Nigel Farage Addresses CPAC

In his own country, Nigel Farage has been a thorn in the side of the Tories.

As with President Trump, who cancelled on CPAC 2016 after a storm of opposition from #TruCons who supported Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and Steve Bannon who organized the “Uninvited” at CPAC 2013, the fact that Nigel Farage is speaking at CPAC is a symptom of how the global national populist revolution is sweeping aside “conservative” parties all over the Western world.

It has already happened in the United States. The European Spring will be the big story of 2017.

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  1. “We are winning!” Fella’s don’t forget to catch the Nigel Farage Show on L.B.C. Mon. through Thurs. at 2 P.M. Eastern time, 7 P.M. London time. It’s a British show, but if you like hearing this man’s confident delivery and message on a regular basis then tune in.


  2. When The Good Lord gets sick of what certain governments are doing, it’s very interesting to see how, seemingly out of nowhere, men suddenly show up, to deflate the balloon of evil.

      • I Agree, Father, which is why I have, for years, prayed for secession; this so that North Carolina, and, hopefully the entire South, may return to our bible-centered and traditional ways.

        For some time I began to wonder if The Lord disagreed with me, but, with the sudden rise of Trump, Farage, Le Pen, Wilders, and the unexpected rise of secessionism on The Left, I have come to believe that he has finisht his deliberations and is weighing in on our side.

        Now, if Southern Whites will take up the Southern Nationalism, the hour will be at hand.

    • I think Le Pen is going to win. The pundits have it all wrong, once again.

      If Le Pen faces Fillon, the right wing candidate, she will lose. Enough moderates will coalesce around Fillon and he will win the run off.

      The polls actually she the leftist Macron doing better against Le Pen in the run off than Fillon. Just like Brexit and Trump, the pollsters have it wrong. Le Pen will pick up enough moderate support to defeat Macron in the run off.

  3. Evan McMullinVerified account@Evan_McMullin
    When Trump repeats “Paris is no longer Paris.” He’s encouraging the white nationalism that drives his movement and his White House.

    Hunter Wallace?@occdissent
    Hunter Wallace Retweeted Evan McMullin
    Egg McMuffin is making the best case for White Nationalism I have seen in a while .

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