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  1. I want absolutely nothing, zero to do with 9/11/01 conspiracy lunacy. That SH** will drive away 95% of sane White European Americans in all regions.

    The standard story of 9/11/01 works great for us – that’s what happens with the worst immigration, letting nasty, brown/urine colored Islamists come in to our country on student visas to attend flight school in Florida.

    If your thing is opposing the worst anti White Jews, then stress the proven worst ever immigration records of all jewish Congressmen and US Senators. We’ve done that here.

    Strange as it sounds, the worst anti White Jews like NY Sen. Chuck Schumer strongly support mass Muslim immigration to the USA/Europe – it’s because he hates us.

    Conspiracy theory lunacy is the curse of American Right wing politics.

    • I concur. The bizarre thing is that people who hate Muslims and love the West are trying to prove that Muslims didn’t do it.

      The actual truth about 9/11 is high octane proof that letting brown people into our country is a mistake. Yes, a bunch of sand folk motivated by a bizarre murderous desert cult entered the country and murdered thousands of people by flying airplanes into several prominent buildings.

      It’s Exhibit A on Steroids on how letting primeval brown people into our country is going to destroy it. It’s an event so overwhelming that it’s symbolic of how diversity + proximity = war, and a policy of allowing browns into America is literally suicidal.

      Why on Earth would any right wing person who wants to get rid of 3rd world immigration try to “disprove” this glaringly anti-brown reality? Why try to “prove” it was done by this country, thus simultaneously proving the innocence and peaceful intent of those murderous Muslimes?

      The conspiracy theory is insane for two reasons:

      1. It’s so illogical that it paints other ideas even loosely associated with it as equally kooky.

      2. It’s throwing away a giant club labeled “If you have a policy of letting brown people into this country here is absolute proof that it’s a horrible suicidal idea” which we should instead be using to beat the opposition with. Make them OWN 9/11 by pointing out that letting even a HANDFUL of Middle Eastern critters into the U.S. results in thousands of corpses.

      • You are a healthy, intelligent, practical sane person. I want to promote people like you.

        In contrast these 9/11/01 conspiracy loons are

        Nut cases

        It’s like trying to have an intelligent conversation with those Berkeley Antifas – impossible.

        I insist on zero tolerance for 9/11/01 conspiracy loons.

        I have a practical answer to all their sh**.

        They say: “Here’s proof that the Jews directed the 9/11/01 attack – Israeli intelligence was monitoring Mohammed Ata and his crew. How do you explain that”

        I say:

        “Easy. Israeli intelligence has ……

        Intelligent Israelies working for them – they monitory Arab/Muslim extremists who might do nasty chi* like hijack airplanes and crash them in to office buildings – that’s why they call it:

        Israeli Intelligence.

        Why don’t we have intelligent Americans working in American intelligence or working on immigration not giving student visas to Arab/Islamic extremists like Mohammed Ata?


        • Thank you. Your comments need to be said and driven home repeatedly. The details of what happened on 9/11 (I don’t accept the conspiracy theory of it for a host of reasons, but that’s for debate some other time) can be debated later.

          For now, we must remember that the official story of what occurred on that bloody day provides us with a massive hammer to drive home the point that Muslims are murderous, and that third-world Islamic immigration is bad for America. Their presence poses the very real potential of another 9/11 tragedy.

      • America run by Israel at the time and likely still is. Widely admitted. Inside job yes, inside ZOG job. Catalyst for involving America in the wars Israel wanted. Documented Zionist involvement. The plane crash disguised the demolitions. Bldg 7 fell without being struck after someone said ‘pull it.’ It takes months to set up demolition. It’s completely logical. Yes foreign interference just not the foreign interference that you think it is. Just a bit of scepticism and you will see it. Probably suddenly in the middle of the night. Don’t blame me, just telling the truth.

        • And when white people realize the truth of that, they’re all gonna say, my fucking God, I’m white, dammit, and immediately join the struggle for white racial liberation, right?


          Dream on.

      • I agree, all the Alex Jones conspiratard bullshit is obscuring the fact that 20 brown Mohammedan savages destroyed the WTC and killed thousands of people, whether Pigsraeli intelligence knew about the 9/11 attacks or not ( I strongly suspect they did).

        Traditionally, immigration was supposed to benefit not only the immigrant but the country that allowed him in. How does importing millions of useless, violent brown people benefit America?

      • Well put. 9/11 vies with the Moon-landing ‘hoax’ for Dumbest Conspiracy Theory Ever, but even if one had an iron conviction about 9/11, why in the world insist on conflating that with pro-white political activism? Totally insane.

    • Kid is done, mouth breather anti-semitism is a trap.

      Jews do enough to discredit themselves all a guy has to do is point it out and then exclaim the need for freedom from them.

    • Idiots? Loons? You realize the CIA coined the term conspiracy theory. It’s glaringly obvious Jews orchestrated 9/11. Apparently you can’t handle the truth. Building 7. Larry Silverstein. Chertoff’s “investigation”. Saudi passports found in the rubble. You are daft.

    • There are a lot of very questionable holes in the official story, which could use some actual honest investigation. But it’s something that needs to be put on hold for the moment. For now, as you said, the official story is a great asset for the cause.

      • OD Occidental Dissent has a strict, zero tolerance policy for pushing, wild unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

        • You mean pushing wild theories like “19 Arabs highjacked planes and the world’s greatest military was unable to stop them” conspiracy theories like that?

          • Zero tolerance for wild, imposible conspiracy theories.

