MILO’s Book Dangerous Cancelled

MILO just lost his book deal with Simon & Schuster:

“Milo Yiannopoulos’ book Dangerous was canceled abruptly Monday after Republican conservatives released clips of videos-with-audio in which he seemed to condone sex between men and boys.

In a terse statement released Monday afternoon, the right-wing provocateur’s publisher said: “After careful consideration, Simon & Schuster and its Threshold Editions imprint have canceled publication of Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos.”

Minutes later, Yiannopoulos posted this on Facebook: “They canceled my book.” …”

He is also reportedly “facing dismissal” at Breitbart:

“Employees at Breitbart News are reportedly prepared to leave the company if controversial senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos is not fired.

Another senior editor at the publication told Washingtonian Monday that “at least a half dozen” employees are prepared to leave to organization because of remarks Yiannopoulos made about pedophilia that gained attention this weekend.

“The fact of the matter is that there’s been so many things that have been objectionable about Milo over the last couple of years, quite frankly. This is something far more sinister,” the senior editor said.

“If the company isn’t willing to act, there are at least half a dozen people who are willing to walk out over it.” …”

The Dangerous Faggot is on the ropes. Can he recover from this?

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  1. It depends if Milo just made very bad, inappropriate comments or if he’s had homo lovers under the age of say 15.

    16 is the legal age of consent in most Western countries.

  2. Milo is finished. Most normies would invite their “racist” Uncle to Thanksgiving dinner. Normies would never invite their Paedo Uncle over.

    • Pizzagate is real and it’s been going on in the higher up elite circles for a long time. Jimmy Savile, Marc Dutroux, the Franklin cover up, Haut de la Garenne, the Dozier school…the list goes on and on.

      • True. I wonder if Flynn got canned for mentioning Pizzagate. Maybe Trump has something planned for our pizza lovers and doesn’t want it to get out????

        • Don’t think Pizzagate is real. On the other hand we have an old fat lazy lazy black guy at work who spent most of his adult life locked up for molesting a very young boy. He had the nerve to “speak freely” and was mentioning how much he’d “love to open up a Chuck E Cheeze or Showbiz Pizza” and how he’d be “racking in the cash” in this town and how much this town needs one of these kiddie pizza places. As soon as he left all the other blacks were shaking their heads in disbelief considering this guys past. Good news is unlike all the Trayvons and OJs whom they believe innocent, they think this guy was guilty as sin of buggering that boy. He claims innocence but has an obsession with children, befriending single mothers and “babysitting their kids” all weekend while the single mothers go off to the big city to party at ghetto clubs. What kind of full grown bachelor wants to spend his weekend looking after kids? He buys endless gifts for some little boy he calls his “nephew” although he’s not a blood relationship, he also pays the mother’s cable and phone bills. Taken straight from Michael Jackson’s playlist. He knows the local States Attorney’s queer downlow ex-husband who pulled some strings to get him out of a charge for hanging around a local public parks playground. Lazy fuck who does nothing all day long. His “nephew” relocated to Indiana, hopefully Indiana will get him for something, unlike Illinois they lock you up there and throw away the key for Jaywalking.

  3. LOL. You americucks are so fucking gullible. This fag has been nothing but trouble for a very long time. Even we bad-teethed English knobs would not want him. You can have him.

    • Americans have a soft spot and weakness for Brits. We automatically think any Brit is refined, even Michael Caine with his working class Cockney accent.

          • I am not from Londonistan but leafy and wealthy middle England. My village has none of these degenerates. We are safe.

          • Bu the Jew “government” of Jewland punishes actual ENGLISH (or Scots, or Welsh, or Irish) is they even protest against the Haidji-fication, The Hadjis are infesting every place in the JewK. What makes you think your leafy place is immune? Or is your village totally kosher?

          • Yes..very very traditional English village. My uncle is the village vicar. All that multi culti crap is practically not seen here..just us wealthy whites..

          • Then why aren’t the wealthy Whites HELPING the not-so-wealthy? No village is an island. Why don’t you get your vicar uncle to advocate for Joshua Bonehill, and so many other WHITES languishing in prison, for objecting to the Sand Niggers? Do you know who Kevin Crehan was?

          • Briteesh is a troll. His syntax is decisively not British and his repetitive emphasis on his village’s supposed wealth is another give away (lately there’ve been a ton of trolls trying to split Whites up along class lines: poor vs middle class vs upper class, etc.).

      • Brits are almost as bad as Jews as far as I’m concerned. They condmened the Czar and his family to be stuck in Russia and let their like friends kill them. They’re the 3rd biggest cucks in Europe after Germany and Sweden.

        • Yes! Their desertion of their close relatives the Romanovs, is vile. There is precious little loyalty in them. And I say this as an English and German American. Thanks for reminding me to order an icon of the Romanovs to add to my collection!

          • Remember, Jews had infiltrated a lot of British nobility by the 1900s. It started with (((Rothschilds))) and “converts” like (((Benjamin D’Israeli))). Can’t blame ordinary English Folk.

