The False Narrative: White Navy Veteran Beaten By Three Blacks After Kindly Asking Them To Stop Torturing A Turtle

Do you know what White people have to feel guilty about? Absolutely nothing at all.

It is stories like what happened to Gary Blough in Daytona Beach which remind you that we are a great race. We are a tenderhearted people. We even come to the rescue of defenseless animals:

“DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Three young men were arrested Tuesday after police said they beat up a Navy veteran who asked them to stop torturing a turtle, according to Daytona Beach police.

A woman was walking her toddler around a pond at Wedgewood Apartments and told police she saw three men torturing a turtle. She went home and told her husband, Gary Blough, they were “smashing up a turtle.”

Blough went outside and said he saw a group of three men repeatedly abusing the animal, according to the police report.

“The one had it over his head and he was smashing it down on the sidewalk,” Blough said. “I asked them to please leave it alone, just let it go to the lake.”

One of the men, later identified at Johnnie Beveritt, 18, picked up the turtle and threw it down on the sidewalk; the two other men, Ryan Ponder, 23 and a 16-year-old boy, kicked the turtle toward the apartment building away from the pond, the witness told police.

Blough told police that the turtle was trying to crawl away but was seriously injured and unable to walk.

He told his wife to call the police after the suspects did not stop attacking the animal, according to the report. After that, two of the suspects struck Blough with their hands, fists and feet. …”

Johnnie Beveritt and Ryan Ponder told Gary Blough during the aggravated assault: “I don’t give a f*** and I don’t care if I go to jail.” As a result of Blough’s effort to rescue the turtle, they cracked his skull open, broke several bones in his face and gave him a concussion.

Here’s the link to Gary Blough’s GoFundMe page. He has extensive medical bills. If you want to make a contribution to his recovery, you can send him a donation.

Unfortunately, the turtle didn’t survive the encounter. The police found it dead and “floating in the pond in a puddle of blood.” It is a reminder that diversity is animal cruelty.

Note: The SPLC has condemned the CofCC for spreading a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

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      • Then you don’t know them in the rural South, Sam.

        The Southern Rural Negro, as a group, is, as a whole, a different sort than his insane Yankee-ghetto welfare brethren.

        Down here, their great sin is breaking and entering.

        But cruel … not many.

          • No lecture, Sam. I accept your view, though, I thought to augment it with how things are in Northeastern North Carolina.

            I have friends who are Klansmen and I have friends are Negroes.

            I guess it’s about being small town Tarheel, in the oldest part of my state..

            Anyway, have a good night!

          • Uh what? My husband is from southeastern NC and hates nigs with a burning passion. He was a kid in the 70’s and even then they were dangerous and violent. My mother is from northern Virginia and back in the 50’s when she was small, they were violent and dangerous. They were the same in the 90’s when I was young. I don’t know any fellow southerner that doesn’t have lots of stories about how awful they are.

          • Dear Beulah,
            I am a north Carolinian who lives in the oldest part of North Carolina – the original outgrowth of The Jamestown Colony, and deep deep in the piney woods.

            We do have computers and cell-phones, BUT, times ain’t a changin’ here.

          • I’ve spent all my life in the middle of the deep south with Niggers. I have tried to get along with them my whole life and eventually came to the conclusion that as a group you should stay away from them and try to have no interaction with them at all. If I want to stop at a store or any other place and there’s a whole bunch of Niggers usually I’ll just drive on and go somewhere else. It’s pointless to put yourself at risk for Niggers. Yes some Blacks are not Niggers but so many Blacks are Niggers that there’s no point in putting yourself at risk. They offer nothing for friendship, companionship or as fellow citizens. Why not hang out with Whites? Some of them suck too but the numbers that suck are far below the numbers of Blacks that are Niggers.

          • I have only spent any personal time with one black family I’ve known for 20 years and I still don’t fully trust the guy. In my professional circles, I am very friendly, even to the obvious black haters who glare at me for being white. I do not trust any of them. Period.

    • I don’t know what part of The South you live in, Mr. Ronnie, but, by and large, Negroes in Northeastern North Carolina are some pretty damn nice folk.

      In fact, White, Injun, and Negro make this a nice place – if you like friendly hard-workin’ and God-fearin’ folkeven remotely .

      I live knee-deep in Negroes, and I have yet to see anything that approaches these brutes.

      But, to be sure – there are brutes, liars, and sinners in every kind.

      • I know what you’re talking about, Mr Daniel. However, the young ones head off for Dallas, Houston or Nola and Shreveport. They leave behind mostly harmless old folks.

        • Funny you mention the young ones, Mr. Owen, because the older negroes, ’round these here parts will warn you about them.

          And, yes, you are right – there are almost Negroes ‘twixt the ages 18-35 here. Children and grandparents, mostly.

          The younger adults run off to Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

          I know many at this site will not know what it is like to live in the deep rural South, but, here, the Holy Ghost is a dominating voice – amongst all the races.

          We still have problems, still have some who do some powerful wrong, but, our area is markt by a feeling of being blesst by the upright.

          as to Negroes, here – they have their own schools (publick) own churchs, barber-shoppes, and funeral homes, but, still, we have a fair amount of contact with each other, and that contact leaves a good taste in your mouth.

