Heidelberg Car Attack

As more information becomes available, I will update this post:

“The attacker, who was believed to have been armed with a knife, was shot and injured by police in a brief standoff after fleeing the scene on foot.

His motives are unclear, but terrorism is not suspected and he is thought to have acted alone, police say. …

In Heidelberg the attacker drove what is thought to be a rental car that he probably rented from this link, into pedestrians in one of the city’s central squares, injuring three people, one of whom is said to be in a serious condition.

He then left the car but was tracked down and shot by police near an old swimming pool. …”

It is hard to imagine this being anything other than an Islamic terrorist attack, but we shall see. We have been surprised a few times in the past.

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  1. Let me guess, the driver was named Mohammed and he was a victim of Self Radicalization Syndrome, which was caused by the German public failing to make him feel welcome. See how it’s always Whitey’s fault, goyim?

    • Highway to hell corrupt politicians are putting society through.Expand the war in the middle east and Africa,think of millions and millions of muslims communities in westerners and their relatives and town been carpet bombs.Retaliation would by ten fold.poison city water,etc.

      • And police reaction (read last paragraph at least).

        least read the last paragraph . For the police department in
        Mannheim, it was not only a large-scale operation in Heidelberg, but
        also online in the social media on Saturday. Directly after the press
        office had shared first information on the amok
        trip on “Facebook” and “Twitter” at 6:18 pm, it was overwhelmed with
        inquiries from home and abroad. While many users thanked the police for
        the good work, other rumors were rumored or insulted the police. So
        until late in the night the accusation was loud, the police suppressed
        information on the origin of the amok driver – or even spread
        deliberately false alarms.

        But the press team of the
        police did not simply repudiate the allegations, but responded to many
        users directly – in some cases with drastic words – via the short
        message service “Twitter”. So a “Twitterer”, who in a confused message
        with many expressive expressions – still in English – claimed to know
        that the driver was a Muslim got this answer: “WTF are you talking
        about?”. In English: “What the hell are you talking about?”

        person insulted the police directly: “What is the culprit of the
        offender, what is the origin of the offender, tell the whole truth or
        keep your mouth.” The police remained cool and said, “Have forgotten or
        never enjoyed a good nursery school, all at the time, when the
        investigations are so far.”

        Even after the police
        had informed at 21.25 hours that the amok driver was a 35-year-old
        German, the speculation about the origin of the perpetrator went on. And
        so the press team postponed a very unequivocal posting three-and-a-half
        hours later: “And now again for all: suspect: German WITHOUT migration

        How much the confidence of some people
        in public authorities like the police was destroyed, showed itself in
        the course of the evening impressively. A “Twitterer” who had written
        “he knew from friends with the police” that the offender was a refugee,
        the police replied: “No, he is not.” But that did not stop the user, he
        wrote: “Trust my sources more. As a normal citizen in Germany is
        officially only in any case only ripped.”

        Mannheim police are now investigating whether they can go against some
        of the offensive or harsh contributions to “Twitter”. “We will look at
        individual reports and evaluate them according to their criminal
        content,” said police officer Norbert Schätzle on Sunday.

  2. And Frau Merkel wants even more. Germany needs to go the Spanish route: civil war followed by a military junta that rules for a few decades followed by a restored Hohenzollern Emperor who then returns the country to representative government.

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