Cuckservatives: MILO Is Conservatism’s Problem

I fired off a tweetstorm this evening in response to National Review‘s pathetic attempt to dump MILO’s implosion on the doorstep of the Alt-Right:

I’ve written extensively about MILO. I outlined all the reasons why MILO isn’t Alt-Right and why I assumed he would implode in No, It’s Not MILO’s World and MILO’s Deploraball.

Vox Day is MILO’s biggest fan in the Alt-Right. Even Vox Day doesn’t claim MILO is Alt-Right though.

The Daily Stormer launched a Holy Crusade to remove MILO from Breitbart.

Last month, MILO boasted on Breitbart that he had gotten railed for 18 hours in his hotel room by his black boyfriend. He bragged about his clothes and denounced White Nationalism.

If MILO was really Alt-Right or a White Nationalist, he wouldn’t be writing for Breitbart, signing a major book deal with Simon & Schuster, addressing CPAC as a keynote speaker, or appearing on FOX News or Real Time With Bill Maher. He has never been involved in the movement. He has never borne any of the costs that come publicly from taking the side of White people in America.

MILO wouldn’t be writing for Breitbart if he was explicitly Alt-Right or a White Nationalist.

All the videos which are now circulating about MILO have been known in Alt-Right circles for months and were discussed extensively during the #Deploraball controversy.

Every single damaging thing that MILO has done was known by the end of 2016. I certainly knew enough about MILO to form an opinion about him and predict his demise. CPAC, however, didn’t care about MILO bathing in blood, the crossdressing, the Twinks for Trump photoshoot, the pedo themed RNC party, the constant boasting about gay interracial sex or MILO’s raging narcissism.

MILO was rejected months ago by The Daily Stormer and The Daily Shoah.

Breitbart has published over a dozen articles lately criticizing various media outlets for smearing MILO as being associated with the Alt-Right. There have been several retractions.

I wrote an article about this at the time.

MILO never once described himself as “Alt-Right.” He wrote an article about the Alt-Right as a journalist. In the article, he only claimed to be a fellow traveler on free speech issues.

MILO was never invited to speak at a White Nationalist conference. He would have been too controversial due to the feelings of the community on race-mixing, homosexuality, pedophilia and the Jewish Question. Instead, he was invited to headline CPAC even after the bathing in blood incident.

In the same article, MILO also compared himself to Cincinnatus while wearing black lipstick.

The #Deploraball controversy established that the “New Right” had become its own thing. MILO was supposed to headline the #Deploraball. There was a huge controversy over it when Baked Alaska was banned. The whole point of the controversy was to signal that homosexuality had entered the “mainstream” within conservatism while “White identity politics” would still be shunned as fringe. MILO’s invitation to speak at CPAC was the only latest attempt to mainstream homosexuality.

MILO never had the platform within the Alt-Right that he had within “conservatism” at Breitbart. He had too many things going against him to ever be accepted. It was conservatism, not the Alt-Right, which embraced MILO in spite of all of his well known character flaws.

The End.

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  1. I’d like to see an analysis of Milo’s relationship with Vox Day and Cernovich – much more interesting !

  2. ‘MILO was never invited to speak at a White Nationalist conference. He would have been too controversial due to the feelings of the community on race-mixing, homosexuality, pedophilia and the Jewish Question. Instead, he was invited to headline CPAC even after the bathing in blood incident.’

    He was invited to headline CPAC.

    Just. Wow.

      • I heard the video and he does not see being attracted to young boys as a problem.

        Bragging about sex with black men is also something he does. He is a sick person. Would you leave your children alone with Milo?

        I assume you wouldn’t, and that speaks volumes on his character. Vox has offered to publish a book that is written by a person who makes excuses for pedophiles, that also speaks volumes on Vox’s character.

        • Oh bullshit. He’s not talking about ten-year-olds. He’s referring to sexually mature teens. “Age of consent” is always going to be somewhat arbitrary, so it’s ludicrous to portray someone whose opinion differs from yours by a year or two as some kind of freak.

          • I am surprised you are defending this degenerate. In the clip I heard he clearly made excuses for men who lust after the anus of a 14 year old boy.

            Does that not bother you? Homosexuality is a mental disorder, and most sodomites were victims of sexual abuse in their prepubescent age. The whole degenerate lifestyle is disgusting and should not be accepted or defended.

