Live Thread: Identitarian Ideas IX – Rising from the Ruins

Editor’s Note: This is a big deal. I will be watching these videos for hours. It starts around 23:00 minutes. Jason Jorjani starts his speech around 30:00.

Speakers Include (in no specific order):

Daniel Friberg
Millennial Woes
Dan Eriksson
Ruuben Kaalep
John B. Morgan
Lana Lokteff
Fredrik Hagberg
Henrik Palmgren
Magnus Söderman
Matthew Forney
“Conrad” / Daniel Frändelöv
Constantin von Hoffmeister
Jonas De Geer
Jason Reza Jorjani
Isac Boman
Alexander Syding
…and more

Let us join forces and take another important step towards Making Europe Great Again.

Update: I’m watching the first video and Jason Jorjani is unloading with both barrels on liberal democracy. Are you watching this Thomas Main?

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  1. As it stands now, it would take a fool to lose the battle for white survival (not that there aren’t fools around).

    What is the next fault line? Is it in view yet?

    Yes, I think I see it now, even in this movement.

    Self vs Logos.

    Consider: ask the question “why do you oppose white genocide?”

    I will give two common answers:

    1. Because I am white.

    2. Because it is wrong.

    See the difference?

    Person’s answering 1 and not 2 cannot be trusted to adhere to Right Universal. Their morality is what is right for me is right. When it becomes right for them to stab you in the back, they will do so. They may be opposed to white genocide, but accepting of the genocide of others. They are likely to score high on scales of psychopathy and sociopathy. Imagine all the neocons and “cucks” piling in to white nationalism when the victory is assured. They were with us all along! (in secret)

    If you watch this conference (I wish I had time) consider the offerings in the light of Self vs Logos.

  2. Hey Hunter,

    Edit this post so that the time stamp for each speaker in next to name.

    Always useful for notation and quotations.

  3. Group IQ or no Group IQ, one’s main identity should be with ethnos, not ability.

    Abilitarianism is fine for professions. We can understand why a German physicist would want to compare notes with an Arab physicist, Israeli physicist, Chinese physicist, Mexican physicist. They are united professionally and scientifically by ability. They know much about science that others do not.

    But does a person have an identity apart from ability or academic/professional knowledge? Yes. Race and nation are extended families. Suppose someone in the family has an IQ of 150. Suppose his parents and siblings aren’t so smart. But does that mean he’s not part of the family? Does that mean he should not identify mainly with family members and identify mainly with high IQ people around the world?

    Abilitarianism or Expertarianism does an efficient and even admirable job of pooling together talents with shared interests and professionalism. But one’s core identity cannot be chemistry, physics, accounting, engineering, and etc. Those are general abilities without specifics. They belong to all peoples with learning and ability.

    One’ s core identity has to be familial, ethnic, racial, and historical. One shares ideas and knowledge with those in the same profession. But one BELONGS to a people of shared nationality, race, culture, and history. Lose that, and you’re nothing.

    If you’re a black boxer and notice that there are many big powerful Slavic boxers, should you identify more with Slavic boxers in the same league than with black folk(especially the ones who aren’t fit for boxing)? No, if you’re black, your main loyalty should be with blacks even if your profession has lots of athletic non-blacks.

    Abilitarianism says the black boxer should identify mainly those with equal ability than with his race and people. So, he should identify more with some elite Slavic boxer than with blacks who can’t make it in boxing.

    Now, in the profession of boxing, the elite boxer will have to deal with elite boxers of all races. But there is life apart from profession, and it is in state-of-being that one’s life has most meaning.

    In the movie THE WRESTLER, we see how empty it is for a man who has lost his sense of family and ethnos. His main identity is with those in the same profession. He helps them, they help him out, but it is a life that has meaning only inside the right. Outside it, he has nothing.

    In our money-and-status-obsessed society, we have gone too far in defining one’s meaning by profession or ability. Everything outside it is seen merely as option when, in fact, family and preservation of race/culture should be the primary obligations of a people.

    Jews in Israel understand this, which is why they have the read-and-breed strategy of maintaining Jewish demography and culture.

    Also, race-nationality-history is vertically unifying. It is open to smart Germans, middle Germans, and dumb Germans. Regardless of ability, they are part of the same collective family. It’s like Michael, Sonny, Fredo, and Connie are all part of the same family in THE GODFATHER despite differences in IQ, temperament, sex, and age. They are united by blood.

