to kill Russian children because Russian children are *White children* …

    (((They))) want to finish off what (((they))) attempted to do 100 years ago against the Russian people.

  6. well, after all, the Russkies have 3 strikes against them, any one of which is Causus Belli to our social fascist left. #1 Russkies are white #2 Russkies are Christians #3 prehaps worst of all, the Russkies betrayed the most beloved revolution in world history, the Communist Revolution

    Now you know why our SoFa Left is frothing at the mouth to go to war with the russkies….oh, our casualaties, you ask? The vast majority of them will be White and the more DAED whities the better as that is the democrat parties War-Goal: Millions of millons (hopefully a billion) dead YTz

    Pretty simple really

  7. Thanks to everyone who appreciated this post.

    Our cause is just.

    Our quest/mission seems impossible.

    But we continue to soldier on and fight the good fight.

    People always ask me:

    “But what should we/I do?”

    Here’s one thing we can all do:

    Be kind to our own kind.

    These beautiful, innocent Russian children doing sauna and snow – they are our kind – our kinsfolk – spread some healthy, positive love.

    Our enemies hate these beautiful Russian children the same as they hate us. William Kristol, Elliot Abrams, Rob the “Meathead” Reiner, the Weinstein Brothers, the not funny folks at Saturday Night Live – they are literally frothing at the mouth with their hatred of us and these Russian children. All those Godless, manless feminists dressed as vaginas at the Women’s March on Washington – they hate us, hate these beautiful Russian children.

    I say:

    Love Trumps hate.

    We’re getting away from your hate.

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