Ben Shapiro on David Duke

Ben Shapiro seems to think this is a clever attack on identity politics:

“In November, students at a historically black university in New Orleans led a massive protest against a speaker heavily supportive of Donald Trump. Socially Engaged Dillard University Students, the group organizing against the speaker, wrote an open letter: “His presence on our campus is not welcome, and overtly subjects the entire student body to safety risks and social ridicule. This is simply outrageous.” The speaker’s safety was guaranteed by the university, and he proceeded to explain, “I will be Donald Trump’s most loyal advocate.”

The speaker’s safety was guaranteed by the university, and he proceeded to explain, “I will be Donald Trump’s most loyal advocate.”

The protesters were of the political Left; they chanted, “No KKK! No fascist USA!” Protesters were hit with pepper spray, and two were arrested. So, here’s the question: Did this make inviting the speaker worthwhile? The answer should be obvious: From this account of events, you don’t have enough information to say. The speaker could have been Sheriff David Clarke or Rudy Giuliani or Newt Gingrich.

But it wasn’t. It was David Duke, who also said, at the same event, “There is a problem in America with a very strong, powerful, tribal group that dominates our media and dominates our international banking. I’m not opposed to all Jews.”

If you did not answer that the story provided too little information for you to judge, it’s time to check your biases. Did you decide that the speaker was on the right because the protesters were on the left? Did you decide that the speaker had something valuable to say if he ticked off the Left enough, if he melted enough snowflakes? …”

True story.

Many years ago, I was exposed to David Duke and his theories about Jews. At the time, I had nothing but positive feelings toward Jews. There are very few Jews in rural Alabama. I had virtually no experience with these people and had no reason to feel any ill will against them.

I’ve always considered myself a reasonable person. My reaction to David Duke’s claims about Jews was to check out his sources and research the subject myself. The only question that interested me was whether or not David Duke’s claims about the Jews were true or false.

I didn’t assume that David Duke was correct because he is a White Southerner. We share a common ethnic and cultural identity, but that doesn’t mean that Duke’s claims about the Jews were true. I quickly discovered that there really is a “very strong, powerful, tribal group” that “dominates our media and dominates international banking.” It is highly taboo to talk about the massive overrepresentation of Jews in the elite news and entertainment media and academia.

This small tribe has a massive distorting effect on our culture and politics. As I continued my research, I began to see that their rise into the American elite was arguably the most important story of the 20th century. David Duke wasn’t wrong about their wealth, power and influence.

David Duke’s ideas and values aren’t in conflict with White identity. On the contrary, if you identify with White people it is hard to ignore the fact that there is an ethnic group on the Right who in the words of Peter Beinart “believe America should stand for ideals that transcend race, religion and geography” and who “fear white Christian identity politics in their bones.”

I decided the speaker was right and had something valuable to say because his claims checked out. As Little Ben likes to say, “facts don’t care about your feelings.” In this case, Duke is right that we have a cosmopolitan Jewish elite that has a hostile attitude toward White identity.

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  1. The Alt Right can learn much from David Duke and other White Nationalists. The Jews and Muslims are both the enemy of Christians and the White Race. Anyone doing research will realize Jews have financial power in Banks, Media, Corporations, the Government and Military Industrial Complex. Also having a liberal political ideology in America and Europe and have no tolerance for Racial and White Nationalism. However the State of Israel is based on extreme nationalism. A big double standard. All should have racial security including White People. WPWW !

  2. Ben Shapiro is too clever by half. Shapiro was agnostic on Trump, even praised him, until it became apparent that Trump was feeding White identity politics. Then Shapiro panicked in the Republican primaries and became a virtue signalling bitch the left uses against Us on TV.

    I do respect David Duke, he did it pretty much all alone and kept the fire alive in the 90s, but at a certain point he needs to rest on his laurels and yield to the younger generation.

  3. Imperial Wizard Duke has spoken the truth until he is blue in the face.

    Some, like you, Mr. Griffin, were enlightened by it.

