1993 World Trade Center Terrorist Dies, Goes to Hell

Power to the Egyptian People, Not!

Here’s some good news.

The Islamist Egyptian terrorist leader that directed the 1993 slaughter of Americans at the NY World Trade Center (9/11/01 was the second Islamist attack on the WTC) has died and has joined Mohammed Ata and the original Mohammed pedophile terrorist in Hell where they belong.

The 1993 Islamist terrorist attack on the NYC World Trade Center is more evidence (as if any is needed) that American paranoid, 9/11 conspiracy theory “The Jews Did It” Lunatics, are just that…

Paranoid lunatics

According to the great Italian write Dante – the Prophet Mohammed is in some particular ring of Hell. I don’t feel the need to get so specific – these Islamists that are welcomed in to our Western countries where they openly work to rape our women/girls/boys and just murder us as commanded in the Koran – they need to be killed and sent to Hell.

It’s a good day.

1993 World Trade Center Islamist terrorist dies


  1. Good riddance.

    Seems to be conflicting reports as to just how bad and out of control the riots in France are getting, seems the interesting times have arrived.

      • The Clintons and their connections to Islamic Jihad. The jew COMMUNISTS in Chicago are deeply connected to Islamic Jihad. They want Islamic Jihad in the United States [ like what’s going on in Germany and Sweden and France and the rest of Europe ] . Rahm Emanuel and the other jew in Chicago, Jan Schaowsky and her husband Robert Creamer, are also deeply connected to Islamic Jihad in the United States. The whole crowd that groomed Obama for the presidency. Obama and Michelle are NOT Muslims, they’re donmeh jews. The leaders of the Muslim immigrant communities in Europe and in the United States are deeply connected to the jew mob, the jew COMMUNISTS. John McCain, and his ilk, are also connected to Islamic Jihad in the United States. They ALL deserve to be hung for TREASON. For wanting to bring WAR here into the United States.

        • I don’t think the Obamas are Jews or Muslims, rather secular Marxists. Don’t think any of these people are secret Muslims, their motive in bringing them here is vandalism.

          • I didn’t say anyone was a “secret Muslim”, Nightowl. I’m saying Obama is a secret jew, a donmeh jew. Netanyahu, if anyone would know it’s Netanyahu, Netanyahu calls Obama “That Ethiopian Jew”. Obama was born in Kenya but his heritage is Ethiopian jew background. And Michelle comes from a black jew family. Her uncle is a rabbi in Chicago, a black jew rabbi. Donmeh jews are jews who pretend to be “Muslims”. Obama’s boss, Valerie Jarrett, Jarrettt was born in Iran and is also a jew, also a donmeh Jew. Her mother is a jew from Iran, her father a black American COMMUNIST. I didn’t say anyone was a “secret Muslim”. Learn how to read English Nightowl.

          • Obama did say that the sweetest sound he ever heard was the Imam calling the faithful to prayer.

            That’s code for “I’m a Muslim”.

            The point of Islam is a fusion of the text and the deep sonorious quality of the chanting.

            It’s a the universe becoming one with god.

            He’s a Muslim.

        • Jews have been funding and colluding with Muslims for OVER a thousand years to destroy Whites, and Christianity.

          • Denise, If you read Koran and observe Muslims, there is not much difference between Jews & Muslims in their world view. Their supposed fight in the middle east is just for the territory not out of historical enemity. Koran is basically a revamped Talmud with ample doses of red herrings

      • Saw some articles at that Free North Carolina website in the link column here, I think they were from Saturday.

  2. Good news.

    Just got back from a local bar featured on the food channel. The odd guy with the bleached hair. He has a restaurant on the strip. Guy FĂ©ria or something.

    I get take out all the time during day hours. Lots of Brits there tonight drinking. The “que” to the bar was lengthy.

    Not a nigger in sight. Not one. Had a drink, music, was blasting.

    This blind guy is dead, one less and that is good stuff.

  3. After the 1993 terrorist attacks, the US did not restrict Muslim immigration, in fact Muslim immigration was increased. 9/11 attacks did not cause a restriction on Muslim immigration. The hostile((( American elite )))does not care about the majority of Americans.

  4. Taking out their hostilities against the West on two high-rise office buildings. Only a Mohammedan with room temperature IQ could justify such stupidity.

  5. These chosenites masterminded the destruction of the Third Reich and the Dismantling of the British Empire.

    Blowing up a building would be a walk in the park. Manipulating some Arabs to get their hands dirty easy enough.

  6. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. Arab/Paki mass murder, sexual grooming, mass male Muslim migration invasions – these are not complicated subjects. Regular sane White Western people strongly oppose all of these terrible things.

    If you step up to the plate like President Donald Trump and say/act to oppose

    Arab/Paki/Muslim mass murder/terrorism
    Sexual grooming
    Mass male Muslim migration invasions

    You/we will win.