          Why, yesterday, I was driving down the two lane road they call US258,, when suddenly a negro pulled to the edge of his driveway, but, came to a stop, as I went by.

          He waved at me with a smile – and I don’t know that man from Adam.

          In The Northeast, you can say hello to people coming at you from the other side of the sidewalk, and 80% of them act like you don’t exist.

          It’s like I tell my wife – you can’t buy what we got here.

          • It’s a complicated relationship that outsiders can’t grasp. Especially the notion of the limits to social interaction.

          • You’re so right, Mr. Owen.

            Yankees do not get it. Either they want to have Negroes in their bed, in their schools, and for their holidays, or they just want to kill all negroes and or ship them off somewhere else.

            Here, as you well know, we have our centuries old habits with each other, but, we live with each other.

            I forbad our daughter to date one, but, by the same token, I don’t harbour desires of hurting them.

            Some are my friends and some ain’t, which is the way it is with Whites, here.

            I support Southron White Supremacy, but, not because I hate Negroes, but, because I know it’s the right solution for everybody, in the long run.

          • Some are my friends.

            None of them are friends to me. Acquaintances, certainly. But I was taught that to befriend them is to invite trouble. Nonetheless, I won’t be rude or insulting towards them, nor would I refuse to hold open a door for a black lady. However, that’s the limit of social interaction. Beyond incidental contact, I pay them no mind. I also avoid their side of town.

          • Sounds good to me, Mr. Owen. Thank you for your thoughts, and maintaining our customs.

            Being that I came from the upper class and my mama was sickly, I was raised by Auntie Myrtle and Auntie Mary, and our domesticks were always negro.

            What I mean by ‘friends’, is that I have good conversations with my neighbours, and there is plenty of good feeling.

            We don’t go into each other’s houses, though.

            As to there being a black section, the entire eastern side of our town is, but, since The New England government integrated us, some, in this town, have chosen to move in to the White neighbourhood.

            I don’t know why, but, they did.

            Be that as it may be, I have always liket the fact that you are unfailingly polite.

            The Lord smiles on that, just like he smiles on this sailor who tried to step up for this turtle.

            I wish I had been with him, so that I could have warned him that, you don’t do such a thing, unless you known how to make your eyes crazy and dead.

            I learned this as a little boy, and it has never failed me with them.

            Good night!

          • My father grew up with a black mammie, as did my wife’s mother. In my father’s case, he and the family cried when she passed away.
            My father grew up with segregation and he taught me the social rules. Something sympathetic non Southerners expect to find written down in some old book of Confederate ideology. A set of “nigger handling” instructions, which are rote, not writ.

          • I grew up with two mammies, too, Mr. Owen. Auntie Myrtle and Auntie Mary were very very kind to me, and, even if my Negro neighbours were not kind to me, I could not hate their race on that account, alone.

            At the same time I realize that much of the Negro community is is on the Yankee urban welfare plantation, and it has created a dangerous rot.

            So, there is that reality,too.

            One fellow, above, commented that, ‘times have changed’.

            That may be where he lives, but, times ain’t changed much where I live. Almost all people, both Black and White, live by the same rules your daddy taught you.

            Maybe that, after a strong church-going life, is why our community is so peaceful.

          • I grew up in the Church. After services on Sunday, we’d have coffee and desserts and visit for a while. Then head for a restaurant for Sunday dinner. In the Summer, we had cookouts that lasted all day. Sometimes till dark. Neither I, nor my wife grew up with mammies. But her and my parents had memories of them.

          • ‘I grew up in the Church. After services on Sunday, we’d have coffee and
            desserts and visit for a while. Then head for a restaurant for Sunday

            And this regimen still holds true for the vast majority of those who live in rural northeastern North Carolina.

            Here, you can demarcate the majority, those who still follow this regimen – Black and White – from the minority, who following modern man’s rules and ignoring that Satan exists, go to the store on Sunday morning to stock up on vittles, and then spend the day watch football.

            The more I think about all that is said here, the more I realize why our community is still a good place to be – most folks still livin’ right.

      • What Indians? Not the Lumbee…they’re Robeson County and Fayettenam’s curse. Because they’re essentially blacks with light eyes now. Except Heather Locklear (lol dead giveaway is that Lumbee last name) who is the whitest Lumbee to ever exist according to my husband who is from there. Yours must be different?

        • We don’t have The Lumbee where I live, Sunshine.

          We have the Meherrin and the Saponi Sioux tribes.

          Those whom I personally know, of these tribes, are not in a bad state like many of the Lumbee, down in the Lumberton/Fayettenam area, but, are actively engaged in farming,

          • Thanks! My husband says they’re southeastern NC almost exclusively (he is actually from Lumberton) but I didn’t know of any other kinds there. I will have to look into it, I am curious to see what the ones near you look like. I love North Carolina, it is a beautiful place and if what you say about where you’re from is true, it sounds nice. We go through Lumberton heavily “prepared” because it is so bad now.

      • I highly doubt you live knee-deep in them or you would see very similar. Most likely you live blocks away and travel to that part of town for fast food or shopping.