    Certainly, I was, as well. In fact, when I first started listening to him, it was an unpleasant shock, because, like you, I researcht his claims, and never found them to be false.

    Of course, it was harder for me, because I am related to the subjects of Dr. Duke’s allegations.

    Most, have refused to listen to it, because he was, for decades, largely by himself on these issues – except for other Klansmen.

    Give credit to the Southern Klan of the 1950s and 60s – Imperial Wizards such as Asa Carter, Sam Bowers, Robert Shelton, and Bob Jones, for they, too, spoke until they were blue in the face.

    Folks did not want to listen then, and folks don’t want to listen now – or so it seems.

    Dr. Duke has so much courage and determination, he has found himself isolated, because few, in this country, can deal with it.

    It’s a continuing problem, but, all in all, it emblematick of the culture which The New England Government and their Jewish allies have created – one where we are encourage to believe what they want us to believe, not what is true.

      • That’s exactly what I mean, Miss Denise.

        It IS always The JEWS, with their Puritan bride, The New England YANKEES.

        Two peas in a pod – you can’t separate them, unless there is secession.

      • By the way is that yours ? : ‘The JewEngland Government?

        If it is, do you mind if I use it?

        It is quite pithy.

  4. How did anti semitism go out of style?

    Hitler waged war on the Queen and lost. Before that the royal family was seig heiling like drunks at an NPI conference!

    Had Hitler pulled a Churchill and stared down Communism on behalf of the white Establishment, some of us would already be en route to the nearest stars. Instead we face(d) genocide.

    The lesson? Don’t gamble when you can have a sure thing.

    • FYI- Also, Hitler had Churchill and France beaten and to their knees.. despite night time civilian bombings against them (perpetrated by Chirchill). Nevertheless, Hitler offered peace talks numerous times until the US was pulled into the mix. Ultimately, Germany was fighting the Soviets, England, and France and held shit down.

  5. The murder of Czar Nicholas the second, his entire family, and the Bolshevik Revolution, is history enough about the Jews, that we did not need to go through this last hundred yearsalso, merely to prove that (((they))) exist on our shores.

    And yet that’s how stupid Americans are, and how willing we were in the 1920s and 30s to let them dominate our halls of academe, the news media, and even the presidential offices of FDR and those that followed.

    We didn’t listen to Whittaker Chambers, or Senator McCarthy, either.

    And we are now having to deal with this Minnis first hand, ourselves. Thank God for Donald Trump, or all would’ve been lost. Now is therefore the time to engage the enemy. Now is the time to fight. This is a war. Christ versus AntiChrist. Always has been. Always will be. Matt. 27:25

  6. I had them in High School and noticed how way out their political ideas were (one chick was advocating total drug legalization, even PCP, which seemed out there to me) I just never knew their media dominance and assumed they got their ideas from crazy WASP liberals and not the other way around.

  7. When I first came across David Duke I thought (the Jew media told me to think) he hated black people. However, a link to his website came up when I was looking into why Jews have been so hated throughout history and what/why was there endless fighting in Israel. Like Hunter, I was amazed when I saw all his Jewish sources of information. Once you see, here, and prove the truth to yourself, there is no going back!

    I don’t want to BS, but I’m pretty sure Ben Shapiro stole that “facts don’t care about your feelings” from me, as I often posted that when tearing apart his articles on his website. I’m banned now as like most Jews, Ben’s feelings couldn’t handle my facts. Just like Breitbart, it doesn’t matter how politely you state the facts, the Jews deleted my fact heavy comments to prevent others from seeing them

  8. Oh yes…research what Dr Duke says and you will see he is right! Dr Duke uses the Jews own writings to prove their total hate for Christians, supremacy attitudes and racist ways. Facts not made up lies…he has an excellent free audio book on his site Dr David Duke..we must identify the enemy to protect and defend ourselves!

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