Nicholas Eberstadt on Tucker Carlson Tonight

For a few days now, I have been putting off writing about this Nicholas Eberstadt article in Commentary, so I was happily surprised to see Eberstedt on Tucker Carlson Tonight this evening:

“On the morning of November 9, 2016, America’s elite—its talking and deciding classes—woke up to a country they did not know. To most privileged and well-educated Americans, especially those living in its bicoastal bastions, the election of Donald Trump had been a thing almost impossible even to imagine. What sort of country would go and elect someone like Trump as president? Certainly not one they were familiar with, or understood anything about. …

So general economic conditions for many ordinary Americans—not least of these, Americans who did not fit within the academy’s designated victim classes—have been rather more insecure than those within the comfort of the bubble understood. But the anxiety, dissatisfaction, anger, and despair that range within our borders today are not wholly a reaction to the way our economy is misfiring. On the nonmaterial front, it is likewise clear that many things in our society are going wrong and yet seem beyond our powers to correct. …

We already knew from other sources (such as BLS “time use” surveys) that the overwhelming majority of the prime-age men in this un-working army generally don’t “do civil society” (charitable work, religious activities, volunteering), or for that matter much in the way of child care or help for others in the home either, despite the abundance of time on their hands. Their routine, instead, typically centers on watching—watching TV, DVDs, Internet, hand-held devices, etc.—and indeed watching for an average of 2,000 hours a year, as if it were a full-time job. But Krueger’s study adds a poignant and immensely sad detail to this portrait of daily life in 21st-century America: In our mind’s eye we can now picture many millions of un-working men in the prime of life, out of work and not looking for jobs, sitting in front of screens—stoned. …”

There is a huge issue which isn’t discussed here.

What about all the White men in the prime of life who are well educated and highly intelligent, but who have violated some “mainstream” taboo – the “racism” taboo, the “sexism” taboo, the “anti-Semitism” taboo, etc. – and have thus been rendered unemployable in their chosen profession by a disciplinary institution like the SPLC ? What are all those White men doing?

Dun. Dun. Dun. Dun. It is a myth that everyone who has fallen through the cracks of “mainstream” American society is a high school drop out, some kind a drug addict, or someone who might have once worked on a factory floor in the 20th century. In our mind’s eye, we can vision many of those men in the prime of their lives bantering on Twitter, reading The American Conservative and Commentary Magazine, analyzing the news and fomenting a political revolution in the West.

Since there was never any place for us in mainstream conservatism, we can imagine that many of those rightwing men “sitting in front of screens” have totally rejected conservatism in favor of building our own platforms. We have gone into business for ourselves. What’s more, it is in our self-interest to poison mainstream discourse to bring down the whole system!

I consume enormous amounts of information. My new full time job consists of reading Jonah Goldberg and David French articles and ripping them a new one on a daily basis. I’m having the time of my life doing it. It was a long time coming too. There’s actually a huge market out there for our content. We have all the tools we need to find fans and expand our audience all over the world. The deck is stacked against White males in every aspect of “mainstream” American society from sex to the economy.

There is a reason why the “talking and deciding classes” (i.e., all those Easterners and their West Coast counterparts) woke up to “a country they did not know” on November 9th. It has everything to do with the mindset of White America. It has a lot to do with social media. It also a lot to do with us and the way our discourse has penetrated and overrun the mainstream.

Note: I’ve long thought that no platforming and doxxing would backfire as an “antifa” strategy. In the long run, it will just create a critical mass of people with the time to do, well, this. They’ve ended up creating a revolutionary vanguard bent on demolishing the liberal world order.

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  1. We’re breaking out the analytical framework the cucks and shitlibs had us confined in but, unlike WNs of yore, we’re taking the masses with us.

  2. They know exactly what they’re doing to the country, to the Christian men they hate and they’re very proud of enforcing PC until the country is gagging on it. They were voting for a gang of pedophiles surrounding Clinton. They’re filth and they deserve far, far worse than Trump.

    • And this is good, they are our best recruiters. When they say something anti-White, have them say it louder!

  3. Throughout the 21st Century, the trend has been to overdoses, poisonings, suicide and cirrhosis…

    But that doesn’t sound like funemployment at all!?

  4. Dear Mr. Griffin,
    Don’t forget to take Bilberry for your eyes. It will protect them from degenerating with age, and, being who you are, and what you like to do, you can’t have that.

