Politico: Alt-Right Casts Shadow Over CPAC

Politico has a new story on how CPAC is grappling with the influence of the Alt-Right:

“Ned Ryun was strolling through the offices of the American Conservative Union two weeks ago when he stumbled on a whiteboard with a draft schedule for the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference.

“I looked at the board and said, ‘Why do we have Alex Marlow of Breitbart speaking for 30 minutes?” said Ryun, an ACU board member, referring to the editor-in-chief of the controversial right-wing news outlet. …

“We disinvited him over pedophilia,” Ryun said. “The debate I wanted to have, and which [ACU Chairman Matt] Schlapp didn’t want to have, is why are we inviting somebody who calls himself a fellow traveler of the alt-right?”

The episode encapsulated the debate that’s roiled the Republican Party over the past year, as Donald Trump and his army of nationalist-populist followers eviscerated a field of more traditional Republicans. The controversy is casting a pall over CPAC’s kickoff on Thursday, throwing the identity crisis that wracked the conservative movement during the presidential campaign into stark relief once again.” …”

It must be quite a dilemma for them.

As recent years have shown, there are lots of Millennials who are rightwing and inclined to vote for some Republican candidates, but who simultaneously clash with “True Conservatism.” The average National Review subscriber is 66-years-old. The average FOX News viewer is 68-years-old. The largest generation in the country who now have their own children don’t remember Ronald Reagan.

Regardless of how we feel about MILO, he was right when he said these people are dead. They are literally dying off every year. They really needed him more than he needed them. The MILO demographic loves President Trump, but hates National Review and The Weekly Standard.

Note: From what I have heard, the idea that CPAC is a bastion of traditional Christian morality is kind of laughable to begin with. Young people go there to hook up and get drunk.

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  1. The “sounding trumpets while doing acts of righteousness” of the Pharisees condemned by Jesus seems to be the “Christianity” these cuckservatives have been promoting. The equivalent of SJW “Virtue Signalling”.

    But it is an opportunity (in an Alinsky sense). Maybe they can purge all the LGBTQs from their midst in a very public and messy way from Milo.

    My problem with the internecine battles on the Alt-whatever is when Milo or Spencer are shooting at each other, they aren’t shooting at the more serious enemy on the left.

    We allied with Stalin! to fight Hitler in WW2.

    Nixon went to Mao’s China to oppose the USSR.

    We are trying to insure the spoils of war are divided up according to some rule before we’ve even begun to achieve victory.

  2. “The MILO demographic loves President Trump, but hates National Review and The Weekly Standard.”

    In the late Eighties, early Nineties, I read the American Spectator and listened to Limbaugh, before I realised they were Cuckservative. The Republicans never seemed to undo Democratic legislation, or try to destroy the Democratic Party permanently, like any real political party would do. I gave up on them.

    • The system, Mr. Owen, has long been unresponsive to the electoral process, if that vision deviates from the Liberal New England/Jewish Alliance world view.

      That so many of our Southron countrymen continue to dream Yankee-Doodle Dreams is a grieving matter.

    • Hell, I count at least 5 times in the last 50+ years when, if our forefathers had been here, the Confederate flag would have been raised up and there would have been hell to pay.

      But, no – we look to our pension, satellite dishes, and local Walmart…

      • if our forefathers had been here, the Confederate flag would have been raised up and there would have been hell to pay.

        I truly believe that they’re here in spirit.

        (And not to get too corny, but a strangely large number of folks – even Christians – in the Alt-Right believe in reincarnation…)

        • I agree with you, Mr. Vickstrom – though you take me aback with this comment.

          Though, as an Orthodox Christian, I am forbidden to believe in reincarnation, I note that, in Luke 8, when Christ is accused by his fellow Jews of being a diabolically possesst Samaritan, he asks them how it is they could obey Abraham, when he knew Abraham before Abraham was born!

          By the way, Mr. Vickstrom, in Eastern North Carolina, where i live, their spirits are all over the place – as are their graves – quite a few of them buried within a block of me, and we living in one of their houses.

          And when I leave Eastern North Carolina, I feel their absence in my spine, which is one big reason why I rejoice when i come back home.

          Injun lore says that this is not the souls of our ancestors, but, the recorded impression of them in the land, which reflects their memory onto us.

          That said, it is my personal view that, to the extent that our Confederate ancestors are aware of us in such a way, that they are ashamed of and angry at us.