          • I disagree. I think it needs to be accepted and defended, but certainly not appreciated or promoted. If you don’t accept or defend it, what are you going to do, launch a crusade to stamp it out? That would take a world of effort in itself; on mere pragmatic grounds I’d focus on more important issues.

            Yes, fourteen is cutting it pretty fine, but some fourteen-year-olds look quite a bit older, so I don’t think being attracted to one is necessarily a sign of mental illness.

          • Fair enough, Silver. We disagree on this though. Years ago I worked in an area where a Pride Parade was going on.

            It was the most disgusting/ disturbing event I have ever witnessed. These people are sick and ungodly. Embracing Milo essentially embraces the insanity within that culture.

          • I have no intention of “embracing” Milo. I just think he’s useful.

            I could not bring myself to be anywhere in the vicinity of a gay pride march. There was a gay march/protest at my university once (probably more than once, but this was one that came to my attention) and the Arab students there went sick on the faggots. I was quite torn about whom to side with.

          • On that day I was warned by the homeowner to not leave the house. It was in Hillcrest San Diego. This was years ago when I ran my own business remodeling homes.

            I had to buy materials and got stuck right in the middle of the parade. I could explain what I saw, but I’m sure you can imagine. An alternative universe these people live in. And they are an angry bunch, militant.

            They work to legitimize their lifestyle and push it upon normal society. Blatantly.

          • We need name with which to distinguish them, something like “homosexual fundamentalists” or “militant homosexualists.” I have seen photos of events like the one you mentioned, something they (mercifully) don’t show on TV (not yet, anyway, though I bet they’re working on it). I have no words for how disgusting I find it all. Sick fucking animals. It’s rather unfair on more reserved faggots to be equated with these sickos, I think. At least drawing such a distinction might help bring reflexively pro-gay normies around to supporting some kind of limits on homo exhibitionism.

          • Not sure about that. They are like blacks and Moslems. When they congregate the true colors are displayed. A derangement exists in all of them, and when they have power in numbers, the ones that conceal it no longer feel the need to hide.

            They are a different breed and should not be allowed to further their agenda. Tight restrictions and shame is called for to relagate their inherent degeneracy to the closet.

          • You might be right about that, but I’m thinking tactically of ways to get more normies on board with putting limits on faggotry. And to that end I’m convinced it helps to draw a distinction – even a completely bogus one – between ‘good ones’ and ‘bad ones.’ Follow me?

          • For a sexually reproducing species to fetishize the digestive tract is objectively disordered. Assuming both partners are sexually mature I don’t see how it becomes less disordered if the target is 16 or 18 rather than 14.

        • M.I.L.O. has repeatedly said he hates kids. But certain types of 15-17 year old boys might be another story.

          • Most homosexuals despise children and women. I knew a sodomite years ago. He was extremely racist and laughed when I said the word nigger. I remodeled his kitchen so I got to know him. I discussed politics with him a lot. He hated Moslems, blacks, Mexicans etc..

            The house was a flip so I never knew much about his personal life aside that he was a flaming faggot. Later on I found out that his boyfriend was a nigger. He found women to be disgusting and thought having children was a waste of time. A complete degenerate in every sense.

            One thing about sodomites, they lie constantly. I think it comes from the abuse they suffered as kids and the fact they hide their lifestyle.

  3. From NR:

    Yiannopoulos — who has himself hurled anti-Semitic slurs (he recently described a Jewish BuzzFeed reporter as “a typical example of a sort of thick-as-pig s**t media Jew”) and who helped to popularize the term “cuckservative”

    Reaching a mass audience with that message obviously helps move the ball up the field. There’s no question he’s been useful. I would not be celebrating his demise.

      • You’ll never catch me celebrating homosexuality. Were it up to me, I’d ban gay pride parades tomorrow. But acceptance of the homosexual act is already pretty normalized, and I think that’s a good thing.

        • Why would normalizing degenerative behavior be a good thing?

          I accept the fact that these people will always be around. But they should be made to keep that filth in the closet.

          • What does that mean, though, that they shouldn’t even be able to admit being gay? That seems unduly harsh to me. Most of them seem to do a good job of keeping it out of sight. Despite living in a very socially progressive cities, the most I’ve seen is gays holding hands or lightly caressing, and even there I noticed people staring wide-eyed at it. I’ve never seen two guys kissing in public before. That’s good enough for me.

