The Return of the 19th Century

Big thought.

Yuri Slezkine wrote a book which labeled the 20th century The Jewish Century. Something has fundamentally changed though. We have begun to exit the 20th century.

Nationalism is on the rise. Populism is ascendant. Protectionism is back. Globalism is in retreat. American Greatness is back in fashion. The media is becoming polarized and hyperpartisan. White racial consciousness is on the rise. Racial conflict has returned with a vengenance.

Does it remind you of anything? There are glimmers of the 19th century in the world that is emerging before us. The 20th century in the United States was fundamentally defined by the rise of a cosmopolitan Jewish elite that established its dominance over the mass media. The American media became consolidated and politically correct. It maintained a pretense of “objectivity” and “neutrality” while it flagrantly challenged and rewrote the norms of our culture.

All of that is unwinding now. Jewish media elites have lost their legitimacy. They are losing their grip on power. Their world is suddenly crumbling around them. They have the lost the power to control the Narrative. The politically correct columnist who went to journalism school and writes boilerplate for the local fishwrap newspaper is being laid off because he is so boring!

It used to be so much easier to control the Narrative when there were a handful of television networks, Martin Luther King, Jr. could be portrayed as a glorious hero and the other side could be easily demonized and lacked the means to get their message out. We’re racing further and further away from that world today. We’re grappling with all of its consequences like mass immigration and the fanciful idea that we can unite on the basis of a commitment to “shared universal values.”

The whole system is breaking down. We’re shrugging off an alien elite and its values. Slowly but surely, a strange reversion to the world that existed before THEM is going on.


I got tired of being called a “racist” years ago.

Note: I’m in optimistic mood this morning after President Trump declared the Lügenpresse to be an “enemy of the people.” I love the 19th century. It is the sort of comment you would expect to see in the 19th century. You can even read this blog as one extended LARP as a 19th century Southerner. We aim to be a modern day DeBow’s Review or The Charleston Mercury here.

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  1. The Roman Catholic Church is starting to be seen as a foreign power once again by White Americans. Maybe, it’s because the Pope, his Cardinals, Bishops, Priests & Nuns have overplayed their political hand. Possibly the hubris, and anti-White attitude of Roman Catholic politicians has caught up with them. Anyway breaking up the Roman Catholiic & Jew political alliance should be everyone’s #1 agenda item.

    • The Catholic Church of my youth is no more. What we have now is a synagogue light, definitely an anti-White institution.

    • The problem isn’t the Church, the problem is the infiltration of leftist ideology in the Church. Nearly all of the churches have had this problem since the early 20th century. Thankfully in the Catholic Church, there’s a groundswell developing that’s similar to the one that got Trump elected. That groundswell is growing slowly, but surely, and the leftist in the Vatican is increasingly uptight about it. He has upset way too many clergy and laity by his aggressive pushing of his leftist agenda. More and more blogs are critical of his tactics and his ideology. So, this nonsense won’t last forever. I just hope the other Church bodies can rid themselves of the leftist rot too.

  2. It far too premature to draw your conclusions.

    Winning one election does not make a victory, especially when the result was so close.

    Whether this is the beginning of a trend or the last gasp of white america has yet to be seen.

    A 70 year old Trump could have a heart attack tomorrow, and the cuck establishment would do nothing to change the dynamics before being replaced by the demographically-ascendant left.

  3. It’s all about the communications technology.

    Newspapers, then radio and television, enabled a small group of people to seize control of the West’s perceptions. This enabled them to create a mindset destructive to their target, White people. They were able to maintain this because the technology was so expensive that only huge corporations could have a voice, and therefore a very limited elite could shape opinion as they wished with essentially no dissenting voices.

    The Internet smashed that elite monopoly on communications. It has allowed thousands of people to be heard who would never have otherwise — hundreds of millions, if you count ordinary commenters.

    We’re actually still in the early stages, but the Alt-Right and all forms of resistance to leftist madness have been immensely bolstered by the essentially free entry and vast reach of the Internet. If we still had only television the hypnosis of the Left would still be largely unchallenged, IMO.

    The rise of the Left to power depended on an unforeseen opportunity for them — the power of television and other communications technology to concentrate vast brainwashing capability in the hands of a few rich individuals and cliques.

    But, overlooked by everyone, technology continued to advance, and, unintentionally, created a medium of communication that is in the process of shattering the basis of the elite’s grasp on power. Prior to the late 19th and the 20th century, the elite simply couldn’t brainwash effectively due to the limits of communications. Now effectively UNLIMITED communications with a very low barrier to entry are reversing the process, creating such a massive flow of information and thought that it’s destroying the brief period during which the elite had modern communications all to themselves.

    it’s quite fascinating, in my opinion.