    The Swiss People’s party is the #1 political party in Switzerland. Le Pen surging to the top, Geert Wilders competing to win power.

    Donald Trump is….

    President of the United States.

    If you do this simple, positive, non nonsense approach to the worst Islamists you will also receive extreme opposition/hatred by the worst anti White Jewish media/pols. You will receive almost as much opposition and hate if you were a 24/7 Jew hating White racist Nazi.

    So why can’t so much of the American White nationalist, racial realist, immigration restrictionists do the simple, easy things to say and do to oppose the worst Arab/Pakist/Islamist terrorism, slaughter of Whites/Christians, oppose sexual grooming, rapists, Muslim migrant invasions of White Western countries. Why can’t we do the easy things like looking both ways before we cross the street. Why are so many people wandering in to the middle of traffic.

    Jeees. Sometimes I think many of our people are as confused and ignorant as the worst inner city underclass Negroes.

    • We know about the Orcs. We know all about the Orcs. You can’t solve the problem with the Orcs until you solve the CAUSE of the problem. Tell us about the Tribe protecting, advocating and funding the Orcs.

      • One of the Tribes protecting, advocating some funding of the Islamist Orcs are anti White Jewish pols like NY Sen. Chuck Schumer and the American mass media that is heavily anti White Jewish owned.

        This anti White Jewish owned mass media (Jew York Times, CNN, MSNBC etc) doesn’t come right out and promote ISIS, the Taliban or try to push some nutcase conspiracy theory lunacy that White racists in the League of the South did 9/11/01 and has framed poor innocent Arab/Paki Islamists – no instead the anti White, very Jewish Lugenpresse does endless propaganda that there are no problems with Mass Muslim immigration except that too many Trump supporters are racists and don’t make the Muslims feel welcome so if occasionally some Muslims act out (do mass murder of our people, rape our women/girls/boys) it’s not the Muslim migrants fault, it’s the fault of White racist Trump supporters and what is needed is more Liberal Leftists in power, more laws against Hate speech etc.

        The Anti White Jews that dominate the American MSM Lugenpresse are vicious and extremely hateful of White American gentiles, White Southerners but these vicious lying anti White Jews in the media are not


        In contrast the conspiracy mongering 9/11/01 TRUTHERS are extremely stupid, their confused rantings and ravings confirm the MSM stereotype that White racialists people are largely insane, dysfunctional nut cases that can not be allowed any power and should instead be confided to mental institutions for the insane.

        OK does that answer your question.

      • We repeatedly posted and reposted this classic OD history lesson about Whites, Muslims (Arab Moors) and Jews in 15th century Spain. Very similar things are at work her win the USA, Jew SA


        Jews were basically given the boot from 15th Century Spain by White Spanish Catholics for basically taking the Muslim side, being Muslim tax collectors, selling white girls in to sexual slavery to Muslim buyers – that sort of sh**.

        Anti Whites like Charles Schumer, Jew Hollywood moguls are basically doing the same thing now – promoting mass Muslim immigration to the USA other White countries.

        OK, so what do we do

        What did the successful Whites in 15th century Spain do?

        Did the Whites in 15th Century Spain try to deny there was any Muslim Moor problems – it was a near all out violent war in the Reconquest.

        I’m sorry – opposing the worst, nastiest Arab/Paki Islamist terrorists like this blind Egyptian dude that did the 1993 World Trade Center bombing – that’s a no brainer, an easy call.

        Why do so many people that hang out on supposedly pro White, pro Southern race realist blogs seem not have functioning brains?

        Maybe it’s some conspiracy.


        • The Jews are such liars. A Jew once said that the Spanish when they threw out the Jews completely fell apart. The truth is that the next three hundred years or so were the time of Spain’s greatest triumph. So the lying Jew says,”well they fell apart in 300 years because they got rid of the Jews”.

  7. FWIW:

    “Path to Paradise: The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Bombing” (complete 1997 HBO movie)

    • What s the main theme of this WTC 1993 bombing movie? I hope it isn’t crazy conspiracy theory SH** that tries to stay this nasty Arab blind cleric was framed by….

      White racists
      the KKK
      Aliens from outer space
      The Joooooooooooooooooooos


  8. Here’s a little music break that addresses the “CRAZY” conspiracy theory lunatics trying to say Arab/Paki Islamists slaughtering our people in our Western countries are all innocent a “religion of peace” and we shouldn’t embrace the #1 winning issue that elected President Trump – keeping out Islamic terrorists.

    Crazy – Patsy Cline

  9. Sorry, Jack. The Israelis were involved in 9/11 although it is not clear to what extent. It is a fact that the Israelis have manipulated the Islamic extremists for years. The FBI and CIA know all about the Israeli links to 9/11.

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