          We are a pathetick vintage, next to theirs.

          All the best to you and yours!

          • You’d be surprised at the number of Southern sympathizers in the North. When I lived in Portland, Maine several years ago, I saw a local White boy named Silas with the Confederate Battle Flag. I said he had lived in Florida for about a year, did not like the Blacks there one bit and was determined that Maine would never suffer like Florida did. There were a number of boys who had never been exposed, but had heard the stories from people they knew with large Black populations. I don’t know how they are dealing with the Somalis infesting that area now.

            But I also saw Whites with the Confederate Flag in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and Ohio. Even though there is plenty of Anti-Southern media brainwashing, they like the South, think Southerners are pretty cool (but weird where it came to hanging on to Black labor. Sorry, but us Yankees (many from countries where the Slavs and Teutons still hate each other with a purple passion) saw the ethnic blood feuds conflated on steroids with Blacks freedmen.

            In any case, after Jeff Sessions was nominated, I read some whiny MSM were they griped that the Confederacy was taking over the country. You may laugh, but they are more aware of the history behind Yankee Democrat sympathizers described as Copperheads. They have covered Skinhead and Klan meetings in the North where the Stars and Bars are hoisted. They see what I do. They suspect what I believe.

            While Hunter and you may see yourselves as a Southern Identity Movement, Yankees like myself sense you as an authentic Original American Heritage Identity Movement. Your White population in the South has more of the Anglo Saxon Protestant founding stock than the industrialized areas of the North which relied on the labor of non-Anglo peasants.

            For example, my maternal line comes from Polish Catholic factory workers who settled in New Jersey. My paternal line comes from French-Swiss Catholic yeoman farmers who settled in the Ohio valley. Now aside from attending a different church, my family did everything we could to assimilate to the dominant Anglo Saxon Protestant culture.

            For some reason, that culture ceded all authority to the Ashkenazi Jews who, after pushing some New American Melting Pot in a proposition nation as opposed to a Blood and Soil country decided to frown on any kind of American identity in favor of some borderless global multiculturalism.

            We turned our backs on our mother country and it seemed our new country self-destructed before our eyes. We not only feel rootless without any soul, but there is no cultural leadership. That is why the Southern culture and attitude is so attractive to so many up north. If Trump is successful, I could easily see Southerners dominating the government.

            It would be a delicious irony after all, that you might end up with your Confederacy after all, but it would incorporate more than the original Southern states.

          • All good points, Junius.

            And as for the possibility of spirits leaving an impression on the land, that’s something that many paranormal researchers believe in too. Some of them even think that it explains most of the ‘ghost encounters’ that people have.

          • Thank you, Mr. Vickstrom, for the very interesting exchange.

            I see we have something else in common – an avidity for the spirit realm.

            Have a good night!

    • Rush Limbaugh has dropped enough clues about his true non-kosher views. He’s more right-wing than the public realizes.

      • This is right, Monon.

        It’s quite clear, from a variety of comment,s over the years, that, when he is broadcasting, he is self-censoring a lot.

      • Rush lionised Lincoln many times. He’s a Missouri man who claims to support the South, but always falls short. I figured if were really what he said he was, he wouldn’t last two minutes on the radio.

  3. The key moral issue is not to care about refugees. It is to take care not to turn people into refugees.

    This is the big blindspot in MSM discourse. We hear “welcome refugees” but not “don’t bomb them into refugee-status”.


    • Mr. Kleinfeld – speaking for your average North Carolinian : we don’t want socialism of any sort – not the Jewish Soviet version nor the German Nationalist version, nor the modern day English version.

      Call that ‘conservative or not, that’s how we are.

      We don’t want government telling us what to do.

      If that’s ‘conservative’, then that’s how we will always be.

      We can’t help it that the movement was hijackt by disingenuous people in the Republican Party.

      That said, we elected Donald Trump, who is, by every measure of his first 28 days, a real Conservative, which is why the fake New England conservatives (cross-dressing Liberals) hate his guts.

      • I will take National Socialism over Chuck Nellis Conservatardism every day of the week and twice on Shabbat.

        • Thank you, Mr. Finkelstein, for your remark.

          I hate both, and I will take neither on no day.

          Have a good night!

  4. The real dichotomy is between free patriots and paid agents.

    TruCons are sockpuppets of Jewish globalists. They’ve been bought and sold.
    TruCons are whores. They will blow the ones with the cash.