      • It’s only recently that the internet has begun to truly perform for white interests though. The first fifteen or so years were wasted on Stormfront neo-nutzi stupidity, which for the vast majority of people was the biggest turn-off ever. The increased sophistication of commenter-level alt-right-style racial rhetoric is creating a real buzz.

  4. “I got tired of being called a “racist” years ago.”

    I never got called that. Simply because there aren’t that many blacks around, they’re outnumbered in small town Texas, and we have no SJWs or Trendy Lefties around to speak of. An old hippie in Bonham, Texas tried to organise a Green Party Affiliation a couple of years ago. Only eight people showed up. In 1990, I saw a Pinto with a bumper sticker that said; “Imagine Gay Rights.” I never saw it before, or ever again.

      • That’s the kind of cafe where they set a bowl of grits and a bowl of salsa on the table when you order breakfast. And chicken fried steak is always on the menu and Tuesday’s special, too.

    • Ironically, Mr. Owen, I have been called a Nazi many times, and a racist anti-Semite many more times.

      Thank you for your interesting comment.

  5. I did not know about Jefferson’s feuding with the press, but I’m glad I do now. My respect for him is even higher now.

    I am also enjoying the apparent resurgence in 19th century sensibilities. Comparing the words and actions of prominent statesmen from back then to those we have now, it seems like it was a much more frank and rational time.

  6. One of the greatest Americans of that century was Andrew Jackson. His portrait being displayed in many fotos of Trump in the oval office is a signal that his spirt lives on. Hopefully Trump has a plan, like AJ, to kill the bank without which there is no real possibility to MAGA.

    • He needs to have a plan for getting around judges who will always rule against him. Andrew Jackson basically told John Marshal to go to hell.

  7. Taking away the power of the left’s anti-White hate slurs is most important. Without them they have nothing else to stop us with.

  8. Trump wants to use WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN TEENAGE MALES as canon fodder for Greater Israel……

    Trump..illegally occupying Syria…on behalf of Greater Israel…

  9. California 2017=GREATER CHINA!!!


  10. Robert Zubrin=liberalism for you mother fucking white Christian…die…die…die!!!….Jew Nazi Zionism for my people….

    Bob Zubrin….meet MR. ZYCLON GAS B!!!….

  11. Before the jews took control of the mass media there was genuine variety in the press. Newspapers/magazines could be nativist, conservative, socialist, pro-labor, pro-capitalist, etc. But over the past 100 years or so it’s just been the same uniformly kosher message of Kill the goyim / Have sex with darkies / Let’s impose a world government ruled by the Zionists in Jerusalem. Thankfully, the Enemy’s reign of lies and terror appears to be coming to an end.

  12. “You can even read this blog as one extended LARP as a 19th century Southerner.” — What if an aggrieved reader challenges you to a duel?

  13. I love the 18th Century more than the 19th – but the 19th Century was waaaay better than the 20th. Woo HOO! Forward – BACK! Back to normal.

  14. ‘There are glimmers of the 19th century in the world that is emerging before us.’

    For the last couple of years, since the Immanuel Church Massacre/Dylan Roof Affair, the air in the country feels an awful lot like 1860…

  15. De Bow’s Review was a kikomasonic rag. Cuckfag De Bow hated Christians, and welcomed Muslim and Kike enlightenment, reformation, invasion and domination.

    From J.D.B. De Bow, “The Literature of Spain”, De Bow’s Review of the Southern and Western States, New Orleans, July-December, 1850, page 69:

    Page 78:

    “[a national literature] able to vindicate for itself a place among the permanent monuments of modem civilization.” This brilliant prospect, unfortunately, was destined too soon to be blasted by the introduction — through the growing intolerance and bigotry of the times, sustained by the authority of Ferdinand and Isabella themselves — of the Inquisition, which had been so formidable an engine against the Albigenses in Provence. The dark, terrible and noiseless machinery of this accursed tribunal, carrying dismay and death into the ranks of Moors and Jews, was soon brought to bear upon all classes of society, and, with the progress of the Reformation, crushed, in Spain, the very life and soul of all that was bright or glorious in her rising civilization.

    “The two centuries which followed witnessed the growth of Spanish military glory, in the new and wider arena of foreign conquest and empire. Charles the Fifth marched steadily forward, extending the dominions of Spain over the greater part of the world, and creating a realm for Philip the Second, upon which, it was exultingly said, the sun never set.”

  16. “Jewish media elites have lost their legitimacy. They are losing their grip on power. Their world is suddenly crumbling around them. They have the lost the power to control the Narrative…”

    Deo Gratias!

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