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  1. Despite his foolish antics on YouTube PewDiePie comes across as an intelligent guy. He must be jew-wise.

  2. This guy has a lot of potential, beyond what he has already accomplished. He could red-pill millions without even knowing it.

    • James, do you know that he is the most watched YouTube personality, and that his net worth is well into the millions? Merely from doing gaming reviews, and these irreverent videos? I should be that much of an idiot!

      • You are, John. Being watched by countless down breds and mulattoes means jack shit as to whether one has any knowledge. So he is worth millions, so is George Clooney. They are both fucking idiots.

        • Excuse you!? What did I say in that post above, that gives you the right to insult me as a man, let alone a priest?! Do you continually insult your own father, mother, and/or your boss at work? What egalitarianism baloney do you think gives you such a [sic] ‘right’?

          • Oh. One of those schismatic fundamentalist idiotic without grace without the Holy Spirit without an understanding of the holy Scriptures anathema sit

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