    Abilitarianism may be horizontally unifying — anyone with high intelligence and knowledge of advanced physics belongs to the Communist of Physicists — but it is vertically exclusive. If we define a community by high IQ, it means those with lower IQ don’t belong.

    True satisfaction comes from serving one’s race and nation. Israel surely has lots of smart talent, but it also has lots of middling Jews and even some dumb Jews & ignorant Jews who don’t know much about science. But when smart Jews succeed in business and science, their ultimate goal is to serve their own race, culture, nation as a whole. There are blood ties, historical roots, and sense of cultural bond. They find the deepest satisfaction there.

  4. Don’t agree with RamzPaul being there, after his repeated disavowals. We need to distance ourselves from that jellyfish.

      • Countenance Blog mentions the cemetery was in a black neighborhood so quite likely just a typical black bastard teenage gone “wilding” incident. Probably didn’t even care one iota about which ethnic group the cemetery was, black kids are just wild animals, they vandalize anything around for the sake of vandalism. Was driving up Goodwin Avenue in Urbana Illinois and some little black bastard on a bicycle no more than 10 years old, threw one of those fountain drink cups full of ice and melt onto my cars windshield. As I said, like wild animals, one third of their men are so impulsive and unruly then need to be locked away in jail to keep everyone safe.

      • Why the hell does Bono care so damn much about African Aids? The epidemic is also vastly blown out of proportion by lying NGOs who want money. All the 50% in country X are total bullcrap lies, the real number is in the single digits, well consistent with the % of men who have sex with men, and the women they spread it too. Dirty needles in quack healthcare is also a major culprit.

    • Cuckfaggot Mike Pence, Vice-President of The Kike’s slave-state, USA:

      “I have a term for Israel – she is not ‘our ally in the Middle East’ – she is our most cherished ally in the world. In these times when we see Libya imploding, Syria imploding, Iraq coming apart — because of the policies of this administration [of The Kike’s whores Obama and Clinton, and The Kike Kerry], I promise you [that] when Donald Trump becomes president there will be two things the world knows: number one is they will again know America stands with strength, and number two, if the world knows nothing else, it will know this: America stands with Israel.” (2016.08.02)

      “Israel is Indiana’s most cherished ally”(2016.09.30)

      “Israel’s fight is our fight, her cause is just and her values are our values and her fate is our fate. Israel is our most cherished ally in the world. Israel faces a threatening neighbor who seeks to wipe her off the face of the earth. Israel is hated by terrorists and by the failed states that support them. Israel defends herself with an army of citizen soldiers who fight their nation’s battles with decency, humanity and restraint. Israel shows the world how to turn scarcity into plenty, poverty into wealth, as Israel takes the curses and slanders and lies of the world and turns them into blessings, how could any good person not stand with Israel? Donald Trump and I are proud to stand with Israel.” (2016.10.20)

      “I’m proud to stand with a president who stands with our most cherished ally – the Jewish state of Israel. Israel’s fight is our fight, her cause is our cause , her values are our values, and under President Trump, America will stand with Israel.” (2017.02.23)

      • I can’t believe that you’re questioning the idea that Israel is our greatest ally. It’s true, isn’t it? Let’s see:

        Has our greatest ally ever fought in a war on our side? Do we have bases there? At least there’s some kind of mutual defense treaty that governs this relationship, that obligates Israel to something in return for our charity? Well, maybe it’s a one-sided “alliance.”

        Speaking of treaties, at least we’re not in an “alliance” with a country that hasn’t signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, or one that has the largest stocks of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in the Middle East. Oh, wait a minute…

        Well at least it’s not a country that engages in cowardly, unprovoked sneak attacks on our ships…

        ussliberty -dot- org

        Shows how a couple of hundred US sailors experienced the benefits of this wonderful alliance.

        Let me see if I can come up with a better argument…

  5. In Australia we have the fake Right (politicians, radio shock jocks, etc) arguing the belief in inferior cultures but not inferior races. Excuse me?? A bit of a contradiction to say you can have one without the other. Inferior races are usually conductive to inferior cultures.
    Black nations will never have white, or superior culture and vice versa.
    To make such claims brings whites down to a lower level than they belong given they’ve made the advanced world what it is today.
    We are an advanced race and culture and should be proud of our achievements.White pride forever!!

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