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  1. Great Work Richard.

    The optics of some Paki Brit Raheem Kasaan ordering Richard out of CPAC are very good for the Alt Right, and very bad for Kikebart and CPAC. Why do Conservatives fear a White advocate like Richard Spencer?

    This is why Spencer is our de facto Spokesman. He’s telegenic, mild mannered, well spoken, erudite, and comes across as reasonable.

  2. We are a thorn in these people’s side. The mainstream right is being exposed for the cucks and collaborators that they are. This threatens their usefulness to the establishment as the illusory opposition to the system, and therefore their lucrative sinecures. They must co-opt us, shut us down, or risk becoming irrelevant…not to mention unemployed.

    • The more they try to shut us down, the more appeal we will have for the disaffected and the youth, which, in the longterm, spells their end.

      • Yep. Just as the left can only maintain it’s pretense of being edgy and anti-establishment by having a bland, boring, and non-threatening right to play off, the mainstream right can’t survive if there is a real, uncontrolled right as an alternative.

  3. Raheem Kassam, proof that almost all the time, tribalism overrides conservatism.

    If I, a non white, were running CPAC, I wouldn’t have kicked Spencer out. He literally didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve yet to receive an intelligent rebuttal as to what he’s said that’s so terrible.

      • Seriously, this is why I stopped going to (((CPAC))).

        I didn’t hear ONE thing wrong that Spencer said. NOT ONE. These peoples’ arguments are intellectually and morally weak.

        “pro white equals racist”

        if a non-white like me is catching on to this BS, so can normie cuckservatives

  4. This reminds me of Ralph Nader battling the Democrats, during his several election attempts.

    Mr. Nader was unable to parley this kind of approach into something bigger, yet, perhaps Mr. Spencer will be able to do so.

    What I like about his growing presence is that he is more extreme seeming than Confederates, which means we will only grow more acceptable and normalized, over time.

  5. It’s not, however’ stupid’, that Mr. Spencer is compared to the KKK, because, though he totally differentiates himself in style, his message of White Nationalism Identity is highly copasetick to a number of friends in The Klan.

    Yet, he is right is pointing out why they are attempting to label him this.

    They labeled President Trump as KKK, Hitler, Putin’s Boy, and none of them stuck.

    Will it stick with Mr. Spencer?; or will his fate be that of becoming the new Dr. Duke?

    Stay tuned.

  6. Spencer was just making things uncomfortable for Bannon. Pointless.

    Spencer could focus on making AltRight.com an effective populist site. He won’t.

  7. He did wonderfully.

    Spencer is in many ways what we have long needed: a young, photogenic, charismatic, well-educated pro-White advocate who stays on message and aggressively takes that message to the people.

  8. I’m trying very hard to remember why I didn’t like Spencer at one point, he is now an amazing presence on camara, seems to thrive under pressure, and articulates radical and “scary” ideas making them sound quite reasonable. Congressman R. Spencer maybe?

  9. I don’t get the Spencer hate. He’s got a little pointy-head intellectual in him, but otherwise a mostly agreeable kind of guy.

  10. Good answer to KKK charge. Other pro-Whites need to follow the same template: Anti-Whites using hate slurs to silence our free speech.

  11. “All of these are just names that they call you. ‘You’re a Nazi, you’re KKK, you’re a Southern Confederate ….’”

    Since Hunter Wallace, host of the Southern Nationalist website Occidental Dissent, is the news-watcher at—as well as a contributor to—Spencer’s altright.com, that’s disingenuous at best.

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