  5. I was hoping you were going to write a piece on eberstadt. Your responses to msm pundits are great.

    In terms of how about a more punchy shitlord approach:

    David French cucks out again…
    Hunter Wallace brings the bat
    (Pic of Negan grinning)

    Kristol and Brooks: Whites are dying off..
    Hunter Wallace says Whites are just getting started

  6. We need to stop bringing in millions of black and brown people from the third world competing against native born Whites for fewer and fewer jobs. We also have to get our women back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Only White males should be in the US workforce, not women and not imported coloreds.

    • I agree, Mr. Kleinfeld, but, to do that,. not only would the entire Constitution have to be reshapet, the economy would have to be moulded for one income households, again.

      Secession holds the only possibility for such, as this system belongs to those who have robbed it; and, that being so, they have every interested to oppose any change.

  7. I would advise take a day or two here and there to get out into meat space with friends, but I’m sure you know that

  8. In the 1990s, when they were debating whether to allow China into the World Trade Organization, I remember watching C-Span, when the erstwhile senator from South Carolina, stood up and said…

    ‘In 1945 we made 44% of our own goods. Now we make 12%’

    Probably now it is down to God only knows what.

    In light of this betrayal, by our politicians, how is it any wonder that there is no work for so many.

    Tolstoy once said, ‘A man needs only his bread and his work.’

    Well, if that is an exaggeration, it does underline what is happening to so many White men – despair.

    • And after that, anger. With Trump, we have now moved beyond despair….

      And (((They))) should be very, VERY afraid… to the point of selling their homes at a loss, and moving to Isra-Hell.

      Because we’ve already had Soros’ scum rent-a-mob version of Kristallnacht, in Berkeley. And Milo was this generations’ version of Josephine Baker… and just as much a useless slut.

      • Yes, Father – I voted for Mr. Trump because I believed he would be a wrecking ball to a system that habitually violates the separation of powers and rules without the consent of the governed.

        I am so impresst with him – he, every week, showing himself to be good to his word.

        As to Soros, I remind you that he is nothing new, as those mobs advocating the changes that began the destruction of The South, White Civilization, and, indeed, the country as a whole, were commencet in the mid 1960s, and were almost exclusively funded by his daddy’s generation.

        Soros is just the star of the latest wave.

        The biggest problem in my eyes is that it is now deeply ingrained in Southerners to see themselves as either that or White.

        The gains of the last year have not obscured that to me.

        The conditioning of misindoctrination is very heavy, fast impregnable, or so it seems.

        How do you see it?

        • I would agree… but the clearing of the vision of the younger Americans in the AR is a good sign, as much as (((they))) disagree.

          • Well, Father, I certainly hope you are right.

            I don’t want to go to my grave knowing that I am one of the last Tarheels to fly our ancestor’s great flag – St. Andrew’s cross, and to cherish the God-centered sovereignty that it represents.

            Have a good night!

      • As to what Jews are feeling, I don’t know,

        I do know that they live in such a level of denial that many of them will not even realize that Trump is a repudiation of them, but, think it to be a repudiation of Miss Hillary and President Obama, at most.

        For those who might see more into it, they would never come to grips with the part that they have played in the present affairs – at least not the secular ones.

        The highly religious ultra-orthodox, however, would see what is going on, because they. since the 1950s, have been calling out their fellow Jews for being evil.

        Accusations apparently unheard.

        I will give one secular Jew a lot of credit – and that is Michael Savage (Weiner) as he championed Trump from the very first, when others were afraid.

        In typical Trump fashion, he publically credited Savage with his election victory, at a dinner, the other night.

        Trump is a very honourable man, to remember those who helped him up, so that he could help us back up.

        • Agreed, it’s not all the Jews. It’s the movers and shakers at the top in finance, culture, politics etc. They are forcing misery on regular people.

          • Yes, Sursum, it’s a complex brew not only of general Jewish culture, but, of interracial and classless usurpation, nihilism, corruption, licentiousness, degeneracy, apathy, poison media, political schooling, fear, all of which, like a soil imparts secondary flavours to a wine to produce a certain vintage, is producing a wretched vintage for the people – while stamping it a blue ribbon blend.

        • Sirrah! You have referred to Hillary Clinton as “Miss Hillary”, when she is, forsooth, an espoused Suthahn lady, having betimes betaken herself to the fertile soil of Arkansas, the land of oppahchunity!, where she was bedded and ploughed and seeded, and gave her rackensack Suthahn gent a girl-child.

