BREAKING: Richard Spencer Removed From CPAC

I’m catching up on the action at CPAC:

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  1. This shouldn’t be too surprising, in my mind the conservatives/Republicans, over the last 40 years or so, have only been reliable on two things: 1. Starting wars that their kids won’t fight in, 2. Giving major tax cuts to people who have more money than they know what to do with.

  2. Note that the Democrats invite every manner of non-White ethnic activist group into their tent. H Clinton even gave Black Lives Matter a place on her platform at the DNC. “The Democrats are the real racists?” Yep. And that is one reason the Left has gained so much ground in recent years. They see politics as a racial struggle. Conservatism, Inc, meanwhile, is running in circles trying to suck up to the ghost of Martin Luther King, jr.

    This is one reason that the Alt Right is gaining ground. It stands for White and Nationalist interests.

  3. I personally know for a FACT that 100% of the security, the “Sargent at Arms” at a not so distant GOP State Convention were ALL, 100% Alt-Right…without exception, every one of them! Rather than dismissing their own base the GOP needs to finally realize that in light of massively changed demographics ethnic politics is their future as a party or they will have no future as a party at all……….

  4. Who gives a damn about CPAC except for those same aging baby boomers still subscribing to National Review?

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