Bill to Eliminate NC Ban on Secession

Three North Carolina Republican members of the State legislature have filed a bill which would give the people a vote on eliminating a ban in the State’s constitution on seceding from the United States. The News & Observer reports:

Reps. Michael Speciale of New Bern, George Cleveland of Jacksonville and Larry Pittman of Concord are proposing a constitutional amendment that would give voters a chance to repeal Article I, Section 4 of the North Carolina constitution.

…It’s unclear if the measure has support from House leaders. Speciale, Cleveland and Pittman are some of the most conservative legislators in the House.

The Constitution of North Carolina is a relic of the military occupation of the State during the Reconstruction era – it was forced upon the people against their will and only slightly modified a century later.

Interestingly, two of the three supporters of this bill are not Southerners. Rep. Michael Speciale is from Chicago and Rep. George Cleveland is from Pennsylvania. Both served in the US Marine Corps. Rep. Larry Pittman is a North Carolina native and Presbyterian minister who self-identifies as a former Jesse “I’ll-sing-Dixie-until-she-cries” Helms supporter.

So, the question arises: what in the US Marine Corps experience is turning Northern White men into Southern Nationalist Fire-Eating secessionists? Maybe we can encourage more Northerners to join the Marines, get trained and come South to help us fight for a free Dixie!

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  1. “So, the question arises: what in the US
    Marine Corps experience is turning Northern White men into Southern Nationalist Fire-Eating secessionists? ”

    The military seems to have this affect on a lot of Northerners, and other folks, as well. During the WSI, a good number of Marines formed the CSMC. I’d say that the military is a largely Southern institution in many, but certainly not all, respects.

    On a side note. My theory is that the Constitution was written by a Virginian, in the context of Virginian/Southern culture.
    Which sets it apart from the New England Moral-Political Paradigm. The Classical Republican notion of Government, is simply incompatible with the New England township style of government that spread west, all the way to Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota, but nowhere else. The Constitution is the real bone of contention between the North and the South. It’s always been the Township struggling against the Republic. SJW protests and acting out in public are merely modern simulacrum of the New England Town Meeting. Which is why they’re as alien and discomforting to Southerners as the Constitutional Republic is to Yankee-SJW types.

    • The issue of the military is a good point, Mr. Owen.

      Though I served with many fine rural Yankee soldiers, the personality of the service is Southern, including many Southron Negroes, are the largest constituent.

      • I do not think the military (I am a vet also) is changing northerners to our way of thinking. I think instead that it is the northerners who already share our point of view who are most likely to join the military.

        • I agree with that, General.

          Many Southerners, who have not spent time in The North, do not realize that 1/4 of New York and Vermont states are deer-hunting, Schlitz drinking, NFL watching, and pickup truck driving, good ole boys.

          I reckon we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the South, before another decade goes by.

          I served with those Yankees, and those kind I will welcome here.

    • The Township Government Survey system was invented by Thomas Jefferson who admired the New England Town. Thomas Jefferson designed it, his idea was that it would keep all government local. The Northwest Ordinance of 1785 was placed over the Northwest Territory but the Township survey system was also used in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, parts of Louisiana, Oklahoma and Missouri as well as almost the entire west. What happened was by the late 1800s early 1900’s most states centralized power in their counties and got rid of the civil township. Missouri still uses them in some very rural areas.

      I believe the reason Thomas Jefferson did this was his hostility to the Southern Parish system which in states like Virginia overlapped the County system. South Carolina had a mixture of counties and parishes, the Counties weren’t standardized there until 1868. Virginia and some parts of Maryland and the Delaware counties used a subdivision called Hundreds.

      Townships vary in organizational system. There are some that exist as a political unit if their township seat is a major town, the more rural ones exist only to clean and gravel back roads to designate school district lines and for voting purposes. Personally, I think the countywide system is better as townships are a bit redundant. In the North in a normal sized county, you might have 4-5 or more small High Schools in the county and a large one in the County Seat. Where my father grew up they had three high schools in the county. Two of them served the towns only within the town limit and the other served the ENTIRE COUNTY ie rural kids.

      I am not sure how the Township System is at odds with the Constitution considering it was Jefferson who designed it. Jefferson seemed to view it as keeping all goverment decisions at the local level.

    • Unfortunately for the South enough Southern soldiers and officers remained with the Federal Army to turn the tide for the North. Ironically General George Thomas who was the Yankee commander at Chickamauga was born and raised in Southampton County Virginia and was a child during the Nat Turner slave revolt.

      Had the entire South been united with the South the victory would have been won the first month. Unfortunate as it might seem to say, the White Southern Units raised for the Union, probably turned the tide in Tennessee, Kentucky, Trans-Allegheny Virginia and Missouri. A very sad story indeed.

    • For one, to get away from The New England Government and culture, Mr. Whitaker – some fine individuals, such as yourself, notwithstanding.

      We, also, have to get a limit on Yankee immigration, because the majority come down here and vote to change us into the very top heavy anti-Christian anti-White hellhole they left.

      I know there are some, Mr. Whitaker, who only view secession as a means to a demographick end, but, there are many many things about secession that are beneficial – such as financial freedom from the heavy regulation and taxation that goes with a socialist welfare state.

      And what about control of our schools and curriculae?; or preserving our restrooms for Men & Women? – not to mention removing the abominations of abortion and gay marriage, or the secularization of schools, or forcet integration or withdrawing from endless foreign wars for the JewEngland Empire. (Credit to Miss Denise for the term)

      No, sir – I could go on for miles and miles, but, I think you get the point.

      We, down here, need Secession to live.

      Maybe y’all do, too?

  2. Michael, you asked what is it in the USMC that turns Northern white men into Southern Nationalists? Well, I think it has to do with the fact the Marines have always regarded themselves as an elite outfit. The would blend into the Southron mentality quite easily. And a lot of the Marine bases are in the South, so that Southron mentality has a fighting chance to sink into the northern boys bones, and favorably dispose him toward the South.

      • Good point, Afterthought, though there are many other reasons, as well.

        Being Spartan, a warrior, and being a hunter is intrinsick to our culture – not to mention that we take to rigid caste systems, service, and formality between than Northerners.

  3. And of course mental secession must always precede actual political secession. So how many of you have mentally seceded? I believe John Adams has a quote in that regard!

    • Some of us are long gone (seceeded in our head) but, there are many of our brethren who have never pondered it, outside of a history class.

  4. The simple fact that the voters of North Carolina can change the North Carolina Constitution when working in cooperation with the General Assembly clearly shows that state sovereignty is not yet the relic it is made out to be.

  5. Thank you for writing on this,. Mr. Cushman.

    A lot of work and prayers to get to this day – even though it is only a baby step.

    I thank The Lord for it.

  6. Excellent point, Mr. Cushman on the non-Tarheel Tarheel representatives.

    Let me make this point – just because a person is born somewhere, or with a certain blood does not account for his mental identification.

    Blood and location are only parts of what make and individual.

    I do know some wonderful Yankee/Tarheel Secessionists.

    • My response exactly. It scares the hell out of a lot of our fellow Southerners, however, who can no longer find their balls.

  7. All of the Governments in the 11 Reconstruction States have been completely illegal since 1865. Even though most made new Constitutions after Reconstruction that still didn’t change the issue. When you realize your existing State Government is illegitimate, thats part of the battle

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