          Good day, Sir! And good night!

          • Dear Prince Myshkin,

            You clearly are no idiot of Dostoevsky, but, a couth, witty, and elegant man; for any man so titled, in Cyrillick, no less, and who adds a Chaucerian ‘Forsooth’, is a man to be admired.
            God bless you, too!

  9. An article from Breitbart.

    ‘The Starbucks Coffee brand has taken a major hit since the company’s announcement that it would hire 10,000 Muslim “refugees” in response to President Donald Trump’s temporary travel moratorium in January.’

    The lefties think it’s great to hire 10,000 Muslims, probably men for the most part.

    If Starbucks said they wanted to hire 10, 000 white men they would be accused of discriminating against minorities.

  10. Great insight into our situation. The elites are playing with fire by alienating the demographic that built nearly every institution, that set foot on the moon. There is so much untapped potential among white males, who are reminded how they’re hated every time they turn on the TV, by commercials or by how they’re portrayed in fiction. We’re basically bypassing the whole works and creating our own culture and media. Even though we don’t need to be constantly reminded that the mainstream culture wants us extinct, we’re getting it anyway. I wonder what could possibly go wrong by alienating the descendants of those who conquered north America.

  11. Brad Griffin:

    “I consume enormous amounts of information. My new full time job consists of reading Jonah Goldberg and David French articles and ripping them a new one on a daily basis. I’m having the time of my life doing it. It was a long time coming too. There’s actually a huge market out there for our content. We have all the tools we need to find fans and expand our audience all over the world.”


    I’m glad you are doing well in your “new full time job” in the alt-right. Someone gotta do this “alt-right thang” just as in previous eras there had to be in post-war 1866 a Klan to keep the niggers and yankees and scalawags in check and through resistance make it so that a deal ending Reconstruction was made to inniggerate Rutherfraud Bee Hayes.

    I realize that you are no fan of muscular Southron-hood like Dylann Roof, who simply cannot understand the up-cum-cum-min’ magic by which Southern niggers will:

    1.) either go back to the cotton fields for just a small bait of watermelon and fried chicken as if a half-million Case or John Deer mechanical cotton pickers harvesting in a half-day a hundred times more cotton than a thousand pickaninnies and mammies are able to pick in a month of Sundaze and additionally able to pre-bale cotton gin-ready doesn’t exist or

    2.) run Nawth to bedevil them Damn Yankees.

    Gotta make them yankee jewboys and niggers wish that Colonel Beauregard P. Griffin had picked his own dang cotton back in 1830.

    And yes, I’ll yawp about “racial federalism” in which for racial peace/piss why the Ten Thousand Warlords “give” Deep-South Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi to them niggers for a homeland / Bantustan / New Apefreekwa just to hear you say that Dylann Strom Roof had a point and all we owe them coons is a “tough shit nigger” while someone else pulls the trigger. To paraphrase jewseph Stalin, I greatly doubt that them niggers are gonna liquidate theysselfs, nor are your new faggy ZOGbot alt-right/alt-kike friends either.

    When the ZOGling Zombie Whigger & Nigger Apococrapse cum-cum cum-cums and we’re all “Living on Negan Street” I have faith in you turning all whigger-feral & shit.

    Anyways, what happened to the archive, or have you gone all Cushmamzer on us? That kikeish critter took down itz previous blog like ti was Howl Turdner in order to write a book. What happened to the links you used to have to 2008 and 2009?

    Perhaps you could re-activate a “Occidental Dissent Classic” blog. I even sorta miss “Lord Skorpius.”

    Anyways, blog up a storm with your Alt-Right magical thinking about getting a free racial ethno-state sans racial cleansing. Why shouldn’t you benefit from this arrangement while it lasts? Everything is now in a state of flux common before “Le Deluge”. Maybe we all just need to believe in “The Power of [Magical] Positive Thinking.”

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Ten Thousand Warlords Project

  12. It’s INSANE to think people like Tucker Carlson are ever “going to redpill all the normies!”

    In between jerking off to anime tentacle-porn, the Alt-Right lesbian protest-song collective loves to say stuff like, “You can’t cuck the tuck!”