          • The German high command sending Lenin through the lines had nothing to do with the killings I suppose.

        • Did the Americans offer to take him? No. I know the Royal Navy brought most of the Whites out.

          There’s a famous exfiltration that includes Kolchak’s family.

          • No, but then again, Britain and Russia were in the war together from the beginning. America joined the same year the Romanovs were overthrown. Also, Nicholas II and Woodrow Wilson weren’t cousins.

          • Royal politics are quite something.

            You know those battles in the middle ages? Mostly brothers killing brothers and cousins.

          • No. I think Harold very nearly married William’s sister though.

            Almost in laws.

            Harold was brother in law of Edward the Confessor, king before Harold.

            Harold had some claim to the Danish crown through his mother.

          • “You know those battles in the middle ages? Mostly brothers killing brothers and cousins.”

            Actually, it was mostly the brothers and cousins killing their respective peasantries.

        • Mate, I agree that what happened to the Romanovs was tragic but blaming the Brits for their death doesn’t make any sense.

          After all, just consider that:

          1. It was Russian Commies, led by Jews, who killed him. Not the Brits.

          2. There were neutral nations which had offered the Czar asylum (but which the Czar chose not to flee to).

          3. There were reds in Britain’s industrial cities and there was a genuine fear that if the Czar was brought to Britain the local commies would riot and impact the on going war effort. Britain was incredibly strained by WWI and difficult decisions had to be made.

      • ‘Americans have a soft spot and weakness for Brits.’

        Uh, Mr. F inkelstein, I have a soft spot for Brits of Alfred, Æthelred, and Harold Godwinson’s ilk – not the modern socialist Brit.

    • Not this American. I have no use for sodomites and think they all belong in the bog. But really, I expect more from right wingers or alt righters or whatever the hell you want to call yourselves. What would possess anyone to think a sodomite is on our side?

      Also, HE’S A JEW! For God’s sakes! A gay Jew. Who cares about him and who would ever want to count him as one of us??

      • Goodness me Sunshine …you sound like you need a holiday !! If ever your in Australia , drive west out of Sydney for about six hours until you reach a town called Moombooldool , on the other side Kamarah . When you get there , hang a right and cruise along a dirt road for about seven kays then take a left down Gibson Rd. Keep driving for ten kays and my wheat fatm is on the right. Drop I and say g’day ! I’ll do steak , lamb , pork and fish but here’s the exciting part- I grow my own vegies !! I’ll show ya Narrandera , Weethallee , Binya and even South Yalgogran.
        Aussie is the best country in the world . Why don’t ya move here?
        Best regards to you family and we’ll see ya’s down here soon.

        • Err that was meant to say wheat farm and drop in and say g’day and regards to your family …excuse the typos .Cheers mate.

  4. Hunter Wallace called this just a few months back. The pics that Milo posted of naked underage boys in maga hats should have been a giveaway that something like this was bound to happen.

    • Hunter also stated that Milo had Geert Wilders speak in front of pictures of scantily clad boys at an event at the GOP Convention. If Milo’s pederasty hurts Wilders in the upcoming Dutch election, then seriously fuck Milo and I hope he drops dead from AIDS.

      • SHAME on Wilders for appearing with those posters behind him. He should have refused to speak until the posters were removed. If he loses votes it’s his own fault.

      • Wilders has no intention of supporting true ethnic or racial nationalism (aside from his ties to America and Europe’s respective Jewish Lobbies, he’s also got Indonesian blood on his mother’s side). He’s basically just a civic nationalist who takes advantage of anti-Islam sentiment.

        So I’m personally crossing my fingers and hoping that Milo’s latest debacle finishes off his career so that better men can rise and take his place. Trust me, there are solid Nationalists in the Netherlands. There are men who are smarter, more attractive, less weird, don’t bleach their hair, aren’t mixed race, etc. They just don’t get any air time because Wilders acts as the far right kingmaker.

        It seems paradoxical, but I truly believe that getting rid of Wilders will help the Netherlands.

      • ” I hope he drops dead from AIDS”
        His claim to fame is homosexual acts with multiple black partners, it’s only a matter of time

    • Raising a Whiskey glass and saying Hail Trump is Terrible Nazism, but I will publish the book of a degenerate Fag who excuses Paedophilia because its good for my bottom line!

      Also, no one believed Milo was actually writing that lame Dangerous book. Simon and Schuster would have got him a great ghost writer. Vox better be prepared to write Dangerous himself. I’m guessing no one wants to read a Paedo’s book ghost written by a Lord of the Rings Larper.

  5. Surely he must be running short of money by now. 100 grand from a White man’s college fund won’t buy many faggy costumes.

  6. This is a setback for the alt right, no doubt about it. It obviously benefits us to have someone like Milo making similar points to us because it demonstrates to normies that one needn’t be some bible-clutching conservatard to stand up to the SJW agenda. How fucking hard is this to understand? Impossibly, if one judged by comments here.

