The False Narrative: Her Name Was Ashley Fricke

This is Ashley Fricke.

A friend from Virginia asked me to share her story. It has been on the local news in the Richmond area. She was shot and killed in her car in the Walmart parking lot in Ashland:

“ASHLAND, Va. – There were no obvious ties between Walmart murder suspect Brittany Wiggins and victim Ashley Fricke, Ashland Police spokesman Officer Chip Watts said Monday morning.

The initial investigation found the two did not know each other prior to Saturday night’s fatal shooting.

Police called the shooting an isolated incident, but have not yet discussed a possible motive.

Wiggins, 24, of Mechanicsville, was arrested Sunday and charged with First-Degree Murder, Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony and Shooting into an Occupied Vehicle. She is accused of killing Fricke in the parking lot outside the Walmart superstore on South Hill Carter Parkway in Ashland.

With the investigation on-going, Watts said he could not yet say if more arrests would be made in this case.

Fricke, 25, was found in a car parked outside Walmart when police were called to store at about 11 p.m. Saturday to investigate a shooting. She had suffered a single gunshot wound, police said. …

Step-brother Stephen Urbaniak said Ashley was the kind of person who put work first.

“She had gotten her medical degree. She had a fiancee and was going to be married,” he said. “When I saw and heard what happened, my heart broke.” …”

This is Brittany Wiggins:

There is some dispute as to exactly how Brittany Wiggins shot and killed Ashley Fricke. By all accounts, it is clear they did not know each other until their encounter on Saturday:

1.) Her attorney argues that Wiggins who is a lesbian got into an argument with two other people, fired her gun in the air and the bullet unintentionally came down and killed Fricke.

2.) There is another account that Wiggins nearly hit Fricke with her car outside the Walmart and ended up shooting her in some type of impulsive road rage incident.

Regardless, the story here is that an innocent White girl who had just earned her medical degree and was about to get married went to a Walmart on the weekend with her sister and ended up dead in the parking lot because an impulsive negro was unable to control her emotions.

In my view, this photo from Ashley Fricke’s Facebook page makes it especially sad news to report here. She loved hunting and fishing. She loved the South. RIP Ashley Fricke.

Note: The SPLC has condemned the CofCC for spreading a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

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  1. What an utterly useless waste of space this P.O.S. is! At least it wasn’t breeding. Yet another case highlighting the benefit of racial separation. it needs to happen yesterday.

  2. How much more blood has to be shed to satisfy the virtue signaling mania? How many more people must be sacrificed to the idol of diversity?

  3. This is exactly why I went and got my CCP, bought a Glock, and learned how to use it. The shenanigans at Walmart parking lots were ramping up in GA, to the point you couldn’t guarantee you wouldn’t be approached by a shifty negro even in broad daylight.

  4. It is always so sad when a Negro randomly kills one of my racial sisters. I cannot imagine a bullet from this lesbian Negress’ gun coming down with enough force to pierce Miss Fricke’s car top and then kill her. Sounds like murder to me.

    • This is why I shop in small rural areas most of the time. The Cities simply are NOT safe anymore. PERIOD. This shouldn’t have happened but either Ashley didn’t read the situation right or this woman was just completely feral. Probably both

    • Unfortunately for the CSA the rightness of it’s cause wasn’t as obvious to most in 1861 as it is in 2017. The South’s BIGGEST PROBLEM was the distance of time. Everything they said did come to pass, it just took over a century for it to become a problem. This allowed the historians and others to call them racists and alarmists. However today its obvious that they were visionaries

  5. It is hard to believe the universal egalitarian philosophy that all men are created equal when you can compare them and their accomplishments side by side. Yet we have a system in which a voter like Wiggins can cancel out a voter like Fricke or even worse in this case.

  6. I’m very sorry to hear it. Every time you post one of these obituary/reproaches to the SPLC, I tell my wife.

    Otherwise, she will never know of it.

  7. I’m sorry that nobody instructed Miss Ashley about how things are.

    If you are going to get in a spat with a Negro, of whose acquaintance you are bereft, you bes’ be ready to go all the way.

    Humility, patience, forgiveness, and manners are not only good things, they are the best protection, as they have saved my skin many times.

    You can rail about it all you want, but, that’s the way things are, at this time in history.

  8. “allegedly violent people of color”

    Yes, and Adolf Hitler allegedly had a minor dislike of people of Jewish descent.

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