    Really? Tucker Carlson’s bottom line is: cash, ratings, salary, keeping his wife happy, send his kids to Hahvaahd or Yale. He’s spending at least $300,000 a year just for his minor kid’s schools and camps. That’s not said out of envy or anything like that — but just to say :

    This Carlson guy is NOT EVER going to rock the boat:

    I like Carlson, I respect his intelligence and he seems like a great guy, but he’s part of the enemy’s establishment clique. He’s a cuckservative shabbos goy — just a bit edgier than the rest of them.

    This is from some kike-article that I guess was supposed to be a libtard hit-job against a conservatard (he offends them by being so normal, so…so…White):

    Susan Andrews, Tucker Carlson’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    By [Kike] Daniel S. Levine, January 5, 2017

    Tucker Carlson, who has been chosen to take over Megyn Kelly’s 9 p.m. ET timeslot on Fox News, is married to Susan Andrews Carlson. The two have been married since 1991. Susan and Carlson have four children – daughters Dorothy, Lillie and Hopie; and son Buckley [NAMED AFTER MEGACUCKSERVATRICE WILLIAM F…].

    Carlson and Susan met while they were still in high school. They both attended the St. George’s School, a prestigious boarding school in Rhode Island. Billy Bush and Howard Dean also attended the school. When Susan and Carlson attended the school, Susan’s father is the Rev. George E. Andrews II, was the school’s headmaster.

    Here’s a look at Susan’s life and the Carlson family.

    Susan’s Father Was Accused of Not Reporting a Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault to Authorities.

    The Rev. George E. Andrews II was headmaster of St. George’s School from 1984 to 1988. The school’s tuition costs $58,000 a year.


    Buckley Carlson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: Tucker Carlson’s brother sent an email to Bill De Blasio’s Director of Public Affairs Amy Spitalnick saying she had “extreme d*ck fright.” Click here to read more

    Carlson Asked for Her Father’s Permission to Marry Her 6 Months Before He Graduated From Trinity College


    Carlson Said He Wouldn’t Let Their Son Watch Oprah Winfrey Because She’s ‘Anti-Male’

    He and Buckley fished together and weren’t very good. His eldest daughter, Lillie, had some fun with an alligator, until a guide told her to stop.

    “When I had a son, I stopped watching Oprah because it was just too anti-male, and I felt like I didn’t want to bring him up in a home where Oprah was constantly attacking men,” Carlson said. He added, “And remember, keep your boys away from Oprah and it will make them feel bad about being male. It’s absolutely true. Keep your girls away from rap, keep your boys away from Oprah. And everybody will be fine.”


    Susan & Carlson’s Daughters Went to Wawenock Camp, Which Carlson Played for on ‘Jeopardy!’ in 2004. When Carlson appeared on Jeopardy! in 2004, one of the charities he played for was Camp Wawenock’s scholarship fund. Camp Wawenock is an all-girls camp for 8 to 17-year-olds. The camp’s spring 2014 newsletter shows that their daughters Little and Hopie were at the camp. “Lillie Carlson is at UVA, Buckley is a junior at St. George’s, Hopie Carlson is in 8th grade and Dorothy is in 5th grade,” Susan wrote in the newsletter.

      • And regarding the other guy in the above video:

        For decades, Nichols Eberstadt has been calling for increasing immigration into America and Europe, and gloating about how the US will remain a global hegemony for the next century while Russians will die out (because Chinese and Pakis and Hindoos and Negroes prefer to go to the USA), and looking forward to Whites becoming a minority. Now he feigns a little tiny bit of pity for all the unemployed and suicidal White men. Eberstadt does not give half a flying fuck about the working white man. He just wants to sell books and massage the message.

        Nicholas Eberstadt, 2010:

        – “Can the countries in the region [Western Europe] succeed in attracting and incorporating the foreign workers their economies will need in the coming decades? Thus far, western Europe’s record on the social inclusion of immigrants may have been somewhat better than many appreciate; however, there have been increasing assimilation problems, which, if left unattended, could impinge on economic growth.”

        – “If fertility and immigration in the United States remain more or less at their current rates, as U.S. Census Bureau projections assume they will, the United States will enjoy a surplus of births over deaths of nearly 35 million and will tally a net inflow of almost 30 million immigrants over the next 20 years. Both factors would keep the nation growing.”

        – “The United States has a relatively good record when it comes to assimilating immigrants as productive newcomers, but resistance to continued immigration, or unexpected new problems in absorbing immigrant inflows, could limit future success.” (His solution is more spending on education and healthcare, and raising the retirement age.)

