Video Surfaces Of MILO Defending Pedophilia

Here’s the latest wrinkle in the MILO saga.

As I said on New Year’s Eve, “it is blindingly obvious that MILO is a scandal waiting to happen.” I said that “I bet there are many, many skeletons waiting to come out of that closet.” I even went so far as to predict that MILO will share the fate of the Hindenberg.

Anyway, that was then and this is now. Two months later, I still think MILO will implode at some point. As long as he is calling himself a conservative and giving the keynote address at CPAC, he’s not our problem though. Ideally, we can keep our distance and reap the benefits of the good work he does with free speech on college campuses while avoiding being tainted by the rest of his act.

It just so happens that MILO’s interests coincide with our own. He benefits from keeping his distance from us. By denouncing White Nationalism, he can move into the mainstream. We benefit from keeping our distance from him. He’s no longer being positioned as an “Alt-Right leader” and thus whenever he does implode it will be on the deck of conservatism.

Update: MILO has released a statement in which he claims that he is the victim. This is at odds with what he said in a previous interview. In that video, MILO even said he was present at Hollywood sex parties where older men were having sex with young boys.

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  1. Needless to say, this audio is morally indefensible and disgusting. However, it is clearly a neocon/MSM attack on Milo/alt-lite/alt-right. While we all know that Milo is NOT alt-right, the MSM has spent a lot of time trying to brand him as the ‘leader of the alt-right’ to normies. If they push this tape, it will probably ruin his career, as it should.

    I am not worried about its effects on nationalism/alt-lite/alt-right though. Those forces are already in full swing, and nothing can stop them.

    The hilarious part is seeing alt-lite shills like Jack Posobiec make idiotic arguments to defend Milo. They are calling anyone who has a problem with this a ‘SJW’ and saying they are ‘repressing free speech’, and are also calling the tape ‘fake’, LOL. Those clowns make the alt-lite look stupid, not us!

    • Yes, the alt lite reaction to this will be the best part. All of the faggotry worship will finally come home to roost.

      • Look at Jack Posobiec tweets, he’s calling the video ‘fake news’ and saying just cause Jake Tapper tweeted it, it is ‘fake’, and the alt-lite idiots are eating it up, lol..

  2. I have known about this video for a while, that is how I knew he was a big time degenerate. I guess it took him having a higher profile for it to blow up though. I am quite glad he separated himself from White nationalism.

    While we may take a slight hit with the wider audience because of previous connection, the alt lite, lolbertarianism and neoconservatism will take the full brunt in my opinion.

    • All queers seem degenerate because no straight men can relate to all the easy sex they get. I used to imagine that queers would go on candle light dinner “dates” for months getting blue balled wondering when they were going to get some, same as with normal men and women. Then I found out how naive I was when my sister became a fag hag in High School and I heard the stories of her queer friends going to gaybars in Chicago, getting a simple “look” across the bar from a stranger, and heading off to their place for acts that would make any normal man shudder. Gays are immersed in the kind free and easy sex that only 70s rock stars of famous athletes can relate to. The media and schools lie to make it look like they are typical couples just like mom and dad.

  3. I’d prefer using him to redpill the normies. His degenerate creds has been established. It will satisfy the cuckservatives who does not want him to speak at CPAC.

  4. Not really news that most poofters think they have a right to bugger teenage boys. The premier episode of Showtimes Queer as Folk was about just such an incident, what they gave us on a free weekend preview of Showtime back in 2001. (HBO made Bareback Mountain the prime time movie on Christmas Night a few years back as well.) Most likely given the freedom to, the turd burglars would decide any young vulnerable boy that caught their fancy was “gay” and traumatize them for life with memories of buggery and molestation instead of the usual American Graffiti type high school memories they should have.

  5. 2nd Timothy Chapter 3

    1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
    6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
    7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth.

  6. I did not see any mention in that article of the fact that Glenn Beck founded The Blaze. IAnyway, I wonder if Cernovich will claim that this is the ‘Deep State’ at work.

  7. He’s correct that pedophlia is abuse of prepubescent minors; some places its under 11 and some places under 13. Most of the Catholic priests in the scandal weren’t “pedophiles.” The media covered up that angle and kept referring to “pedophile priests” to avoid examining the priests’ homosexuality. Its just how homosexuals are, always on the make and only an irresponsible person would leave a child in their care. It was decided to be better to portray them as monsters than what they really were, garden variety homosexuals.

  8. Once again Anglin and the dreaded “neo-nazis,” who declared war on this POS months ago, have been proved right.

  9. In his defense M.I.L.O. never said he was a “leader” of the alt right movement, it’s the kike media that has portrayed him as such.

  10. I find it odd that the Left has vilified M.I.L.O. so vociferously. If anything they should be embracing him in order to encourage his attempted subversion of the alt right. But like Napoleon said never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.

