Charlie Gasparino: Breitbart Has Sold Out To Advertisers

If this is true, it is good news for us:

“Breitbart News, the conservative news outlet that gained a reputation for being associated with fringe, right-wing politics also known as the alt right, may be changing at least some of its stripes, the FOX Business Network has learned.

People at the news outlet say that an effort is underway to make Breitbart more mainstream, by hiring reporters to cover news and devote less space to political commentary that has been its forte, particularly during the course of the long and contentious 2016 political year where Breitbart openly sided with President Donald Trump. …” is the platform of the Alt-Right.

If Breitbart starts hiring a bunch of mainstream conservatives, toning it down and becoming just another boring mainstream conservative site, a large swath of its audience would migrate to Infowars and We’re not interested in advertisers. Unlike Breitbart, we don’t want to fit into mainstream conservatism. We won’t hold back so that advertisers can hawk products to idiots.

The concept behind this website was to create an Alt-Right versions of Breitbart. We want to move toward a world where Breitbart’s success has inspired a host of competitors.

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  1. That makes as much business sense as the decision of Playboy to do away with nudes in its magazine. They tried-it failed. Now the females are back and if Breitbart tries to be more mainstream- more cowardly conservative BS- they will fade into obscurity about like New Coke.

  2. Who knows? Internet media is good in general, and as far as Breitbart vs AltRight, I’m banned at both because I use this Disqus account for propaganda and also am a “too racist for /pol/” type that goes to 8Chan’s /brit/, instead. But who cares, really? If they want their clubby environment, let them have it. The chans are still available and the format isn’t going anywhere. A site like this one which does news and the news that comes from Twitter and the chans is more than anyone could hope for.


  3. Breitbart is so pro jew, it is obvious who is behind them. Any altright with a ounce of credibility would not even look at them.

  4. Advertising is often propaganda or good & services sold with half
    truths or no truth at all. When you go to the Breitbart site, the
    advertisements practically drown you. They are relentless with the
    ads. Don’t forget, its founder, Andrew Breitbart, was adopted by Jews and raised Jewish and he was loyal to the cult. He also had a real cozy relationship with Israel. So, how much of his loyal staff remains and is Israel perhaps still in the mix? We really don’t know what the agenda of Steve Bannon is. Or, Kellyanne Conway or Jared Kushner either. As for Stephen Miller, he sounds good but didn’t Joe McCarthy (in this case Sessions) have his little Jewish sidekick in the name of Roy Cohn? Or, is this a three-way battle. But, then again, there were quite a few Jews in the SS too!

  5. Breitbart is a piece of crap online newspaper that the racist read. Too bad Chucky Gasparino sold his soul to Fox News and left his reporting chops with the Evening Star. Chuck panders to the Fox News racist readers who forgot to mention the 6 million Jews plus on National Remembrance Day, oh, chucky and his Fox friends make up stuff on a daily basis. All the T-rumpsters drank the cool aid. Someone tell me how Chucky Gasparino gets away with living in a subsized apartment in NYC?

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