            The worst is things when gays have tried to pick me up. If you look good, dress well, and hang out in trendy areas it will happen. It seems to happen about once a year or so, sometimes twice. It disgusts me, and I remember it for ages, but it’s not some huge burden, and it’s good for a laugh.

          • It is filthy behavior and given the platform they will work to further it. Having them out in the open is not conducive to a healthy society. It is degenerative a nod damaging.

            I have always viewed Milo as a catalyst in our circles to normalize degeneracy. And I have always opposed his stealth campaign.

            Anyhow, Pastor Stevens in AZ gave a sermon related to this topic. Not a huge fan or follower of him, but this video is rather amusing.


          • Ronnie, dude, I talk a big game about tolerating faggots etc, mainly cos I’d rather just focus on race and really don’t give a shit if faggots and (far worse, imo) trannies exist “out there” somewhere where I never have to see or hear them. But deep down, if some authoritarian government got fed up wit their bullshit and began massacring them I wouldn’t lift a finger to stop it.

  4. Those Murdoch Murdoch cartoons are cool but I doubt most people will ever understand them. I especially enjoyed the guest appearance by Rabbi Enoch – Peinovich, the garrulous “Serbian/Norwegian” jew from the Upper East Side.

  5. Even if he hadn’t imploded this way, what kind of rightwing movement stands by with bland acceptance while someone is put on a pedestal for being sodomized by niggers? It’s a very sick society that accepts these qualities while hysterically denouncing white nationalism. I don’t believe most normies were fully on board with Milo either. The articles about him at Breitbart typically received the fewest comments, at least until recently. It’s like he was forced on to the alt-light whether they liked it or not.

  6. I actually think Milo was accepted by the Alt-Right to a certain degree. Granted, it was more a “friend of mine” rather than a “friend of ours” type of acceptance, but there was a good amount of tolerance or at least indifference when he was juxtaposed with the Left’s more explicit and virulent anti-White rhetoric.

    I believe that the tolerance/indifference held by a majority of the Alt-Right existed only insofar as Milo used his time and energy bashing feminists, Muslims, BLM and other bastions of Leftist lunacy. When Milo, Breitbart and the mouthpieces of Conservative Inc. Part Deux started attacking the “racists” like Richard Spencer and trying to draw distinct lines of division when it came to racialism and identity politics, the acceptance, tolerance and selective indifference reached the end of its cycle. I can write a long, long list of things I can accept or at least tolerate. Rabid and forced multiculturalism, multiracial utopian platitudes, and regurgitated anti-White rhetoric are not on that list.

  7. I’m so worried about Vox Day. He is “loyal” to a fault and once he has attached himself to someone, no matter how many stupid or evil things that person does, Vox will defend them. I really don’t want to see Vox go down with (((HMS Milo))).

  8. Milo is strongly denying these smears (by Republicans, Cuckservatives) that he ever endorsed pedophilia or that he’s a self hating anti Semite. My gut feeling is that the same NeverTrumpers at Breitbart and in Conservative Inc are simply smearing a very successful Alt Light, pro Trump cultural leader – Milo. The fact that we have a youthful, funny guy who’s a big hit on college campuses with young people, the Anti White, Left, Cuckservatives and the Neo Conservatives really don’t like that. Remember that dishonest effort to take down the Trump campaign because Trump’s security guy supposedly tried to body slam a woman Breitbart reporter who was sleeping with a Washington Post Jewish Lib reporter? Ben Shapiro resigned in a huff from Breitbart News because Breitbart management didn’t believe this obvious hoax.

    Here’s what Milo said in defense of these smears that he’s pro pedophilia.

    “Milo YiannopoulosLike Page

    February 19 at 2:55pm ·

    There’s a video going around that purports to show me saying anti-semitic things (nope) and advocating for pedophilia (big nope). The shocking thing? It’s Republicans doing it. Sad to see establishment types collapse into the same tactics as social justice warriors: name calling, deceptively edited videos, confected moral outrage and public shaming. This is why they deserve to burn — and why they are burning. Here’s how I actually feel about pedophilia, which you’d know if you’d actually watched or read anything I’ve ever done. Or, you know, if you had two brain cells to rub together. There’s only one appropriate response to this sort of behavior, and it’s a gigantic FUCK YOU!

  9. Faggotry is 1: repulsive and 2: doesn’t produce white offspring.
    It should be forcefully rejected until these degenerates go back into the closet

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