    Alt Rightists are free patriots whose views and values aren’t tainted by donor money. Alt Rightist convictions do not bend with globalist money. They won’t blow anyone no matter the price.

    Essentially, TruCons and Alt Rightists differ along these lines.

    TruCons: Nationalism and Identity for Jews ONLY. No nationalism and identity for any white gentile nation. All white gentile nations must abandon their own identity & nationalism and support & revere ONLY Jewish identity and nationalism. It is suppression of whiteness not for universalism but for servility to Jewish supremacism.

    Alt Rightists: Nationalism and Identity for ALL peoples. So, if Jews want to defend Jewishness and support Israel, that is fine with the Alt Right. Let Jews do their own Jewish thing. But let gentile peoples will serve their own identity and interests. Gentile groups should not not subjugate their identity and interests for the sake of serving Jewish identity and interests.

    Now, which side is more principled and fair?

    TruCons who insist on Identity and Pride ONLY for Jews


    Alt-rightists who believe in Identity and Pride for EVERY race, culture, and people?

    TruCons are nothing more than servants of Jewish globalist-supremacism.

    • Definitely, the “Alt-rightists who believe in Identity and Pride for EVERY race, culture, and people” is the only way to go forward. The other way is suicide.

      Also, well said. 🙂

  5. I think the right is fearful of the old guilt-by-association games. Plenty of people agree with most of what I believe, but almost no one has my exact set of opinions. Does that mean I should shun everyone? That’s silly, we all have to build alliances based on what we do share. Milo, Trump, Tom Woods, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Hannity, Spencer, Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones, Justin Raimondo and scores of others all have something to contribute with their voice, yet I am starting to see bickering among us that we only thought was possible between us and, say, McCain and Lindsay Graham.

    The left, meanwhile, will try to pick us apart by running to us with a quote of someone else and asking us to denounce that person forever. They even ask us to repudiate Hitler and the KKK, 70 years after these were even issues. I hope we find better ways of responding and acknowledging each others’ positive contributions even if we are strongly opposed to some of the persons’ other views.

    What we really want is for discussions in detail, rather than signs and name-calling. We want people to understand why we oppose, say, the minimum wage. Many of our topics demand a much more detailed discussion.

    • What we can all be proud of is that we represent more advanced thinking, a fuller understanding of why free markets work and managed markets and massive government interference don’t.

      I don’t know who you are talking about when you say ‘we.’ Most of us in the Alt-Right care far more about saving our people than about ‘muh capitalism.’

      And what exactly is the benefit of talking endlessly about markets and money and liberty and all those jazzy words when your people are being swiftly mongrelized out of existence?

      My battle is to fight for my people, not for any economic system. I’m not in this fight because I want lower taxes or more toys. I am fighting because I feel an inherent obligation to protect and serve my people.

  6. A lot of people are now discovering that Greitens the MO governor is Jewish.

    “But but but he had a machine gun in all his adverts!”

  7. A point of clarification: “MILO” is a left winger trying to save the left wing from the consequences of their own extremism.

    Because “we” are desperate (or were before Trump) “we” had an “any port in a storm” attitude. Thus every two-bit swindler and charlatan was eligible to be a “leader” in this movement; not just this particular Jewish Homosexual.

    I hope those days are gone, but they probably aren’t.

      • I haven’t heard a straight story on this faggot. Milo claims to be Jewish, Greek, Catholic, German, and Jewish.

        • Looking now at his facial structure, Mr. Finkelstein, I reckon he has some Jewish blood, and, looking at his name, he must be Greek – which means Mr. Vickstrom is right.

          One thing is for sure : whatever his ancestors were, I can tell you what he is, now, and what he is soon to be … pisst as all get-out at himself and dirt poor broke!

          He needs to go to confession.

          Chryst always gives you a new start.

  8. MAGA3X was also denied a press pass to CPAC. I seem to remember Cernovich uninviting Baked Alaska and declaring Richard Spencer persona non grata at Deploraball so as to appear respectable.

    How’s that respectability working out for you now Mikey? Chickens coming home to roost.

  9. Dumb ugly She-Boon attacks Trump Scumbags

    Maxine Waters is pushing back Putin and his Kremlin Klan’s invasion of Korea by attacking “Mike Previous” and Trump’s Bunch of Scumbags who are trying to reunite The Soviet Union.


  10. “They are literally dying off every year.”

    Up here in the North, where we respect our elders, we choose to say they’re becoming venerable.

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