        Nicholas Eberstadt, 2007:

        – “Immigration (both legal and illegal) is a central feature of U.S. demographic life. No large country today has an immigration rate even close to that of the United States: America accounts for a fourth of the population of “developed regions” but nearly half of its annual net migration. … America’s demographic profile could look even more exceptional a generation hence. Whatever else may be said, if our American “moment” passes or U.S. power in other ways declines in the coming decades, demographics is not likely to be the culprit.”

        * * *

        Eberstadt is CFR, Neocohen, AEI (run by a Roman Catholic Kike), Chicago Council on Global Affairs, nevertrumper, cuckservative, etc.,

        He is the grandson of Ogden Nash, and of an investment banker and vulture capitalist who was chairman of the Army and Navy Munitions Board 1939-1945, instrumental in the creation of the National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency (Freudian psychotherapist Frederick Eberstadt (Nick’s father): “My father, Ferdinand Eberstadt, was the man who drew up the original bylaws for the CIA), and assistant to Kike Bernie Baruch on the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission.

        James V. Forrestal, Secretary of Defense, to Ferdinand Eberstadt, April 1948: “The new national security machinery is the child of your brain.”

        Kike Bernard Baruch: “Ferdinand Eberstadt was the most brilliant man that I have ever known in all my years on Wall Street.”

        His mother was “Andy Warhol’s muse”, “the socialite at the top of the NYC Blue Book’s 400”, “Isabel Eberstadt had during her life the largest collection of silk prints and couture clothes in the world.” (Tzaims Luksus)

        His sister Fernanda’s path is: Brearley School, Andy Warhol’s Factory, assistant to Diana Vreeland at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Magdalen College, Oxford, William F. Buckley, kike publishing.

  13. Nicholas Eberstadt’s “men without work” scenario (see link below) requires additional historical context to fully understand all of its implications. Real wages in America continued to increase for 150 years, between 1820 and 1970, due to an ongoing labor shortage. Beginning in the 1970s, though, a new trend emerged as widespread access to birth control encouraged women to opt for higher education and careers rather than marriage and motherhood. This trend has continued and accelerated for the past four decades, to the point that today there are more women in the workforce and graduating from college than men. Real wages, on the other hand, have been declining, as the supply of workers outpaces demand.

    Prior to 1970, though, most women in the United States were stay-at-home wives and mothers, but today the vast majority are instead full-time participants in a highly competitive American workforce. In proportional terms, therefore, the American workforce has doubled, which has had far-reaching consequences for the entire U.S. population. American men and women are now more likely to compete in the workplace than be married or have children, for example, which helps explain the plummeting rates of marriage, household formation and birth among the native-born American population. In fact, population growth in the U.S. is now primarily a result of the much higher birth rate among immigrants.

    During this same period gender norms for women changed dramatically, while those for men remained pretty much the same as their fathers. As women have become increasingly self-sufficient financially, for example, they have come to perceive a gender interdependence from time immemorial based on the economics of survival, as a quaint vestige of a bygone era. It is in this context that the growing population of men without work is the combined, cumulative and unintended negative consequence of the socio-cultural changes associated with the advent of birth control and women entering the work force in large numbers, which resulted in a labor surplus that has been exacerbated by automation, computerization, outsourcing and immigration.

    This historic reversal of economic fortune for American men is often ignored, though, because it does not fit the revisionist narrative of identity politics commonly espoused around the country today, which identifies “white male privilege” as the root of all that is evil in the United States. The new norm, therefore, is to stigmatize anyone with a different opinion by labeling them racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc., white men in particular, without regard to whatever they might happen to say, think, believe or do. This is an embellishment of the fairy tale proposition that the United States is a nation formed in the crucible of immigrant diversity. Diversity is good, because white men are bad.

    In reality, though, the lineages of all authors (i.e., male) of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution can be traced to England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales (i.e., white). This is precisely why revisionists are so intent on redefining diversity, tolerance and the United States itself in a way that demonizes white heterosexual males. Men without work is, therefore, likely to remain an invisible non-issue, as long as this demographic cohort along with the U.S. founding fathers as a group are being portrayed as morally deficient criminals. Isn’t such a broad and sweeping generalization based on skin color and gender the very definition of racism and sexism?

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