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  1. I do appreciate honesty, more than anything really. The problem with American propaganda is it’s too subtle because it takes it grew out of advertising. If we were more like the Soviet Union, where propaganda was as subtle as a brick to the face, our job would be so much easier.

  2. Surreal.

    Bob Whitaker?@BobWhitaker2020
    30 Sep 2016
    “Reporters believe their job is to tell people what to think. They have no idea what the average person thinks and they’re proud of that.”

  3. Miss Mika grew up in the Washington bubble; and, I reckon, ain’t spent all that much time out of it.

    She’s a member of the ruling class; and, as you might imagine, she is not relishing the ride to the political guillotine.

    • My sister moved out to DC and lives in that bubble, despite the giant ghetto in Baltimore and DC right before her eyes she thinks the worst thing ever is “white trash.” Noticed a lot of Jews in her social circle influencing attitudes out there. They also seem to “see shrinks” at a disproportionate rate too, how many ordinary Joes in flyover country do you know who see shrinks?

      • Many Big city folk, who ain’t got The Lord in their hearts, Nightowl, go to shrinks forever.

        I know these folks, and they are all struggle with what they call ‘childhood PTSD’ and, hence, medicate themselves abundantly.


        ‘Cuz they’re deepresst!

        The Marie Antoinettes of this country have just not quite gotten it into their skull that we ain’t gunnuh be eatin’ no more LBGT Free-Trade ‘cake’ they pass out for us.

        You can’t talk to these people, though, ‘cuz, as soon as you do, they tell you that they don’t want no religion or neolithick racist garbage.

        So, you jus’ have to let them hang high, in a noose of their own fashioning.

      • Jewish genetics have caused immense damage. Jews have 4x the genetic issues that Humans have, and many of these issues result in lunacy and madness. Jews also have extremely high rates of cretinism.

    • As you doubtless already know Mika’s father is none other than New World Order arch-villain Zibigniew Brezinski.

      • I understand Zbig’s a reptilian shape shifter from Planet 10. Mika’s beauty may indeed be only skin deep.

        • I don’t think that she beast is “beautiful”. Her innate ugliness seeps out out of it’s wrinkled skin every second of the day. And it has that Bird of Prey expression, in it’s soul-less eyes. That’s one of the true Hallmarks of the Tribe of Satan.

      • Yes, Mr. Kleinfeld, I do.

        As I can’t think of anything uplifting to say, I think I’ll leave it at that.

        Have a good day!

  4. If their job is to control what the goy cattle think they are doing an exceedingly poor job of it. Ratings for their morning show are miniscule.

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