    • What similar points did the libertine Milo make to the Alt Right?

      Milo:” I’m for free speech which always me as a dangerous faggot to shit on Feminism and SJWs, but White identity politics is bad and Richard Spencer is a White Jesse Jackson!”

      • Yes, pretty much that. He can denounce white identity politics all he wants, but the effect of his rhetoric is that it softens normies up, many of whom will eventually decide that white identity politics is perfectly legitimate. Whereas if they thought that resisting SJWism required them to go full “gas the kikes, race-war now,” most of them would remain cowed. That seems to be the way it works.

        • Sorry, there are plenty of other people who will pick at the low hanging fruit and attack Feminists and SJWs, and they don’t have Milo’s baggage. Ann Coulter has done it for years.

          • I don’t think you get it. It isn’t “baggage,” rather it’s what actually helps break through the programming. People like Coulter are expected to take on the “low-hanging fruit,” but people like Milo aren’t – which helps us reach previously unreached audiences.

          • Making excuses for Paedophilia is baggage. There are many many many Alt Lite or New Right pundits who can replace Milo without his degenerate bullshit. But apparently you think normies need a Pozzed faggot to begin the red pilling process. I don’t. I think Milo turns off a lot of people with his antics.

          • Well ok, the paedo shit is baggage, sure.

            I didn’t say we needed a Milo-like figure to redpill people. I said it helps to have one.

            I’m sure Milo turns some people off. Fortunately, they’re the types whose redpilling can be initiated by a Coulter, so they’re not lost to us just cos Milo turned them off.

  7. I, if anyone has read my comments over time, have no love for the Jews or homosexuals but didn’t he say he was not for sex with anyone under the age of consent? Is it true they cut what he said to make it seem he was promoting underage sex? I’ve seen these two posted as fact. Hard to know the truth. If true he’s not promoting pedophilia. By the same token he’s a Jew glomming onto the Alt-Right to screw it up like Jews always glom onto anything new to destroy it so fuck him, even if he isn’t a pedophile. I’m not interested in fair play for Jews. The offer none for us.

    If it’s bad for the Jew it’s good for the USA.

  8. All homos are child molesters at heart. Who does this surprise? Does this mean that I don’t EVER have to hear any more about this sick fucking queer jew? One can only hope.

      • He seems tenacious. I wouldn’t write him off just yet.

        An apology/explanation/retraction or two might be all it takes. After all, didn’t he advocate for 13-year-olds? It’s not like he said 8-year-olds.

        • Wait until it comes out that Milo’s buggered 17 year old college freshmen on his Dangerous Faggot Tour, and plied them with Blow and Alcohol. Dangerous Faggot Indeed.

          • We all know faggotry is disgusting. But why pointlessly attack one that is actually helping us? Makes no sense to me.

            I can understand why Hunter does it, given his need to appeal to Southerners, who love to believe they’re everyone else’s moral superiors, and “good, decent Southerners like us refuse to have anything to do with a faggot like Milo.”

            I can’t understand why anyone else would take this tack.

          • The Occidental Dissent Twitter Feed seems to be growing at 1% PER DAY.

            It is not a pleasant aspect of reality, but this stuff sells.

            The “Alt South” is the fastest growing part of this movement at the moment, and this is long overdue. Can we have a society of, by, and for normal people before I die?

  9. Apparently, pedophilia is still a bridge too far for the mainstreamers. All Milo had to do was wait a few more years.

  10. For quite a number of years, the controllers have been testing the waters regarding the public’s acceptance of pedophilia and incest. However, the baby boomers and the older generation(s) will never accept or condone these sick & twisted illnesses. Give it time folks. By the time the Millennials reach their forties, they will be out protesting for them to be embraced and protected under the law. The controllers are Satanists/Luciferians and the degradation of humanity is their entertainment. They feed on negative energy. With each passing generation they get more and more of what they want.

  11. Glad to see this annoying, race-denying half-Jew may be done for in the public eye. Even if he’s done a bit of good for us (intentionally or otherwise). If he goes, I hope a clever alt-Right leader like Spencer can be recognized as the real leader of the alt-Right.

    • My concern is that Spencer becomes a stunt-monkey and circus clown performing for an audience. At some point he’s going to need to act his age (almost 40?), publish some books, put the college bourbon down, and take things more seriously.

  12. It’s not “pedophilia” it’s statutory rape and pederasty. People should be punished for this, but not to the same degree as actual pedophiles who molest prepubescent children. Due to female panic over a few rare high profile child abduction cases police departments get bounties for catching pedophiles, so the go out and arrest 18 year old High School Seniors sleeping with their 17 year old High School Junior girlfriends.

  13. hitlers earliest and most devoted followers were in fact homosexuals- Ernst Rohm et al – milo divides the gay vote away from democrats – because he is young -out- good looking and a very funny bitch—he is the new republican party -embrace it every vote is needed- hail milo!

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