Mike Enoch Interview With Dr. Thomas Main

Mike Enoch, founder of The Right Stuff and host of The Daily Shoah, recently did an interview with Dr. Thomas Main, professor of political science at Baruch College, for a book Dr. Main is writing on the Alt-Right. Main approached the subject as a classical liberal and self-described “moderate conservative.” The two discussed basic questions of equality and democracy, where Enoch pulled no punches, contrasting the inegalitarian worldview of the Alt-Right with the universalist egalitarianism that arises from Jeffersonianism and Lockean abstractions. They also touched on secession, race realism and other issues which might interest Southern Nationalists (SN).

From our perspective there was much to like in Enoch’s answers. He held his own as the professor really challenged him on some of these issues. However, it was also evident that Southern Nationalism can provide a guiding light on certain difficult questions. For example, Dr. Main asked where the racial policies of separation might end – if there is a way to ensure that our ideas do not end in absolute horror and tyranny. Enoch said he thought there was no reason for such things to happen but did not give any clear reason for thinking so. As SNs we have the limititations of traditional Western Christianity to guide us here. Southerners in the Antebellum era often invoked this influence on their culture and praised it for its moderating and civilizing effect on fallen human beings. Other plantation cultures of the former Golden Circle did the same. So, we could say today that our policies on race (or any other subject) will be pro-Southern, pro-White and consistent with traditional Christian morality.

This is one small critique of the interview. It points to the way that SN can provide the Alt-Right with a more grounded and ethno-cultural approach to questions of ideology and policy.

Overall, Enoch did quite well. It is encouraging to see Alt-Right leaders and media personalities interacting with the mainstream culture in a productive and intelligent manner. Interviews such as this are a sign of our growing importance.

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    • Why are we letting academics write books about the Alt Right before us? There should be an Alt Right manifesto out yesterday…

        • U Chicago and Duke Grad Schools, Spencer certainly has the chops to write an Alt Right Manifesto. We’re waiting…

          Good job rustling Roosh’s Jimmies today on MiloGate, BTW.

      • The same reason we let others build the movie and music and news business, write almost all books and start and run publishing in general, do and run finance, etc, etc.

        When I was a boy, multiple times I heard a version of “How does all that [fill in blank some type of learning] help you hold a hammer better?”

        I also know my experience is a common one out here in the heartland. I figure it has something to do with why Jews and north East Yankees run so much and had their way for so long and not us. What do you think?

        • Good Point. We need to develop alternative forms of culture. Our own pop music, movies, fiction, an Alt Right Harry Potter for example.

  1. In the years to come white nationalism as a movement will grow worldwide as people are becoming aware that the alternative just isn’t working.
    It baffles me how I’m labeled ‘ far Right’ when many of my beliefs are in reality mainstream , common sense stuff- to all but the Left and dangerous minorities.
    Growing awareness is inevitable as the alternative is extinction of our race and culture worldwide.
    Disloyal and treacherous governments worldwide could be overthrown and replaced by leaders who will actually go in to bat for us , rather than noisy minorities .

      • In Australia , the Left have infested our schools , universities, media , arts and entertainment. We need to face facts- these people are enemies of the state who are anti democratic , yet use our democracy against us.
        Its funny how the Left supports free speech when it suits them. The way they shout down speakers they don’t agree with, or constantly interrupt marches by those on the Right- yep, the Left believes in free speech…their free speech.
        Truly the rabble of the earth- and my taxes are paying their welfare.

    • I suspect Thomas Main’s Alt Right book will turn out much like Carol Swain’s 2002 White Nationalism book. Interviews with Alt Right figures, and solutions on how to neutralize the Alt Right (Swain called for welcoming White Nationalists into the public discourse and a focus on Conservative Christianity).

      Its vitally important that we get our message out before hostile texts like Thomas Main’s are released. Our books may even be carried in college and public libraries. I actually read Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique for the first time at my Undergrad College library!

      • Haha you remember that book. I remember WNs getting really excited about it. Didn’t really go anywhere, did it?

        I’m getting the impression the current Alt-Right leadership cadre has lost focus.

        • Did WNs expect a black law professor, albeit a conservative one, would actually help our cause?

          Alt Right leaders need to step up or they will be replaced.

          • Some Pro white could also qualify for being considered for a Supreme Court Judge nomination sometime. I know HVAC pays good, but no one seems to take that serious outside of installing furnaces.

          • WNs are desperate for attention, which is why they welcome attention from academics like Swain and peripheral figures like Enoch.

      • I think the data is conclusively in about Black dysfunction and Jewish perfidy.

        It’s now just a matter of collapse

    • That is a good question on who he is. Some suspicion as there is discussion his background does not clearly mesh with his views; thereby, marking him as an agent provocateur.

    • Enoch is a Russian Jew married to a radical lefty Jewess and they live in the Jewiest part of New York. As usual he culturally appropriates a European name, so he can blend in and get in front of a Goyim movement.

      This kind of thing happening over and over is why I am Pro White, not Pro Right.

    • “The question here is, who is Mike Enoch and why should he be allowed to define the Alt-Right?”

      Allowed? He’s doing it, without asking to be allowed. He’s doing it, and you’re not.

      You could start a blog too, if you were so inclined.

  2. The interviewer was more interested in debating and challenging Enoch often interrupting him when making critical points rather than allowing him to fully elaborate on his positions.

  3. “For example, Dr. Main asked where the racial policies of separation
    might end – if there is a way to ensure that our ideas do not end in
    absolute horror and tyranny. Enoch said he thought there was no reason
    for such things to happen but did not give any clear reason for thinking

    Possible lines of thought that can be used to answer it in a Pro White way:

    Whites chose to live separately from non-Whites for most of America’s history and the US Constitution was designed to accommodate that.

    As soon as a minority of non-Whites were brought into Europe “hate speech”
    laws were imposed. Freedom and diversity can’t exist together.

    How can you be a White Supremacist and a White Separatist at the same time?
    Who will Whites oppress when we only live with other Whites?

    A Jewish Alt-Right guy can’t give answers like the above, because being Jewish he must be Pro Right, not Pro White. All he will end up with is a browned out country full of right wingers.

    • Terrible answer from Enoch. Spencer has answered the question on how to achieve racial separation with “peaceful ethnic cleansing.” Its a euphemism that works, and Spencer has also noted that Stalin separating the different European ethnicities has led to a General peace on the European continent for 70 years. So you turn that question around on Main by saying it is about peace, about preserving each race in its own nation, rather than risking ethnic conflict and war.

    • I’m certainly a white separatist. I want to see blacks have fantastic, happy and productive lives and be in good health….in Africa. We should also want that for ourselves in our countries.
      There we go. I have all the logical solutions and I’m not even a politician.

    • After the debacle exposing his fraud, why is he even around?

      I note that a lot of his collaborators no longer publish at his website, so perhaps they’ll migrate over here.

  4. Mike’s interview is well worth listening to. He handles a wide range of issues and is forthright about the fight for White interests. He also has a calm demeanor, with touches of humor and real passion where it counts.

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