        I have and have owned rentals in these areas. Had a tenant go to jail for murder the same day he was supposed to move in. He contacted his homeboys and had them move in instead. They illegally hooked up the electricity and started cable service which they never paid for. Later they tried to steal the air conditioner.We also had tenants park cars on lawns, steal paint, graffiti vacant units, 10yr old boy vandalized another unit, Fire department would not enter the neighborhood without police escort even during an emergency. I have hundreds more stories like this.

        Point is you’re trying to stick up for a group you know very little about.

  1. The niggers really don’t care if they go to jail, it’s just another form of government housing to them. They don’t even care if they get shot by the cops or other niggers. They’ll just drop lifelessly to the pavement without any struggle. I doubt those creatures have a soul. Only cats, dogs and humans do.

  2. “It is stories like what happened to Gary Blough in Daytona Beach which
    remind you that we are a great race. We are a tenderhearted people. We
    even come to the rescue of defenseless animals”

    Indeed. No one was ever able to convince me that I was not part of a great race of people. In fact, I knew at a young age that I was a part of the greatest race of them all. Go to YouTube or LiveLeak and all the positive videos of animals involve white people. Sometimes, they are to the extreme like living with a buffalo and having it attend your wedding. Whether it’s Joey the crime-fighting squirrel or Gary the entertaining goat, we do love our animals and they love us back. We are masters of animal husbandry.

      • Unless it’s Michael Vick. I read somewhere that Sugar Ray Robinson was also a dog fighter. I’ve never met one, but I think that white dog fighters have long been pariahs among whites as a whole.

  3. I hate niggers. Those beasts should be exterminated the same way they killed that poor turtle. They are soul-less demons, and will only cause pain, misery, and destruction. They are a BLIGHT and a curse .

    • I wonder if there will be rioting in the streets by the misfit left as a result of this racist attack on a white person. Discusting hypocrisy from these anti-white-oops-anti racist pigs.
      If these negroes were still in Africa , they’d be walking around with spears and living in caves.
      500 years in America , yet they are still different . They will never assimilate .

  4. Niggers are always looking for a reason to attack. That’s their nature, attack. They even wear ridiculous clothes in the hopes that some white person will make a comment that gives them an excuse. Even talking to them can trigger an attack. That’s what makes them so dangerous. Almost anything can set them off.

    • Mental retard level IQ + no moral restraint + false sense of grievance given to them by (((enemy agents of a foreign gov’t.))) = One. Bad. Ass. Mistake. America.

      Niggers. They all have to go.

  5. 70+ years of brainwashing (a lifetime for Mr. Gary Blough) obscured the fact that niggers are wild animals. You don’t engage wild animals without a weapon – preferably a handgun.

  6. I salute the author for taking up the subject of cruelty to animals. I cannot understand why non-whites so often distinguish themselves by cruelty to animals. This actually was what made me a racist.

    • Some of my earliest memories were of non-Whites(mostly blacks) showing their true nature and the depths of their depravity. I remember one time black boys were being chased in an apartment complex because someone caught them drowning cats/kittens in a creek. They probably killed at least 6 or 7 before they were caught. One time a few black boys were walking around with sticks and “hunting” dogs and cats. Another time some black kids were taping firecrackers to frogs, turtles and other small animals that they caught. It was pretty much a given that if a black kid came in close proximity to a cat, dog or some other small animal, that animal had a 50/50 chance of being attacked. Many, many times I’ve seen black people abuse and severely neglect their own pets.

      What we White people consider telltale signs of psychopathy and sociopathic behaviors is very much a baseline for the average black person.

      • Here in Sweden, I’ve seen non-Whites “playing” by tossing hedgehogs babies. When I asked them to stop (second generation migrants who speak Swedish) they told me that I obviously care more for beasts than people, which should be punished. I probably would have been beaten up for my “sick whitey” concern if other people (two Swedish men) did not arrive. But it was too late for the poor hedgehogs.

      • ‘What we White people consider telltale signs of psychopathy and sociopathic behaviors is very much a baseline for the average black person.’

        Yes, this evidenced often in the videos they upload on the internet abusing animals and beating people.

        To see a gang of blacks pounce on individuals and beat them mercilessly is not uncommon.

        It is sickening to see them hoot, howl and laugh hysterically like frenzied apes as their victims lie unconscious.

        Young, old, male and female, they all act similarly.

        No compassion or sense of shame.

        All enjoying themselves like their having a party with no one in the crowd urging them to stop.

        Very few exceptions from this rule of the jungle.

    • Think it all the way through, Miss Lucy –

      If you became a racist because you regard Negroes as less than human, because they torture animals, then you will be unable to hate them, – because, according to your view, they are animals, too, and thus victims.

      Victims of whom, you ask?

      Satan, and he and his minions work hard to get into every man, woman, and child – preying on what’s weak about you, and using your strengths against you.

      Only one way out for all, Darkie and non.

      Any other method is The Devil’s joke, and he will be the one doing the laughing.

  7. Sounds about right. I’ve heard about several similar encounters. White folks are compassionate. Sometimes to a fault.

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