  11. You’ve got the right position on this. Keep distance, don’t get into the pile-on, reap the benefits.

    Biological Reality: 14 yo male having sex w/older is not the same ‘pedophilia’ as diddling 8 year olds. Post puberty being difference. Also, UK age of consent 16 so not as shocking there. Nobody reading this thinks ‘poor little Milo was victimized!’ Bitch please

    Political/Cultural Reality: distinction w/o difference, still pedophilia/stat rape. Media & other enemies will take full advantage. PR nightmare

    • What Milo Yiannopoulos is saying about sex with a 14 year old is exactly what ALL homosexuals think about sex with a 14 year old: If its not forcible rape, then its a willing partner and thats just fine. They are not “weak” men who give in to temptation; its just fine with them. People used to know that about homosexuals. They can’t get politicians to lower the age of consent . . . yet. Sometime in the 8th year of a Hillary presidency, there’d be rainbow lights at the White House for that.

  12. Conservatives past: conserving the sanctity of marriage

    Conservatives present: conserving the free speech rights of degenerate pederasts

    Conservatives future: historical footnote

  13. Milo, a Jew posing as one of us, moving to mainstream and hawking for pedophilia. Sounds about right. Controlled opposition 2.0 with a homo flair.

  14. Milo is such a degenerate; I am a little surprised that Breitbart would employ him – as he might offend the morals of the Christian Zionists in their audience. Of course, Christians who study their Bible would not like Milo or Zionism, but we are a very small minority.
    On a side note, as I sit here VP Mike Pence is speaking at the NATO summit, and just detailed how he recently visited Dachau (for the second time). This time he went with a “survivor”. He did not talk about visiting Dresden, where Allied bombers actually slaughtered tens of thousands of our European civilian brothers.
    Multiculturalism is Neo-Babelism.

  15. Most every time I see and hear Milo – he does great. He’s bright, cleaver, funny, intelligent, reasonable and persuasive. I think he’s saying showing extreme forms of homosexual gay things just to get attention and deflect criticism that he and Breitbart can be dismissed as being racists, hateful, homophobic. He’s a Gay immigrant comedian and he drives the PC Lib Left nuts.I’ve never seen him lose an encounter with the Lib Left, they always resort to just calling him names.

    We need to learn from this gay guy, practice what works. Humor, sarcasm – that works.

    • Dude, Milo is FINISHED after this. He came across as a degenerate who prays on middle school aged boys.

      I also don’t like Milo’s speaking style. He has a bizarre habit of staring at the ground or off into space while he rants.

      • Ny neighbor is a White gay guy, flies the gay rainbow flag and marriage equality flag. I’m against homo marriage equality.

        But, otherwise this White guy is a perfect neighbor, doesn’t make any noise, pays his assessment, his home is very clean and neat, well decorated.

        Do I prefer this White gay neighbor to a Black section 8 welfare family with 10 destructive Black teens.

        Hell f****** yes!

        • I would rather use words like queer, sodomite, homo and fag.

          Why resort to the use of the contrived BS word ‘gay’ which is meant to distort reality and make homos acceptable.

          Oh, they are just so flamboyant, colorful, fun, edgy and gay.

          No, most are highly disturbed degenerates.

          • If the homo is a bad person, if he/it’s for cultural marxism, mass Muslim immigration, for BlackLiesMatter, for Jew Hollywood than yeah he’s a….

            Queer, pervert, faggot etc.


            If the homo is a pro Western, pro White, anti Islam, anti BlackLiesMatter, anti Jew Hollywood that person is….


            Do you get the difference?

            Pym Fortyn and even Ernst Rohm were “Gay”.

            Let’s promote some different folks being happy and Gay.

            It certainly beats being held prisoner by ISIS or trapped in a Section 8 housing project with the worst of the Black underclass.

            I hope people understand my point of view.

          • ‘If the homo is a pro Western, pro White, anti Islam, anti BlackLiesMatter, anti Jew Hollywood that person is….
            Do you get the difference?’

            That is just silly.

            They are homos, perverts, regardless of politics which could change tomorrow.

            If you had a son would you want them to introduce him to their lifestyle?

            Because a few of them are in agreement on some issues we should promote and defend them elevating their status in society?

            Bad idea.

          • Nah. You need to think and live out of the close minded Conservative sand box. This conservative sand box has been pooped and peed on so much, it’s a toxic kitty litter box.

            It’s your up tight, close minded Conservative thinking that keeps traitors like Sen. John McCain keep getting re-elected by Conservative Latter Day Saint voters, Viet Nam vets that think he’s the embodiment of the Conservative patriotic military war hero that must be on our side in everything.

            He’s not.

            There have always been gays/homosexuals. Healthy white societies managed to manage these people, see that they contribute positive things instead of working to destroy our civilization.

          • ‘It’s your up tight, close minded Conservative thinking that keeps traitors like Sen. John McCain keep getting re-elected by Conservative Latter Day Saint voters,’

            Now, that’s a stretch. and a heck of a side step.

    • If there is money involved, then yes, Vox will defend Milo. He defends Cernovich and his cuck Civic Nationalism despite Vox sounding like David Duke on the Jewish Question right now.

    • That will be interesting to see. I don’t think he has any choice; he’s gone too far out on a limb to back out now, but exactly how he handles it will be instructive.

  16. Milo deserves the same fate the goat humping mooslimes give homos: tall buildings and gravity.
    When someone like Josey Wales shows up then you’ll see a leader.
    Until then, stock the pantry and buy copious amounts of ammo for your battle rifles.

  17. This is the same guy who says he can’t be racist because he has sex with black men.
    By that logic, heterosexual men can’t be misogynists because they have sex with women.

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