            “The World’s greatest military” was unable to also stop the invasion of between 11 and 20 million illegal alien invaders.

          • Well, the world’s great military was never assigned the role of preventing 19 Arabs from hijacking planes, so yeah, why not?

        • Then Occidental Dissent has a policy for refusing to address obvious Zionist acts of war against our country.

          Which many will see as cowardly and weak at best.

          • And he does it relying on worn out cliches like conspiracy theory, ah well.

            But doesn’t Pewdiepie impress the hell outta ya? The guy’s got $10 million in the bank, I don’t know any single person with a net worth like that who’s openly pointing out the Jew role in 9/11.

      • Calling people names does not prove that Muslims did 9/11. In fact it makes you look stupid. Who benefits? As you begin to learn to ask this basic question, you will open up a part of your brain that you never knew existed: critical thinking.

          • Go peddle your time-wasting conspiracy theories some place else! Becoming consumed with 9/11 conspiracy theories will only generate heat and little light (if any). Such pursuits will divert us from our greater responsibility to end the soft genocide against our people.

            Jews and White traitors would love nothing more than race-conscious Whites to start infighting about what happened on 9/11. They love it when we are absorbed in endless details, citing of sources, and counter-points, so long as we drift from our primary mission of ending Libtardism and the war against the survival of our people.

            Get your priorities straight!

          • 9/11 was the largest Jewish attack on our country. Using the term conspiracy theory to discredit people is a jewish tactic.

          • Whites first have to care about white racial interests before they can be moved by 9/11 conspiracy logic. If they don’t first care about white interests, then if your conspiracy logic convinces them, they’re more likely to double down on their anti-racism (“starting wars to attack poor brown people!”) than to become WNs.

          • You’re assuming what you’re trying to prove which is a common logical fallacy. Also, using the expression “conspiracy theory” isn’t by itself a “Jewish tactic” unless, of course, you’re once again assuming what you’re trying to prove.

            I could say the same thing about you: Trying to get Whites preoccupied in identifying who the mastermind was behind 9/11 is EXACTLY what Jews would have us doing. If we’re consumed with this endless and fruitless pursuit like a dog chasing its own tail, the less time we will have to organize and work on more pressing issues – such as helping to wake our people up to the threat of third-world immigration, the genuine threat that Jews pose to the West, and the importance of Whites uniting and resisting their own racial and cultural dispossession from Europe and America.

            Once again, get your priorities straight!

          • It is so ducking glaringly obvious that the Jews did it, that I think exposing people to that fact would incite hatred for Jews and thus further our cause. If you can’t see that the Jews did it, then you literally are a moron.

          • Nonsense! I could say the same about you. This gets us nowhere. Once again, if you wish to concentrate your efforts on ‘proving’ that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ or was the work of Jews, go right ahead. These are all issues that will forever be debated, points and counterpoints will be offered endlessly, and the citing of this source or that source will go on till the end of time.

            In the long run this will get us nowhere. We will spin our wills in futility, which is precisely what Jewish elites want us doing. I’m NOT saying we shouldn’t individually research the matter for ourselves, but how about employing some wisdom and using the current narrative of 9/11 (which is actually quite strong once you blast through the conspiracy theories, the assumptions, and the hype) to drive home to the American people that Muslims don’t belong in the U.S.

            Most White Americans will likely reach the same conclusions about Muslims, but the minute you go off on how the Jews orchestrated this and were behind that on 9/11, their eyes will glaze over. Many of them because of their Christian upbringing and biblical influences will write you off because they’ve been taught since childhood that the Jews are God’s ‘chosen people.’

            You can approach the ‘Jew Question’ through other means that will be much more effective than the 9/11 conspiracy route.

          • WE do numb-nuts! And that’s because the ‘official’ narrative in large part is true. The ‘official’ narrative also provides us with a huge hammer to crush the nation that Islamic immigration is good and that Islam is a ‘peaceful’ religion.

            Why does something so obvious have to be explained to you . . . repeatedly?

            Again, get your head straight and start recognizing the gift of the ‘official’ narrative which we have been handed. There may indeed be some apparent discrepancies and unexplained things in the ‘official’ narrative, but that hardly justifies throwing out the baby with the proverbial bathwater.

            A compelling case, by the way, can be made for the ‘official’ story, and there are a host of solid rebuttals to the arguments of the conspiracy theorists. Just start reading widely out of your intellectual box, and you’ll see what I mean. No, I won’t do your homework for you.

          • Lateral thinking? Is that a new word for “ad hominem”?

            I don’t know you. You may well be as smart as you think you are. There are many people on both sides of the 9/11 Truth argument who are better qualified than me to answer questions of engineering and physics. My approach is not to try to understand everything at once, but to approach it piecemeal.

            There are plenty of strange aspects to 9/11, but choosing just one: Why did Building 7 collapse, initially at free-fall acceleration, into its own footprint? If you can’t explain that, doesn’t it raise questions about the official report? Doesn’t it justify an independent investigation?

            Unless, of course, you can explain it.

          • I’m definitely as smart as I think I am. Although, I’m never as smart as I wish I was.

            Then again, if I was too ignorant to realize how smart I was or how smart I wasn’t, would you just take my word for it?

            Of course I am biased. But aren’t we all?

  2. Kikes staged this attack on America. Nation Wrecking is what they DO. Why are you so many of you afraid of this FACT?

  3. HIS FACIAL HAIR IS HITLER VERSION INVERTED!! his hair color is Hitler hair color inverted LOL His left arm has an arm band. ((they did 911)))

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