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I got a new shout-out over at the Hatewatch this evening:

“Another Southern Nationalist expat turned “Alt-Right” mouthpiece, Brad Griffin, also spoke at the event. In a post outlining future plans for public events, Griffin, writing on his blog Occidental Dissent under then pen-name Hunter Wallace, stated:

“Greg Johnson is going to be hosting a series of private, invitation-only meetings in the Northwest. I’m planning to do the same thing here in the Southeast. Every other month we will host an Alt-South meeting somewhere in order to expand our network. It will be like the League of the South’s various protests, but without the street action.”

Griffin was for a time a staunch advocate of the League’s strategy of staging public protests. While he has not updated the “Events/Activism” tab on Occidental Dissent since August of 2013, Griffin wrote on “The Logic of Street Demonstrations” in March of 2014 and participated in LOS protests as recently as 2016. Rifts between Griffin and Hill were visible at the time of that protest at LOS Nationals and have only become more pronounced. Since the 2016 election, Griffin has denigrated Hill for disagreeing with him over the usefulness of Trump’s candidacy. No longer limiting himself to Occidental Dissent, Griffin has begun writing under his pen name for Richard Spencer’s new Alt-Right blog.

Griffin’s willingness to buck rank within the League and join forces with effete urbanite Spencer makes sense, given that Griffin has himself benefitted socially from venturing outside of his home in Alabama’s rural black belt. It was at the Council of Conservative Citizen’s (CofCC’s) 2013 Conference in Winston-Salem, NC that Griffin met his wife-to-be, Renee Baum, daughter of CofCC co-founder Gordon Baum. …”

A few points:

1.) I object to being characterized as a “Southern Nationalist expat turned “Alt-Right” mouthpiece.” I’m still a Southern Nationalist. We’re posting more Southern Nationalist content here than ever before. In fact, I published a long article called “The Endgame” last night.

2.) I have always had ties to the Alt-Right and White Nationalism. I ran several White Nationalist forums from 2001 until 2007. I founded Occidental Dissent as a White Nationalist blog. Occidental Dissent was originally an Alt-Right blog in 2010. I’ve known Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson and James Edwards in real life for longer than I have been involved with the League of the South.

3.) I joined the Council of Conservative Citizens in 2010. I met Kyle Rogers at the 2010 Council of Conservative Citizens National Conference in Nashville. While I have been in the League of the South, I have always been involved with other groups like the Council of Conservative Citizens.

4.) I have always written about a wide range of topics of this website. The only thing that has really changed here is the high speed internet and my output on any given day.

5.) Now that President Trump is in office and shares our views on a wide range of issues, what would be the point of protesting, say, illegal immigration or refugee resettlement? We spent years drawing attention to issues that have since entered the mainstream and which are being translated into public policy. Frankly, we won on pushing those burning issues into the national conversation.

6.) Since we aren’t doing the protests anymore, we can hold private regional meetups. In such a way, we can draw our supporters off the internet and into our real world networks while minimizing the risks of doxxing and making your efforts to disrupt our organizing far more difficult.

7.) I’m not attacking Dr. Hill. On the contrary, I wrote an article saying A Southern Defense Force Is Justified. We’ve refocused our energies on transforming Occidental Dissent into a Breitbart-style media platform for the Alt-South. I’m actually pretty good at punditry.

8.) I’ve always loved traveling. That’s pretty much all we did when I lived in Virginia in 2010 which is how I got involved in the Council of Conservative Citizens in the first place. As for Richard Spencer, he is doing great work with the Alt-Right, so why wouldn’t I support him? Instead of beefing with people who I agree with on 90% of issues, it makes far more sense to network and work with them.

9.) I was saying as far back as 2013 that we need to do a much better job of recruiting new people who live in our cities and suburbs.

Note: We just had our best day ever on this website. It seems like every day now is our new best day. There has been a drastic change. I would say we are doing fine under President Trump. There are roughly 4x as many people here as there were in February 2014.

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  1. Occidental Dissent is the beating heart of the movement. 1% per day growth is meteoric.

    The implication? government of, by, and for normal people is closer than ever.

  2. I’m actually pretty good at punditry.

    Yes, your output quantity is incredible, Mr Wall-er- Griffin! And interesting as well. Workhorse! Go team white.

    Best regards,


    • I will have more to say about that soon.

      OD is going straight through the roof right now. Michael Cushman is on board. Harold Crews occasionally posts podcasts here. If we signed up more contributors to write about more things, I can only imagine where this site would go.

  3. “Griffin has denigrated Hill for disagreeing with him over the usefulness of Trump’s candidacy.”

    This is a complete fabrication. SPLC is good at misrepresentation and half-truths, but this is a pure lie unless they don’t know what “denigrate” means, and I doubt that.

    • All you need to know about the $PLC is what Jesus Christ said about (((them))) 2,000 years ago ….
      “(((You))) belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” – Gospel of St. John, Chapter 8, verse 44

    • Should they really be using the word “denigrated” anyway? It sounds too much like the word Negro which is out of fashion and horribly politically incorrect. Doesn’t denigrate mean to depreciate, disparage,or belittle? Isn’t it racist to uses a term that has as it root the Latin word Niger meaning black? Time to purge the dictionaries! This outrage cannot go on! Hopefully the SPLC and socal justice warriors can lead us in the next crusade against literary racism.

  4. So, this is their 2nd article on a so called split with LOS and OD? Getting a little desperate in their propaganda.

    Let’s see:
    LOS symbol on the header…doesn’t matter.
    LOS members positing…doesn’t matter.
    LOS members writing articles…doesn’t matter.
    LOS articles…doesn’t matter.
    Mr. Wallace says he doesn’t have a problem with the LOS…doesn’t matter.

    Ok, I got it. Hey, how about this…SPLC DOESN’T MATTER.

    • Do you sense it, too, Mr. Saint? : that the days of The SPLC are numbered; that, somehow, one way or the other, they will soon be slipping into oblivion – soon, ever afterward, to be an obscure footnote in the misbegotten history of the fall of the The New England Government.

      • Yes sir, absolutely. They will become wildly unstable in the coming months. The mood of the country has tipped. The fire is in their own backyard now with this new Alt-South strategy.

        These young defenders of the South are nothing the enemy has ever seen. Mr. Hill plowed the ground and Mr. Wallace, Cushman, Flowers and others are the first wave to spring up from this effort.

        This 2nd wave of the movement has grown up in the cultural nightmare utopia that our enemies have provided.

        These young men are a product of reason backed by facts garnished from living in this future created by the enemy of the 1st wave. Dissension is what the enemy now must instigate for there is a 3rd wave coming…Griffin’s brigades.

        • ‘Griffin’s Brigades’

          you know, Mr. Saint – that has quite a ring to it.

          In fact, it got into my spine and remained with me, all day.

          I hope I live long enough to see them.

          how great it would be to see a new South that had recovered the pluck I knew her to have when I was tyke.

          It’s a matter, and has been a matter, of deep grieving to me to witness how ovine and submissive we have become.

          ‘Griffin’s Brigades’ … yes, I get excited just at the thought.

  5. Hunter, you shouldn’t feel compelled to answer these anti-White pukes. They’re an anti-White hate organization, period.

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